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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Chinese women's press   Author:Zhou Yulan   Pages´╝Ü282  
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The first health longevity and aging 1 people's natural life exactly how long the average age of the 2 people why extended 3 why do women live longer than men 4 factors that affect life expectancy 5 causes of senile 6 manifestations of aging and anti-aging features 7 best from age 30 to 8 in 9 healthy elderly worthiness of longevity standard second to protect the body's mechanism and longevity 1 magical human mechanism of 2 human have a stable internal environment 3 constant temperature is how to adjust the 4 maintain normal blood pressure 5 Defense "invasion" of the immune system in 6 biological rhythm -- clock 7 a fountain of youth hormone 8 brain is the body's high command 9 vegetative nervous system contributed third articles in the prevention and treatment of physical diseases 1 hypertension early prevention prevention of atherosclerosis of coronary heart disease -- 2 to 3 human recessive Killer 4 slow disease accumulate into evil 5 Parkinson's disease is the matter 6 Alzheimer's disease should be early prevention of depression of the elderly 7 to 8 do not despise a cold cough is common but not general consequences of 9 type 10 diabetes is the prevention and treatment of 11 elderly people will anemia? 12 how to prevent urinary incontinence 13 painful urinary tract infection in 14 senile constipation should pay attention to the vulva pruritus and 15 white lesions of vulva vagina inflammation 17 to 16 elderly STD 18 "renew one's youth" is a dangerous signal of 19 uterine relaxation down 20 how to know had osteoporosis 21 osteoporosis in women than in men 22 old people why is shorter...... Fourth balanced nutrition aging fifth physical exercise is beneficial to health and longevity of sixth sleep seventh articles focus on mental health, maintain mental health eighth health never too late @##@ appendix Methods of preventing aging has those, when it should be the prevention of aging, which are age-related diseases, nutrition and aging have what relation, physical exercise can slow the aging process, what are the method of anti aging.
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