• The utility of the skin venereal clinic

    "The main content and practical diagnostic manual": Dermatology is an important clinical disciplines. Understanding each skin venereal diseases showed different characteristics of lesions, is a basic skill in dermatology physician, and through the color atlas of dermatology to identify lesions is a shortcut. In view of this, the author according to long-term skin,

  • Pharmaceutical utility skin diseases (upper and lower)

    "Pharmaceutical utility skin diseases (volume one)". More than a practical Chinese medicine skin disease, the two part consists of introduction, the theory of. The introduction introduces the brief history of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, medicinal plant - like knowledge, and drug recognition, collection, collection, storage, processing, preparation, compatibility, usage and dosage etc.. The name of the drug on the pen,

  • Modern Handbook for diagnosis and treatment of skin disease and venereal disease

    Since the first edition of this manual, with its concise, practical, by the favor of readers. The second edition reflects the new progress of the diagnosis, the treatment of skin diseases in the past 5 years. The focus is to increase the length of the venereal disease. In recent years, sexually transmitted diseases, the incidence rate of rise, the medical staff, especially the skin,

  • Guide to the evaluation and supervision of STD clinic intervention

    This book introduces the concept, STD clinic intervention content, method and the expected effect, content and requirement of supervision and evaluation of STD clinic intervention in detail, in the appendix lists the relevant questionnaires, interviews etc.. The content and practical, for all STD intervention organizations management, outpatient medical,

  • Skin venereal diseases manual

    This book is one of the modern Chinese medicine clinic "series", from long-term in first-line clinical work with rich clinical experience, academic attainments deep experts compilation. This book focuses on the various methods of TCM diagnosis and treatment of common skin diseases, as well as the relevant knowledge of Western medicine and Western medicine therapy. The diseases included,,

  • Analysis of gender and rights in the reproductive and maternal health care in Iran application training manual

    "Analysis of gender and rights: introduction in reproductive health and maternal care applications training manual" content: happen every year all over the world more than 500000 of maternal deaths, most of them occur in developing countries, in order to improve the analysis and practice of gender equality, to understand health project management personnel and other personnel,

  • The utility of Department of Dermatology

    "Utility" of the Department of dermatology is common skin diseases were interpreted by the form of a popular book. For ease of reading and reference, the book content based on common textbook chapters and sequence, are commonly used materials arrangement. As the main common skin disease in the book, list content is required to grasp and familiar,

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

    The characteristics of this series is mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1 popular: the popular language to explain the medical terminology, patients and family members can see to understand, and to live "metaphor" to help understand; 2 practicability: learn in order to practise, use it. One study, benefit the whole family, become "home,

  • Oily skin

    55 pieces of skin care products,

  • Traditional Chinese medicine skin disease clinical essence

    "Traditional Chinese medicine skin disease clinical experience of Professor Xuan Guowei essence: set" in traditional Chinese medical treatment of herpes zoster, flat wart, pityriasis rosea, the nervous dermatitis, erythema nodosum, psoriasis, alopecia, chloasma, dermatomyositis, scleroderma skin disease. ,

  • Male disease treatment 800

    Abstract the books the male disease of 54 kind of disease and syndrome, treatment method of 800 kinds of external. The first chapter describes the theoretical basis for the therapy of the disease, the male's principles and methods; the second chapter to the tenth chapter of male therapy of the disease common 9 introduction. At the end of the book of common auricular point area and the commonly used standard,

  • The new skin soft tissue expansion

    This book systematically introduces the skin soft tissue expansion application trend at home and abroad, the soft tissue dilator structure and type, soft tissue expansion theory study and application in various parts of the body, especially the operation indication, operation method, matters needing attention, complications and prevention and care, is the 19,

  • Skin disease will effect the unilateral extract

    "Skin disease will effect the unilateral quintessence" written by Zhang Junting, published by the press of traditional Chinese medicine. "Skin effect" is the essence of the content will be unilateral in Department of Dermatology diseases as the key link, consists of eleven disease, selected out of more than 2000 in the first clinical experience of effective, convenient and practical skin disease unilateral. The book is divided into eleven chapters, including: bacterial,

  • STD medical dermatology secret experienced stunt

    The author of this book is based on comprehensive collection, sorting out the famous treatment of venereal disease experience secret of skin disease, combined with their own clinical experience, introduces in detail the herpes zoster, urticaria, eczema, vitiligo, gonorrhea, condyloma and other 23 kinds of sexually transmitted diseases common skin disease medical treatment experience of nearly 500. The book is rich in content, practical,

  • Clinical therapeutics

    Skin disease, "clinical drug therapeutics: skin diseases (Eighth Edition)" is a high level of the classic textbook world. "Clinical drug therapeutics: skin diseases (Eighth Edition)" is not only a common textbook of clinical pharmacy education America National School of medicine, but also many clinicians practical reference book. "Clinical drug therapeutics: skin,

  • Department of dermatology is rare and difficult cases.

    Department of dermatology is rare and difficult cases meta, ISBN:9787534129360, author: Xu Aie,

  • The diagnosis of skin Venereology

    This book is a practical reference book to introduce a skin disease and venereal disease diagnosis. The book focuses on the clinical symptoms and signs, dermatology, laboratory examination and treatment methods in common use, and the key points of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of various common skin and venereal disease. The book as the main line and point to the diagnosis of diseases, with emphasis on the clinical, culvert,

  • Clinical treatment of skin disease and venereal diseases, rational use of drugs

    This book consists of dermatology experts according to the clinical experience and extensive literature base prepared. Clinical treatment and medication technique on 225 kinds of skin diseases, 12 kinds of STD in the book in detail, the commonly used medicine, Department of Dermatology, including traditional Chinese medicine, it is illustrated. ,

  • Detection of human papilloma virus and its clinical application

    "Detection of human papilloma virus and its clinical application" mainly introduces the structure and function of cells, virus and human papilloma virus, diagnostic methods in molecular biology, detection, diagnosis and operation experience of the interpretation technique of in situ hybridization and human papilloma virus in clinical disciplines, thus further,

  • Skin disease of diagnostic and treatment

    Diagnosis and treatment of skin disease, "color photo site of Dermatology of diagnosis and treatment of" a total of nearly 600 pieces of 19 parts, including all common, multiple disease of the skin, and briefly introduces the clinical manifestation and treatment. Selection of the appropriate color, typical, clear, sharp contrast. The lack of such arrangement in china,

  • Encyclopedia of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine skin disease treatment

    "Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine skin disease treatment Daquan" content brief introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine is the gem of our country, has made great contributions to human 5000 thrive. Western medicine is from a western medicine was introduced into China in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the vigorous development of our country in recent, modern medicine has played a role in promoting, and achieved fruitful results,

  • Department of Dermatology disease trick / old Chinese medicine Zuotang series

    "The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Zuotang • Department of Dermatology disease diagnosis and treatment." by Zhang Lixia, Wang Junheng, Sun Shiran editor, this paper introduces in detail the main features of common disease subjects, how to diagnose, treat, and some key problems and treatment, treatment of special tips. Department of Dermatology diagnosis and treatment of disease "trick" writing level and, through,

  • Skin disease of traditional Chinese medicine 400 Q

    The book in question and answer form briefly introduced the related skin diseases of some of the basic theoretical knowledge of Chinese medicine, the pathogenesis, the common skin disease clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and treatment are discussed in detail. Ma Lin editor of "skin diseases in TCM 400 asked" aims to highlight the special disease specialist,,

  • Prostatitis

    This book is to modify, supplement, enrich, perfect a monograph on the basis of first edition. Characteristics of "new, fine, practical". "New", which include prostatitis latest progress and personal experience, including various methods of diagnosis and treatment; "fine", is the pathogenesis, diagnosis of diseases,

  • Dermatology examination guide

    This book to the newly published "dermatology" (satellite version) fifth edition teaching materials as the basis, and in the content and relative, but also a reference to other similar textbooks and reference books. The book consists of twenty-two chapters, each chapter includes "points", "the textbook essentials", "test" and "reference answer". ,

  • Practical Handbook of HIV voluntary counseling and testing

    This book is AIDS counseling personnel needs to compile, aimed at helping around the AIDS voluntary counseling and testing services and related training. The main contents are: AIDS voluntary counseling and testing the concept, function, process and method, librarian should master the basic knowledge and skill, care and support of AIDS virus,

  • Experience in the treatment of skin disease.

    The book consists of 13 chapters, according to the classification of the disease, including the common disease and severe diseases; in a concise overview of text, and contrast of curative effects after the typical cases of more than 800 pieces of photos, treatment methods and treatment. Rich in content, practical strong, flexible, with the philosophy, for clinical application reference Department of Dermatology worker,

  • Skin itching quiz

    "Skin itching quiz: non hormone treatment of atopic dermatitis" explanation: atopic dermatitis is a skin disease is most itch, itching, pain unbearable. In countries such as Japan, at least one of every ten people with atopic dermatitis. The incidence of atopic dermatitis in Chinese rate is also rising. So, treatment,

  • For skin and venereal disease

    This book is one of the China people health care series. The book to chat form of storytelling, introduces the skin disease is common in our daily life, some of the stories, stories in the book are we encountered cases, scientific and authenticity, and easy to understand. ,

  • Syphilis and genital herpes

    "Syphilis and genital herpes syphilis" introduces etiology, epidemiology, clinical manifestation, laboratory examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention etc. "Syphilis and genital herpes" by Hubei science and Technology Publishing house. ,

  • Laser and light (Part 1)

    This book focuses on the laser and light in cosmetic skin science international classic and practical technology. It describes the basic knowledge of laser and light tissue interaction, and introduces in detail the vascular disease, leg vein disease, pigmentation and scar, tattoo, actinic keratosis and non melanoma skin,

  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment of skin disease

    The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University is a large comprehensive hospital clinical, teaching, scientific research as a whole, the influence of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao radiation, and even in Southern China, in Southeast Asia also has a certain reputation, the patient from a range of sources, disease, rare diseases, more difficult cases. The book "the clinical diagnosis and treatment of skin disease,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of genital ulcer

    This book includes sexual organ anatomy, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases and micro ecology taking characteristic of genital ulcers of sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment etc.. ,

  • Common skin disease Chinese medicine therapy

    "Common skin disease Chinese medicine" is divided into 10 parts: the first part basic knowledge for skin diseases; second to tenth part introduces 75 kinds of common skin disease etiology, symptoms, TCM therapy and the matters needing attention. Content rich novel, text flow, method is simple and practical, is a skin disease patients self healing,

  • The utility of dermatologic surgery

    The utility of dermatologic surgery, ISBN:9787533139353, author: Luan Baohua, Wang Fagang,

  • Social immunity of AIDS ""

    This book is true. The domestic and foreign celebrities around the fifteen speech aids made, such as professor Gao Yaojie, Professor Jing Jun, Professor Li Shun, Professor Qiu Renzong, Professor Pan Suiming, Professor Zhang Konglai, Professor Xia Guomei, Mr. Li Xiang, Dr. Ke Kairui, the content involves: "AIDS orphans", "social free aids,

  • Guidelines for the treatment of drug in the skin venereal disease

    This book consists of dermatology experts and medical experts prepared jointly, introduced the treatment of common skin diseases, venereal disease. Including the common diseases of viral, bacterial, fungal, animal, physical, erythematous scaly, bullous, vascular, pigmentary disorders of keratinization disorders and diseases, 11,

  • Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases illustrated manual

    This book illustrates open information on more than 20 kinds of common diseases and venereal disease etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention; also introduces venereal disease treatment and disease commonly used drugs. The book is rich in content, language, the method is simple, suitable for Tu Vin Unionmaw, STD patients and relatives of reading, but also for primary health care,

  • Dermatology

    Dermatology, Third Edition "dermatology" except in accordance with the requirements of the unified national Medical Adult Higher Education College Textbook Compilation Committee of outside, also adopted many of the views of teachers and students, conducted a comprehensive revision, try to make the "national medical adult higher education college planning teaching materials and dermatology (Third Edition)". Scientific and practical,

  • Dermatology Handbook of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

    "The skin venereal diseases manual with combination of TCM and Western Medicine (Revised Edition)" is a large reference book. A total of nineteen book chapters, containing a total of 200 kinds of skin diseases and venereal diseases, including clinical work in common and some rare disease, content to novel and practical, especially in the clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment of aspects,

  • CD-R60 kind of skin disease digital pathology

    CD-R60 kind of skin disease digital pathology slides, digital section (virtual slice) contains all the pathological information sections, can be arbitrary zoom in and out on the computer. Using the digital section can be observed in any one location sections, also can amplify the corresponding position to any multiple of 400 times the magnification, as on the microscope,

  • Dermatology

    "Dermatology" curriculum materials for the Ministry of education planning for twenty-first Century, for five, seven years of postgraduate medical students. "Dermatology" consists of four sections and forty-four chapters, with black and white photograph 6, color photograph 215, color sketch map 23. The content is divided into introduction and two parts, general,

  • Dermatology

    "Dermatology" experimental teaching reform of applied talents training materials for the national medical college education, is divided into two parts and the general theory, chapter 22. General introduction of dermatovenereology basic theoretical knowledge, such as the diagnosis and treatment of skin tissue structure and function, skin and venereal disease symptoms, examination method, the theory of dielectric,

  • Dermatology of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

    "Science" skin disease with combination of TCM and Western medicine, the book focuses on traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine skin disease knowledge, on the clinical common and difficult skin disease pathogenesis of Chinese, clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis, laboratory examination and treatment. The book is divided into basic, clinical, pharmaceutical and appendix four parts. ,

  • Pediatric advanced life support study guide

    "Pediatric advanced life support study guide (Second Edition)" in pediatric emergency treatment combined with pre admission and after admission, including the need in the pediatric emergency treatment, most new, easy to use information. For contact pediatric emergency patient doctor, is an ideal choice. "Pediatric advanced life support,

  • Skin secret code

    "Skin secret code" will skin, Liang Tai Tang from the Ming Dynasty too hospital was the accumulation of Chinese medicine Kang skin core technology, as well as the Tai an Tang accumulate steadily profound medical theory, philosophical foundation and rich practical experience, according to traditional Chinese medicine theory, method, prescription, medicine compilation of code, and according to the generation of person's life physical condition, summary and,

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