Eye misunderstanding and truth

Date of publication:2012-12   Press: Publishing Group in Guangdong Province, Guangdong science and Technology Press   Author:Wu Guijun   Pages´╝Ü179  
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Also not completely focused, just a vague image imaginary this divergent rays completely focusing and imaging in the retinal fovea, which corresponds to the farsightedness of the state, which is also equivalent to the eye lens refractive power is not enough. This fuzzy image will automatically stimulated ciliary muscle contraction, the ciliary ring (i.e. the ciliary muscle in the eye with a ring structure) small ring inside the suspensory ligament of lens sagging, lenticular no suspensory ligament pull then depends on the elasticity and thickness, the surface becomes convex, on the light refracting power was strengthened; in contrast, if the ciliary muscle relaxation, the ciliary bigger ring inside the suspensory ligament of lens became tense, the lens suspensory ligament stretching and thinning, its surface is flattened, the light refractive power is weakened, so, always can guarantee to the original focus image after retinal fovea or prior (human on the image of the feeling is not clear) to image clearly to the fovea. The eye can according to the distance of objects at different distances, the ciliary muscle contraction or relaxation, change the ciliary ring size, the ring inside the zonular relaxation or tension, the lens zonular stretch and thickening or thinning, its surface becomes convex or flat, ability of the bending of light energy increase or decrease the call control, so that regardless of distance can guarantee the object just focused on the fundus retinal fovea.......
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