Diagnosis and treatment of senile arrhythmia

Date of publication:2004-02-01   Press: Science and Technology Literature Press   Author:Ji Chengyin  

Diagnosis and treatment of book aimed at the majority of elderly patients with cardiac arrhythmias and grassroots medical staff to explain and popularization of arrhythmia of knowledge, and strive to bridge communication in elderly patients with heart disease and the medical staff 'up. All kinds of arrhythmia the focus of this book introduces the reader to the elderly people are most likely to occur, including its etiology, classification, examination, diagnosis and prevention, and often for critically ill patients electrocardiogram, Holter, check the ventricular late potentials and placement of artificial cardiac pacing, defibrillation, radiofrequency ablation and basic knowledge of drug treatment the. Rich in content, easy to understand language, illustrated. For the majority of elderly heart disease patients and clinicians reading.
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The first chapter normal cardiac anatomy physiology and the psychological figure second chapter senile cardiovascular disease knowledge characteristics, epidemiological analysis and prevention of chapter third elderly normal electrocardiogram and detection characteristics of the fourth chapter of elderly patients with coronary heart disease and arrhythmia in fifth chapter of senile arrhythmia modern concept in the sixth chapter the old sinus arrhythmia in seventh chapter, a correct understanding of the elderly patients abnormal ECG physiological phenomenon in Chapter eighth elderly heart escape and escape rhythm of ninth chapters of elderly cardiac premature beat the tenth chapter elderly paroxysmal tachycardia Heartbeat chapter eleventh elderly atrial flutter and fibrillation twelfth chapter ventricular flutter and ventricular fibrillation in thirteenth chapter of elderly cardiac conduction block in Fourteenth chapter. The fifteenth chapter elderly indoor block the elderly pre excitation syndrome chapter sixteenth elderly people prone to cause arrhythmias clinical syndrome in the seventeenth chapter of drug use in the elderly with water, electrolyte imbalances arrhythmia in Eighteenth chapter cardiac electrophysiology detection and intracardiac ECG Holter chapter nineteenth elderly people aged twentieth chapter of heart rate variability in the elderly critically ill patients to monitor the twenty-first chapter the twenty-second chapter ECG monitoring in artificial cardiac pacing and defibrillation therapy twenty-third chapter senile ventricular late potential detection The twenty-fourth chapter the elderly common ECG provocation test and the concise ECG parameters in Chapter twenty-fifth cardiac radiofrequency catheter ablation therapy for antiarrhythmic chapter twenty-sixth elderly attached: commonly used terms of senile arrhythmia main references
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