• Dynamic and static Shou word health

    "Health" to explain profound theories in simple language and Shou word language, pictures of the way, to the readers details of moving, said health care knowledge, music, talk about static life, including exercise, spiritual cultivation, daily life, fun entertainment, science diet and illnesses and prolong etc.. Rich in content, scientific and practical,,

  • Reasonable in the elderly nutrition quiz

    "Reasonable in the elderly nutrition quiz" is divided into health and disease, targeted for the elderly to provide nutrition knowledge, diet recipes, reference and matters needing attention, eating problems often encountered in the solution of elderly people, and pay attention to scientific, practicability and maneuverability. Hope that readers can easily read, understand,

  • More and more young

    "Younger" main contents: time and tide wait for no man, who also ran the aging body. What is old? Aging is not an abstract concept, is not a mystery, but it happens all the time in fact. The beauty of the human, who do not want to make themselves more young, and can keep a healthy beauty,,

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

    "Chronic fatigue syndrome" in the form of interlocution introduces basic knowledge and prevention knowledge of chronic fatigue syndrome, focuses on the diet of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, the repair method of conditioning methods, living treatment method, exercise therapy and mental adjustment. The middle-aged person's life has been more than half, chronic fatigue syndrome,

  • Rugao longevity scheme

    "Rugao longevity scheme" offer you: the principle of a healthy diet, a 9 old Rugao perennial insist, 6 most frequently occurring food on their table, 8 found in longevity longevity menu, do the cooking, you can experience the "light hybrid fresh wild" at the same time, find the golden the key to open the door of the longevity; two, 1,

  • Hypogonadism

    Xie Yingbiao editor in chief, "sexual dysfunction" in the form of interlocution describes sexual dysfunction of the basic knowledge and prevention knowledge, focuses on the diet of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, sexual dysfunction of the repairing method of conditioning methods, living treatment method, exercise therapy and mental adjustment. The middle-aged person's life has been more than half, sexual dysfunction is not uncommon. "Sex work,

  • Habit determines health - dedicated to father and mother health care instructions

    "Habit determines health: to introduction of father and mother health care instructions" content: the elderly each want to have a healthy life, but in real life there are many unsatisfactory. An elderly healthy person is actually very simple. "Habit determines health: to father and mother health care.",

  • Health Encyclopedia

    The old story, "Health Encyclopedia: an introduction to the old story": "people will be old, eventually riding crane West, toward the Elysian Fields" is irresistible law of nature, but how to make their own youth, healthy longevity, but there are rules to follow. In order to help coming to or have entered the old friends to achieve health and longevity of the su,

  • The wisdom of menopause interpretation

    "The main content of wisdom": Interpretation of menopause menopause in you don't notice when he came quietly, it is possible to accompany you through the long road of life! "The wisdom of menopause interpretation" elaborated systematically the physiological, psychological changes in women's menopause, may encounter trouble, distress and how to treat and adjustment, detailed,

  • The elderly living to 100 strokes

    The elderly living to 100 strokes, "the elderly living to 100 strokes" author in the form of Q & A, select classic and practical questions and 100 coup, embarks from the reality, the daily life and the elderly is closely related to the problem one one solution, from the point of cognition of senile, life care, common disease self nursed back to health diet, exercise, the five,

  • Graphic elderly Chinese medicine for health care

    "Graphic elderly TCM health care" according to the physical and mental characteristics in patients aged over 60 years, the theory and method of outstanding traditional Chinese medicine health care, combined with modern medical knowledge, using plain text in detail the elderly diet, disease, health and prevent diseases, mental health, life taboo etc.,

  • You don't know the Climacteric Health 100 strokes

    "You don't know the Climacteric Health 100 strokes (popular special edition, Second Series)" you tell an eventful year menopause is not in the imagination, more not aging, this is a gorgeous life. Health in the face of menopause, live from the start, with 100 health tips in the book, so infinite welcome,

  • The spiritual life of the elderly health guide

    "The spiritual life of the elderly health guide" in accordance with the psychological consultation, psychological health, psychological health, family life, retired in 5 aspects of assembly and become, for all the old people have a definite object in view to read lapping, which absorb health experience, from the aspects of mental life awareness, correctly deal with all aspects of the ill psychological,

  • Elderly health guide

    "The main content in Elderly Health Guide:" a way of keeping good health, summarized basic health theory, religion, folk medicine, diet, martial arts and other cultural aspects of thousands of years. Its core is nothing more than letting nature take its course, embodies the thought of "harmony". That not only do not violate the law of nature, the unity cooperation should also attach importance to man and society,

  • Confucius longevity health by

    Confucius life travel through all the kingdoms, wander, nevertheless, he still died at the age of 73, which at the time was long. Therefore, both his physical and life are enough to show that Confucius life in the health benefit. This book by Hong Jiajing, Yang Zhongyu, "Confucius health and longevity" introduced by Confucius diet regimen,

  • Middle aged people's health is to eat out

    "The health of middle-aged are the main contents of eating out": Although the middle-aged some function decline is inevitable, but through the diet to restore the correct, can maintain health, aging. Some changes in diet may be difficult. For example, drink less and less meat, but remember to health, and will change,

  • Elderly care about doctors in

    "Elderly care about doctors in Guangdong Radio sound: health program selection (Second Edition)" the content, big department is a hot topic, radio festival included hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc.. The editor from Guangdong Radio "health" sound program selected from the above content, edited the book, hoping to better,

  • Graphic viscera Health Handbook

    "Health spa: introduction graphical viscera health manual" content: since ancient times, health and longevity is what people pursue. So, if you want to live a long and healthy life, what is the most important? Of course, is a healthy organs! You know your organs? You know the seasons and five zang organs change, life stress of you? ,

  • After 40 years of age to understand 120 health knowledge

    "After the age of 40 main contents of 120 health knowledge" to understand description: for the work of the people, to ignore their health at the same time, also ignore the hidden disease. Perhaps some easily overlooked "small problems", is your body quietly to your warning. "After 40 years of age to understand 120 fish,

  • Menopause treatment 100 strokes

    "Menopause treatment 100 strokes" content brief introduction: WHO published research report shows, last more than 5 years of estrogen and progesterone in women, although can reduce the probability of pelvic fractures and colorectal cancers, but will increase the risk of breast cancer and blood vessel embolism diseases. "Menopause treatment 10,

  • Old people don't get sick way of life

    "Elderly people don't get sick way of life" according to the latest health concept, combined with the physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly, the elderly home environment, diet, sports science, marriage and sex life, menopause health, psychology and health, drug use and the details of life, prevention of common diseases, family nursing etc. required,

  • Hyperlipidemia

    "Hypercholesterolemia" is a comprehensive reflection of the new achievements of hyperlipidemia prevention of popular science books, the content of a fusion of Chinese and Western and detailed, concise and clear. The middle-aged person's life has been more than half, natural enemies of hyperlipidemia the human also stared at this group. "Hypercholesterolemia" in question and answer form the hyperlipidemia basic,

  • Elderly care

    "Health care" is rich in content, divided into an overview, patterns of life, good habits, a balanced diet, rational nutrition, the four seasons health, scientific invigoration, right amount motion, diversity, optimistic, psychological balance, regular physical examination, disease and treatment seven, the end of the book there are four appendices. ,

  • Count your age

    "Count your age: more live the golden rule" younger is a teach you how to manage your life, health and improve health concept books! The two authors with his many years of clinical experience and experience for those of us who have been confused solved how to live more and more young password. Look more and more,

  • 38 habits of living a long and happy life

    The main contents of "38 habits" happy life: a positive mental creation of beauty. Man is a spirit animal vitality. The new spirit of medicine continues to prove, by the ordinary people of proper psychological and ways of thinking can cure. I'm sure, every such things and spiritual and psychological status has a profound,

  • Health collection of old cadres

    "Health collection" old cadre is in view of the current our country's intellectual circles, including senior intellectuals, who has considerable health awareness is not strong, lack of medical knowledge, health knowledge; understood to the problems in their own health knowledge, or lack enough attention to health; to the serious disease vigilance is low; overwork,

  • Deal with the menopause

    This book is an introduction of theory of Western works of city society. The book is divided into 17 chapters, mainly contains three parts. A city is the sociological theory of German sociologist; two is to introduce the development and contribution to the sociology of western modernism city after; three is traced back to ancient and non western city of the origin and theory,

  • Diagram 40 human health medicine

    40 years old human TCM "graphic" according to the physical and mental characteristics of a 40 year old, combined with the common symptoms of N for this age group, the theory and method of outstanding traditional Chinese medicine health care, combined with modern medical knowledge, tries hard from the concept of health, 40 people common diseases, daily diet, exercise, mental health,

  • Health and longevity of the water for the first

    "Healthy water first" briefly introduces the basic knowledge and the water quality standard for drinking water, expounds the safety of drinking water, drinking water, seasonal changes and scientific drinking water, drinking water and health of human body, healthy water and functions of water, magnetized water, drinking water and disease prevention methods of common disease and daily etc.. Its content is rich,,

  • To mom and dad's Health Handbook

    "To mom and dad's Health Handbook" pay attention to scientific and practical contents, combined with the new progress in the diagnosis and treatment of modern medicine disease of the elderly, the elderly disease prevention system and life care knowledge. Writers use plain language to introduce the basic concept, common geriatric disease a variety of clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment and prevention,

  • Prevention of cancer

    "Cancer" from the introduction of basic knowledge of carcinogenic factors in cancer, in life, with emphasis on how to early detection of cancer, and the medicine anti-cancer, anti-cancer anti-cancer food, exercise, psychological anti-cancer anti-cancer and living related knowledge, and misunderstanding of how out of the anti-cancer,

  • Life and health

    "Life and health: dedicated to contemporary and old friends" is divided into premature aging, aging and longevity and health three. Details of the cause of aging, misunderstanding and how to delay senescence, and puts forward some practical problems of an aging society, the secret of longevity and health and health knowledge, its content is rich, user-friendly, suitable for living green,

  • The secret of longevity

    "The main content:" the secret of longevity longevity and health which is the eternal topic of human beings and better vision. According to the practical experience, learn professional knowledge in sociology and the all China Federation of trade unions of veteran cadres work in the book, emphatically introduces readers to the world's 5 most longevity area, the oldest of 3 ancient,

  • Give mom and dad health red book

    For children, parents' health is the greatest blessing. "To mom and dad's health Red Treasure Book" according to the physiological and psychological characteristics of mom and dad are different, the health is a way of keeping good health, including health and longevity, daily health care, sports, health, science diet drug treatment, sexual health board,

  • In the elderly medication guide

    "In the elderly medication guide" for elderly patients with some in the administration process of the actual need, well written by experts and drug reference book. It contains 748 kinds of drugs, including "national essential drugs", "medical insurance drugs", "the people's Republic of China" and other books and old,

  • The new century old Encyclopedia

    "Encyclopedia of aging" new century pay great attention to readability, but also pay attention to accommodate aspects, the character is chastening, Na "Encyclopedia" in one book, rich to reading. The old man hangs in the spoken word is: "in the early before......" The rich experience of the elderly like memories, like contrast. This "new century old encyclopedia,

  • Joy live out

    "Joy live out" a book by the academic experience of famous Chinese medicine experts, the old Chinese medicine expert Professor Liu Zhengcai editor in chief instructor, inheritance. This book uses the ancient centenarians practical experience to explain the "longevity", true; the traditional Chinese practice of easy training, obvious effect,,

  • The Chinese family, not out of longevity.

    "Introduction of Chinese family not out of long square" content: 23. A way of keeping good health, so you have to follow, according to the according to the code to live to a hundred years, the 25 "heart" of the road, let your peace of mind, enjoy the good life in old age, 30 moving guide, move is not bad, let you know how movement is the most healthy, 16 sleep,

  • Insomnia

    "Insomnia" in the form of interlocution introduces insomnia basic knowledge and prevention knowledge, focuses on the diet of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of insomnia, repair method of conditioning methods, living treatment method, exercise therapy and mental adjustment. The middle-aged person's life has been more than half, insomnia and the natural enemies of mankind began eyeing this group. "Lost,

  • In elderly health care.

    In order to let more old friends to grasp the pulse of health, aging and prevention of disease, so as to live a healthier, happier, we organize health experts carefully prepared the "elderly health care.". This is a book for old friends to bring health and happiness of the book. The book is rich in content, graphic and,

  • Health thirty-six meter

    Thirty-six: "healthy elderly health self management" Shanghai City Department of Tongji Hospital (Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University) carefully "woven" experts and professors for your "health tips". Open the "kit", you will find there is installed on the clothes, food, live, row, emotion, treatment of six respects and your life,

  • Follow me and you can live to be 100 years old.

    "Follow me you can live 100 years old" brief introduction: long life, what exactly is a life experience? At the age of one hundred to realize the vision of life, how hard is it? "Follow me, you also can live for 100 years" by Song Meiling, Ba Jin, sociologist Lei Jieqiong, biologists Zheng set more than 60 centenarians,

  • To mom and dad's Sports Health Book

    "To mom and dad exercise regimen books (large print version)" the main content description: when parents in Shuangbin dyeing traces, when the big tree in our hearts are no longer straight, we need to convert and parents living traction roles, they have treated our way to encourage them, to lead them, help them,

  • Modern anti-aging strategy

    "The author of modern anti-aging strategy" speech on the national health education lecture tour release, reference to a large number of ancient and modern literature, by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern science, medicine and traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, systematically expounded the mechanism of aging and modern anti-aging strategy, method. It consists of 2 parts and 14 chapters, including the introduction of senescence, hundred years old,

  • Health and longevity and health preserving of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Health and longevity and health medicine" set health and longevity and TCM health preservation methods in one. The book is divided into five chapters, the first, the two or three chapter introduces the concept of longevity and health, sub-health, disease pathogenesis age: fourth chapter described the method of traditional Chinese medicine health, including emotional health, diet, health, living room,

  • Longevity of the elderly happy book

    "Health care for the elderly in longevity elderly essential: happiness (the old book pleasure Zengshou nursing code)" Introduction: what is the health of the elderly standard? Daily life in the elderly how to care? "Health care for the elderly in longevity elderly essential: happiness (the old book pleasure Zengshou nursing code)" (author Wu Luan),

  • Elderly nutrition topics

    "Elderly nutrition topics" is China nutrition science popularization of series. "Elderly nutrition topics" is based on the principles of nutrition, the application of modern nutrition knowledge and theory, from the view of safeguarding and promoting China's elderly population health, nutrition and diet given to issues related to the. Because the exercise and nutrition and health,

  • Happiness elderly health book

    "The main content of happiness elderly health book": the elderly is a special age group of the society, have different characteristics from other groups. On the one hand, the elderly were young; on the other hand, the elderly are no longer young. To the elderly, with physical fitness, health status, life, way of life,,

  • Zhichuang aging new life

    "Zhichuang aging new life: live, but to live well" is about the elderly medical popular science books, the authors experience Xia Lian Bo to years of geriatric medicine as the foundation, systematically elaborated the elderly health and longevity, health care, disease prevention and etc.. Compared with similar books, "Zhichuang aging new life-,

  • Mom and dad health and longevity of the complete works

    "Mom and dad health and longevity of the complete works (Expert Edition)" is a book dedicated to the practical broad in the longevity of the elderly health guide. "Mom and dad health and longevity of the complete works (Expert Edition)" according to the new medical model and health concept, combining the psychological characteristics of the elderly, from the physical, psychological aspects to read,

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