• Sutureless small incision cataract operation manual

    "Sutureless small incision cataract operation" means the editor with his own clinical experience rich 14 chapters comprehensively and systematically introduces the manual sutureless small incision cataract operation medication, viscoelastic agent and operation process and operation skills, and focuses on the complex type manual sutureless small incision cataract operation, 100 Seto type,

  • Progressive lenses

    Principle of optometry and glasses, "progressive glasses: principles, optometry, optician" consists of 11 chapters, introduced the development of progressive lens, optical characteristics, lens design, logo, optometry with, is suitable the crowd, wearing unsuitable problems and treatment methods. Among them, especially on the progressive lens fitting to give specific guidance, to the progressive lens wear,

  • Department of ophthalmology clinical care manual

    "The Department of ophthalmology clinical nursing Handbook" by the Department of Ophthalmology nursing expert of Beijing Tongren Hospital from clinical and teaching practice, emphatically introduces the common diseases in Department of ophthalmology operation indication, operation process, the basic operation of peri operation period nursing routine, complications of observation points, discharge guidance to and emergency plan, especially a detailed description of the eye,

  • Imaging diagnosis of fundus disease

    "Atlas of imaging diagnosis of ocular fundus diseases (Second Edition)", this book for the ocular fundus disease diagnosis of reprint, this version of the book is newly added content is more extensive, involving the fundus congenital abnormalities, early senile macular degeneration understanding etc.. Some of the information is first introduced, precious. The total increase of more than 500 pieces,

  • Glasses with technology

    Glasses with technology, the main content of the book includes: selecting glasses frame selection; lens; plastic and school glasses frame; measurement and marking optical parameters determine the glasses; datum; single optical glasses machining and assembly etc.. ,

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine clinical preparation to Department of Ophthalmology

    "Traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine Department of ophthalmology clinical preparing to" is divided into two parts: the first part is the basic knowledge of the eye, the first chapter introduces the application of anatomy and physiology of eye, the second chapter introduces the relationship between the eyes and viscera of main and collateral channels. The second part is the 92 Department of Ophthalmology treatment of common and frequently occurring disease, divided into fifteen chapters, the first chapter, the eyelid disease,

  • Department of ophthalmology clinical preparation to

    The book is divided into four parts and 17 chapters, including the Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, syndrome differentiation treatment of emergency and Department of Ophthalmology consultation etc.. The system discussed in western medicine, the principle of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Department of Ophthalmology; drug in the Department of ophthalmology disease and non drug treatment technology; Department of Ophthalmology emergency disposal; ocular manifestations of systemic disease. The appendix describes the clinical,

  • Ocular surface diseases

    The anatomical ocular surface for ocular surface tissues including the upper and lower eyelid, conjunctiva and corneal tissue is the main. The lacrimal gland, lacrimal and tear film which is an important component to maintain health of the ocular surface, and hence ocular surface diseases range includes. Long Department of Ophthalmology physicians have been on disorders of conjunctiva and corneal diseases, clinical,

  • The student eye exercises chart

    "Eye exercises: students" is the schematic diagram of the chart, the actual expansion size is 236mmx874mm. This chart for multi function charts, including height measuring ruler, height and weight table and vision care chart first with the scale eye exercises the right book comes from the ground up to 85 cm distance (85 cm,

  • As clear as noonday glasses

    "As clear as noonday glasses" mainly introduced in the daily use of eye and with glasses in the process, we should know some refractive, optometry and correction of related knowledge, discussed the eye refractive, from a professional point of optometry, glasses frame and the glasses, contact lenses, choice, with straightaway language,

  • Eye syndrome differentiation and treatment experience

    "Eye of syndrome differentiation and treatment experience set" is the author of Huang Shuren on their own in ophthalmology teaching, scientific research and combination of Chinese and Western medicine scientific summary of clinical experience in the treatment of eye diseases in nearly half a century of years. The book is divided into two parts, part one, not only illustrates the relationship between the diagnosis, syndrome differentiation and treatment of the three eye to eye, and solutions,

  • Eye protection 450.

    Eye 450 coup, book questions and answers in the form of the causes, basic knowledge and common diseases in Department of Ophthalmology of structure and function of the eyes of the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment and preventive health care methods; content rich novel, easy to understand, is the majority of patients in Department of Ophthalmology control eye of popular science books; also available for junior doctors, medical department of Ophthalmology students and basic level hospital,

  • Color blindness test chart

    Color blindness test chart (Fifth Edition), ISBN:9787117024754, author: Yu Ziping, Cao Yu, Cao Kaihui,

  • Department of Ophthalmology Atlas

    The book consists of nineteen chapters, covering most of the diseases in Department of Ophthalmology, 700 color photographs of typical ill chosen especially fascinating, graphical text rather. In addition, the book cause various eye diseases, clinical manifestation, pathological diagnosis and differential diagnosis points, principles of prevention and treatment for both overall and key,

  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases

    This book gives a comprehensive introduction to clinical medicine students encounter all kinds of eye disease diagnosis and treatment. The whole book to disease as the key link, each kind of disease and a concept, etiology and pathogenesis, diagnosis, syndrome differentiation and treatment, prescription, Chinese medicine in treatment of this, other therapies, the modern masters experience, test case example, modern research. The contents of a comprehensive, clear, jane,

  • Common eye disease diagnosis Atlas

    The book is a collection of common eye picture 500, a typical image including eye anatomy and inspection, eyelid disease, lacrimal apparatus disease, conjunctivitis, corneal disease, scleral disease, lens disease, real water circulation disorders, pigment membrane disease, ocular fundus disease, ocular myopathy, ocular trauma and other eye diseases. And with text descriptions, the lesions,

  • IOP and glaucoma

    "IOP and glaucoma" by editors and a number of clinical experts at home and abroad, a lot of intraocular pressure and glaucoma related published literature and all kinds of theories on the compiled. The 21 book chapters, comprehensively and systematically classified relations, IOP and Glaucoma Glaucoma and ocular definition,

  • Department of Ophthalmology Handbook

    "Manual" content: introduction Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology of Beijing Tongren Hospital has 114 years of history, is one of China's important department of ophthalmology. After more than a century of development, the hospital department of Ophthalmology formed the system not only has its own characteristics and has universal significance. "Manual" is Tongren Hospital Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology number,

  • Department of Ophthalmology prescription NEW

    Department of Ophthalmology prescription retold, book by western medicine disease name as the key link, a variety of folk medicine. The content includes: Eyelid Diseases, disorders of conjunctiva, lacrimal apparatus disease, disease of cornea and sclera, iris ciliary body and anterior chamber lens and vitreous diseases, diseases, disorders of choroid and retina, optic nerve disease, refraction, ocular trauma and diseases and in general,

  • Common eye disease syndrome

    "Common disease syndrome" new content, informative, or clear, practical, is a book for the medical workers, suitable for clinical, scientific research, teaching, comprehensive, systematic medical tool reference book. More than 4000 English, Chinese references and detailed in English index, is the "common eye disease,

  • Department of ophthalmology operation Atlas

    This book comprehensively introduces the commonly used operation in Department of ophthalmology. The book is divided into 13 chapters, about 1237 pictures, including eyelid operation, operation, operation, operation on lacrimal conjunctiva cornea, anterior chamber and iris lens operation, operation, operation of glaucoma, retinal detachment vitrectomy operation, operation, operation of extraocular muscle,,

  • Phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation

    The editor recommends: phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation operation is currently the most advantages, the most widely used method of operation in cataract operation, the books are discussed in this paper. The king will include content of ultrasonic emulsification operation history and progress, operation device, operation process and operation skills, operation indication,

  • The Ministry of health medical CAI courseware

    Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the tumor of the Department of Ophthalmology, "the Ministry of health medical CAI Courseware: diagnosis and differential diagnosis of tumors in the Department of Ophthalmology (CD-ROM disc 1)" for the Ministry of health medical CAI courseware. Cancer is a serious harm to human health and life of the disease; some scholars estimated eye tumor patient number about systemic tumor 11%. The CD - ROM,

  • Neuro ophthalmology

    "Neural Department of Ophthalmology: case guided" explain profound theories in simple language, explanation of each topic in case discussion guided Weiweidaolai, change the dull way, the neuro ophthalmology knowledge esoteric become vivid, apt. The author briefly introduces the neurological department of Ophthalmology tests, according to a particular disease or,

  • The national standard logarithmic visual acuity chart

    "The national standard logarithmic visual acuity chart: eye exercises and standard operating chart" the main contents include: the first section, knead day should point, section second, knead light acupoint massage, section third, section fourth, Sibai, round eyes. "The national standard logarithmic visual acuity chart: eye exercises and standard operating chart" by Anhui science and technology press,

  • Department of Ophthalmology Pandect

    "Department of Ophthalmology general" (sixteenth edition) written by renowned experts, USA Department of Ophthalmology, rich in content, in addition to detailed descriptions of anatomy, physiology and Department of Ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of the eye, also describes in detail the neuro Ophthalmology, blindness, eye and systemic diseases, pediatric diseases in Department of Ophthalmology, genes and genetic eye diseases, Department of Ophthalmology medicine and clinical,

  • Department of ophthalmology operation

    This book is a comprehensive and systematic introduction Department of ophthalmology operation technology professional work. The book is divided into nineteen chapters, about 120 words, about 1800 illustrations. The first to the third chapter, the general anesthesia and the basic operation method, chapter four to nineteenth are respectively for eyelid, conjunctiva, lacrimal, cornea, sclera, iris, lens,

  • Atlas of the ocular fundus disease

    "Atlas" of ocular fundus diseases in sixteen chapters. The first chapter is about the basic knowledge aspects: including the retina, choroid, regarded the TEM photographs of nerve tissue structure; retinal vascular development digest preparations photos; ocular tissue vascular cast SEM photos and animal fundus and vascular structure of the photo. After the,

  • Eye protection knowledge Q 260

    Big eyes small eyes, medical, we are most proud of "window of the soul". In the daily life, everywhere there is factor of many of eye health hazards. How to make the eyes from being hurt? This book provides a preventive eye practical knowledge and plenty of eye care tips, want to keep a clear eye you, is not know. ,

  • Department of Ophthalmology emergency

    This book comprehensively expounded the Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, emergency and some sudden disease, acute complications of acute disease, ocular trauma, associated with systemic diseases are detailed introduced in different treatment and disposal methods, clearly put forward the duty doctor Department of Ophthalmology emergency treatment, and to the Department of Ophthalmology emergency care principles and method,,

  • The utility department of Ophthalmology

    "The Department of Ophthalmology" version second since its inception in 1999, has 10 printing more than 20000 copies, welcomed by readers. "Practical" Department of Ophthalmology can be readers, mainly lies in the "practical Department of Ophthalmology (Third Edition)" the doctor on the levels of Department of Ophthalmology, in clinical work, teaching, scientific research,

  • Study of micro operation of retinal detachment

    "Retinal detachment operation" micro study comprehensively and systematically for the first time, puts forward the concept of total vitrectomy theory, method and the operation of various vitreoretinal diseases in the application and operation effect, combined with the latest development of domestic and foreign describes these new theories, new experiences and new technology. "Micro operation of retinal detachment,

  • Eye care massage diagram

    Eye care massage schematic, ISBN:9787538168280, author: Yang Yang ed.,

  • Department of Ophthalmology

    "Department of Ophthalmology (case TM)" focuses on the clinical applied anatomy of the visual organ, common and frequently occurring disease common in Department of Ophthalmology and Department of ophthalmology examination method for clinical disease, including eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, lens disease disease disease, disease of vitreous, retinal disease, orbital disease, eye trauma, ametropia, for these diseases,

  • The new concept of ischemic ophthalmopathy

    New concepts in the treatment of ischemic ophthalmopathy, ISBN:9787801947444, author: Song Chen,

  • Clinical computer vision science

    "Computer science" view of Clinical Department of Ophthalmology starting from the basic principle of computer vision, according to the features of perimetry in glaucoma, optic neuropathy, retinal and choroidal lesions, combined the analysis of specific cases, in order to help readers understand and experience the significance and effect of computer vision. Computer vision is a practical,

  • 100 days to relieve myopia restores vision

    "Myopia restores vision" myopia and visual decline of remission in 100 days are eager for their eyesight can return to normal, this book will bring you to take a new road to recovery of visual acuity, visual recovery method introduced in the book does not involve complicated professional knowledge and boring medical equipment, is completely natural vision therapy the. ,

  • Farewell to the "evil" vision

    "Farewell" evil "vision" main content: Third -- America Department of Ophthalmology doctor Dr. Bates, America vision therapy the supreme authority of Dr. Harris, the Japanese vision health sports center's vision recovery training method and operation of outside glasses. Quick, easy and practical, to understand at a glance, a study will be! Here,

  • The principle and application of Department of Ophthalmology equipment

    "The principle and application of" Department of Ophthalmology equipment includes Department of ophthalmology clinical examination equipment 34, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of ophthalmology clinical treatment equipment 11, animal experiment equipment 4, in addition, in order to improve the understanding of readers to the Department of Ophthalmology equipment bidding and purchasing process and related knowledge, we set up a special chapter introduced the hospital equipment management,

  • Chinese teach you control fundus hemorrhage

    "Chinese teach you control eyeground hemorrhage" introduces the pathogenesis, fundus hemorrhage clinical manifestation, examination method, method of treatment, the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, single prescription treatment, acupuncture and massage therapy, diet therapy and prevention and care; and briefly introduces the anatomy and physiology of eye and check method,

  • Standard logarithmic far visual acuity chart

    The standard logarithmic visual acuity chart (4 pages long), ISBN:9787117159791, author: Ophthalmological Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical College series,

  • With the progress of modern department of ophthalmology examination method

    This book is a work of the professional examination of the Department of ophthalmology. The book is divided into 10 parts, including visual function, anterior, posterior segment eye, ocular adnexal, corneal and ocular refraction, ocular trauma, neurological department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology and imaging examination methods and research progress, detailed introduces the inspection method of the laboratory of Department of Ophthalmology and eye,

  • Visual structure principle

    Visual basic modeling structure, structure of visual beauty is part of the four pursuit and harmonious artistic content, artistic design, artistic form and expression, to achieve static and dynamic visual aesthetic form. This phenomenon is a technical part; the visual, psychological and spiritual part; three as a part of social culture environment. They make the structure of visual beauty with the whole,

  • Department of ophthalmology clinical guidelines

    In order to meet the need of our department of Ophthalmology, medical service, improve the level of medical service in our department of Ophthalmology, Chinese Ophthalmological Society will recommend WHO best Department of ophthalmology clinical service guide, compiled clinical guide America Department of Ophthalmology learn to prepare sufficient evidence-based medicine principles into Chinese version. Guide for all inside,

  • Glaucoma

    The book includes infrastructure, glaucoma clinical examination method, glaucoma and glaucoma treatment four, systematically introduces some knowledge of glaucoma. Because of advances in molecular genetics and molecular biology and Science in recent years, glaucoma research has receptor level in gene level achieved certain results. Along with the,

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