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Date of publication:2006-11   Press: Shanxi science and Technology Press   Author:Wang Changyuan   Pages:260  

Middle-aged people to understand, not love not to love, not to not to, should not think do not want to, do not ask do nothing, can not say nonsense, should not be determined not to do. To the middle-aged people, more thinking, less excited; more calm, less impetuous; more tolerant, less jealousy; more love, less hatred. To the middle-aged people, after the hardships of life, the vicissitudes of the years, become more mature and strong, have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. To the middle-aged people, failing to understand the calm thinking, often ask "why", no longer follow one's inclinations, can control his feelings; understand shishinanliao, anything in life is possible; to understand the decisions made in the 90% excited by is not appropriate. Middle age is the most beautiful season in life, we should fully enjoy all the pleasures of life, purification and the realm of spiritual sublimation, will let us in daily life find pleasing to the beautiful scenery. Do not say the middle-aged, middle age is a careful care of the age, is not that the middle-aged will mature and wise. Middle age is just an important reminder life stage, warned you no longer easily devour life and overdraft energy, more energy should be used to create their own brilliant.
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The Part 1 family like a happy family harbor, often in the spring of two, family education, family first aid principle three has merit of four health care and disease prevention, family responsibility Part 2 couples love, love is a healthy nutrition agent two, marital happiness there are three secrets, and should have degree four, scientific sex Part 3 future generations Xie Chunxuan, honor the elderly have scale two, caring for the elderly to implement three, let the old man happy to have the knack of four, five, supporting the old is not underestimate the spirit and good coordination of the relationship between Part 4 heart perfusion parents love at all times and in all countries, family education two, smart children there are three secrets, clever can "eat" out four children, pay attention to the development of the right brain five, tap the potential of children six, criticism of the child art seven, punish the child to correct eight, foster the children adapt to the eight power nine, teach children to do "六多六 less" ten, teaching children to seize the ten eleven good chances, the growing process of children should be added daily nutrition the material twelve, consumption of small amounts of roughage contributes to the growth and development of children age thirteen, the child nutrition...... Part 5 Easy Access good health
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