You can say no to myopia

Date of publication:2010-8   Press: Sichuan Science and technology   Author:Wang Tianyun Zhu Jin   Pages:230  

(2) with posterior scleral staphyloma. For eye expands backward, degeneration and atrophy of eyeball retina, wall thinning, wearing glasses vision loss. The incidence rate of 77.1%, usually myopic degree is high, the incidence of posterior scleral staphyloma is higher. (3) retinal degeneration. Because of the ocular axial length, posterior scleral staphyloma and other factors, high myopia patients prone to degeneration of retina, retinal hole, hemorrhage and retinal detachment, cause blindness. (4) with macular hemorrhage. With the extension axis of myopia, retinal degeneration and atrophy of poor blood supply, retina, choroid, wearing glasses vision loss caused by. In the course of time, the growth of retinal ischemia, retinal neovascularization, the incidence was 5% ~ 40%. These new blood vessels wall is very thin, very easy to repeated bleeding, because of hemorrhage in the macular area, thus will cause serious impact on the people of the central vision, performance for the eyes, dark shadows or metamorphopsia etc.. Repeated hemorrhage after local scar formation degeneration leading to permanent visual impairment. (5) cataract. High myopia complicated cataract opportunities than normal people. Because intraocular circulation disorder of myopia and the organizational change, involving the lens, performance for the lens opacity, often make the senile cataract earlier. Nuclear turbidity increases due to lens refractive power, can make a short period of rapid increase in the degree of myopia, significantly impaired vision. Cataract operation and postoperative complications were no myopia is much, affect the operation effect. (6) vitreous liquefaction. The vitreous is colorless and transparent jelly, increase when myopia eyeball, vitreous but will not increase, so do not fill all space eye vitreous body, degeneration, liquefaction, turbidity, increased activity, can produce glass body floats, cause eyes shadow, namely "vitreous opacity", appeared in front of punctate, spider, filamentous, fluttering shadow, commonly known as "flying midge disease". Vitreous liquefaction easily induced retinal detachment. (7) glaucoma. Myopia eyeAngle structure is not normal, so the intraocular aqueous outflow resistance, easy to cause increased intraocular pressure. According to statistics, in patients with myopia in primary open angle glaucoma prevalence rate of 6 ~ 8 times of the normal people. In open angle glaucoma with myopia accounted for nearly half, usually seen in young. This kind of glaucoma because the process is slow, early abnormal easily myopia performance confusion or hide lead to missed diagnosis, resulting in loss of vision gradually and the blind.......

Wang Tianyun, male, born in 1942. Engaged in youth myopia and other eye disease prevention for more than 30 years, good at acupuncture and auricular point therapy, prevention and control of diseases on teenagers, children's myopia, amblyopia has one's own knack in. Is one of the pioneers and practitioners, advocates the reverse myopia, he in the long-term clinical practice summed up the full range of comprehensive therapy of prevention and treatment of myopia (Wang Tianyun myopia comprehensive therapy), is a great breakthrough of myopia. Not only his 3 children are far away from myopia, 30 years also make tens of thousands of myopia patients to reduce the pain, brought them to the light. His achievements have been recognized by the public and the news media. "People's Daily" "the worker's Daily" "Guangming Daily" "Health News" "Chinese Education Newspaper" "China women reported" "China Youth Daily" newspaper "" China population "news published" "self-study" magazine "Chinese women's magazines" "Liberation Army Logistics magazine" "the old days" and "magazine Beijing evening news," "Beijing Youth Daily", "Shenzhen daily" "CCTV" "Beijing TV," "the Central People's Broadcasting Station" "Beijing people's Broadcasting Station" "health consultation" "modern education, love issue" and other media, for he had propaganda and published his popular Science articles. By the media as "ear king" and "youth vision care experts". He was the first time in March 10, 2006 Baidu online "Wang Tianyun myopia, myopia", publicity and promotion of health knowledge. And in the international Chinese learning class, class, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing ear TCM College of Beijing Union University teach auricular point therapy; has been Beijing Chongwen children's Hospital, Beijing hospital, Beijing foreign language school fence Wai Hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine experts in Chinese medicine out-patient Department (Chinese) and North China Oilfield Hospital of dozens of medical units appointed experts, as young children's eye. In 1994 by the Beijing urban construction group garden out-patient department appointed director of the youth eye health care department. Zhu Jin, male, born in 1961. Associate Professor, associate chief physician, Department of Ophthalmology, director of Department of the three six three hospital of Chengdu and optometry. As a member of the society of Sichuan Province, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, member of Sichuan Province, optometry group member and secretary, Sichuan Province of Sichuan Province, rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation medicine department of Ophthalmology Committee Standing Committee member and Secretary of Sichuan, optometric research vision of the executive director; Chengdu City Association Secretary general vision protection, Sichuan Province Chamber of Commerce glasses optometrist training and assessment experts; Ministry of education and the "modern education, love science, love." the guidance of experts group members; international contact lens Educators Association; YBC entrepreneurship. Work has been published or AC 80 papers, participating in clinical research of more than 10. Prevention and control work in the past ten years focused on children and adolescents myopia, amblyopia and other eye.
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The incidence of myopia rate increased year by year in China, is a serious harm to students' health. Chinese students myopia rate in twentieth Century 70 time metaphase is still relatively low, accounting for 15% ~ 20%. Enter 90 age, China big city high school students myopia incidence rate has exceeded the level of many developed countries. The myopia of students not only people more and more, and the degree is more and more heavy, the incidence trend of a younger age, quickly, general. According to the Ministry of education in 2004 national student physical health monitoring report vision pupils non-performing rate was 32.5%; the rate of 59.4% junior middle school students in poor eyesight; a detection rate of 77.3% senior high school students' eyesight; the poor eyesight rate was 80%. The myopia rate has leapt to second place in the world. These numbers are used to describe the horrifying not excessive. Students eye health situation is very serious, at present our country at present the myopia of students in primary and middle school students has been the common disease, myopia not only affect my study life and future work, to bring no small burden of family and society. A great deal of medical research confirmed that, along with the myopic degree is deepened, significantly increased the incidence of various complications, such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, especially high myopia is more likely to cause the above complications, serious can cause blindness. The myopia of students will influence the selection Chinese high-quality personnel occupation, narrowing the selection range of many special occupation personnel, myopia has become the primary factor in college entrance examination examination professional limited senior high school students, the result would be a serious challenge to the implementation of Chinese twenty-first Century health goals.
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Eight hazard and misunderstanding of myopia myopia myopia 1 2 disregard what harm to have 4 vision is not qualified to enter oneself for an examination university by 3 high myopia hazard limit 5 vision problems into the army, call the police's "stumbling block" 6 want to be "three good" student, visual acuity reached 7 children's eye ten errors in 8 adolescent myopia treatment 10 lies understanding myopia 1 our eyes like a nice camera 2 refractive system composed of 3 eyes see things the mystery of 4 normal eyes can see far and near vision mechanism 5 concepts and examination of 6 children and adolescents with normal eyesight is much 7 visual representation method 8 vision 1 is not necessarily 9 normal by visual examination can diagnose eye your eye ametropia 10 11 ametropia formation process of change 12 myopia is the matter 13 myopia become China's adolescent health second killer 14 indicates that your child myopia 10 cases 15 you belong to that kind of myopia 16 myopia depth judgments of 17 US normal eyes dioptric state the 18 interpretation of myopia myopia causes and mechanism of 1 children myopia is how the formation of 2 and" See "myopia 3 factors caused the children myopia" as "external factors caused by social factors of 4 juvenile myopia myopia with diet 1 good eyesight cannot do without good nutrition 2 myopic eyes away from the five food group 3 ten eye nutrients can improve the visual effect of 4 9 food 5 beautiful eyes. 6 often eat hard food away from children 7 myopia myopia prevention should pay attention to the processing and cooking methods 8 some visual recovery effects food myopia and 1 eye exercises can protect the eyes of 2 new revised edition eye exercises 3 multidimensional visual eye exercises 4 to protect the eyesight of 12 kinds of training methods of 5 people" quick of eye and deft of hand "movement of 6 high myopia is not suitable for strenuous exercise 7 teenagers" bungee "easy to cause retinal detachment and myopia glasses 1 myopic, glasses to wear 2 myopic, how to wear 镜才 Science 3 be inferior glasses bring young damage 4 glasses is easy to appear the advantages which do 5 how to give children choose to wear glasses 6 of the 7 lenses are not for everyone to wear contact lenses 8 how to use contact lenses contact lenses correct for 9 Buy skills 10 wear contact lenses myopia and 1 eyes of learning tactics and learning, parents dilemma 2 what is the standard of read-write distance 3 how to do things according to the standard distance to read and write 4 poor posture even monkeys also myopia of 5 adolescent myopia 95% because of the wrong pen holding posture 6 to read and write code, let you from the myopia of 7 the prevention of myopia of students the school be one's unshirkable responsibility 8 summer vacation forget to pay attention to the child's eyes for 9 scientific and rational layout of classroom lighting, protect students' eyesight 10 juvenile protection eyesight, book printing standard need standard 11 decreased visual acuity don't sit in the front row 12 Multimedia Teaching on students' visual effect can not be ignored 13 myopia prevention good helper -- double adjustable anti myopia reading and writing frame myopia and the daily life of 1 adolescents living in eye care 9 cheats 2 computer operators to avoid damage the eyes of the 10 rule 3 of eye injuries most small computer screen 4 watch TV too freely will hurt the eyes of 5 mobile phone on the eyes of the effect of 6 long-term tie easy visual fatigue 7 teenagers eyesight protection to the proper use of table 8 highly myopic advised for women with cesarean section and myopia Children 1 to prevent children myopia, start from the mother during pregnancy 2 to protect the eyes from a young age to 3 computer harm to children's eyes of 4 children can use the computer to 5 children each key periods of eye care 6 early check, sign ten good habits children umbrella the bright 7 children ocular examination time and 8 key projects under the bed lamp damage in children the parents of 9 children's eye health escort 10 children read a book to write how to protect the eyes of 11 preschool children watch TV 9 big taboo 12 common childhood eye 13 children how to predict the prevention of myopia, myopia 1 myopia prevention is better than cure 2 vision care at every stage of life people work 3 to alleviate eye fatigue coup 4 adolescent myopia prevention, catch 22 rules is the key 5 key adolescent myopia prevention 6 parents how to make children myopia prevention and control work 7 to increase the awareness of protecting eyesight health care methods and timing is key 8 students myopia prevention of myopia 9 protect vision, let the eye rest 10_ the prevention of myopia please save the eye 11 the prevention of juvenile myopia of 12 high myopia eyes 13 ancient people how to maintain How do the full range of myopia myopia comprehensive treatment 1 Wang all-round myopia comprehensive therapy 2 Wangs myopia simplified formula 3 correction of myopia and hunchback of 4 simple methods for treatment of myopia Wang puzzle eyesight exercise 1 true myopia really not reversible, can't cure it 2 Strategic contempt of myopia, myopia 3 tactics must pay attention to telescopic training can prevent myopia 4 work busy no time telescope do 5 fogging therapy advantage is combined with 6 myopia prevention to study anti synchronization, synchronization treatment 7 on myopia prevention in the concept of "quantity" 8 after treatment and after glasses myopia is like that 9 Why the end of the school adult myopia reversal rate is higher than 10 students don't be anxious for success 11 reverse myopia myopia reversal training can not be too high expectations of 12 let myopia prevention into life 13 and "far" word for friend, why not reverse myopia myopia 14 reverse most avoid cop-out give up halfway, 15 myopia must comprehensive measure of the all directional control of 16 eye myopic how do 17 high myopia in children how to treat 18 highly myopic how to improve visual acuity of 19 height Myopia should pay attention to what the problem @##@ advantages and disadvantages of 20 all kinds of myopia treatment "You can say no" to myopia myopia prevention as the main line, introduced the basic concept, misunderstandings of myopia and myopia of the hazards and people treat myopia. On the causes and mechanism of myopia were analyzed, to understand the way introduced readers in learning, life, diet, glasses etc. various specific myopia prevention method is feasible and the matters needing attention. At the same time, focus on the simple, safe and effective "Wang overall myopia comprehensive treatment" of the specificThe application and practice.
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Maintenance and mechanism of myopia causes adolescents living in eight 9 cheats myopic eye hazards and misunderstanding of computer operator avoid damage the eyes of the law, 10
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