Prevention and treatment of diving decompression sickness

Date of publication:2011-8   Press: Shanghai Second Military Medical University press   Author:Tao Hengyi, Zhang Hui.  
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The first chapter is the introduction of
the first diving technology development history of the
second decompression and decompression sickness early research on
second chapter decompression theory
the first section outlines the
second inert gas saturated
third inert gas supersaturated
Fourth inert gas desaturation of
third chapter decompression methods
the first stage decompression
second surface decompression method
third SCC DCC decompression
Fourth oxygen decompression
fifth day rotation respiratory gases decompression
sixth Festival "at least" pressure reducing method
fourth chapter igcd supersaturated
fifth chapter diving decompression table
the first diving decompression table of classification and the basic structure of
second day China diving decompression table
third foreign diving decompression table
sixth chapter decompression disease etiology and pathogenesis of
the first section decompression sickness pathogenesis process of
second etiology and pathogenesis of
the seventh chapter decompression sickness clinical manifestation and classification of
the first symptoms of the time
second day incidence of
third symptoms and signs to form
Fourth Pro Bed classification
eighth chapter decompression sickness diagnosis and differential diagnosis of
the first diagnosis of
second differential diagnosis of
ninth chapter diving decompression sickness treatment
the first cabin pressurization treatment of
second auxiliary treatment of
third water pressure treatment
tenth chapter decompression disease sequelae and prognosis of
the first section of dysbaric osteonecrosis in
second decompression sickness spinal cord injury related to
eleventh chapter decompression sickness prevention of
twelfth chapter saturation diving decompression sickness
thirteenth chapter of recompression therapy for decompression sickness table
the first section of our air diving decompression sickness hyperbaric treatment table
second scuba diving recompression therapy for decompression sickness in table
This book is a submersible special disease (decompression sickness) prevention manual, systematically introduces the development theory and methods of diving technology research history, history and diving decompression sickness decompression, a detailed introduction of the etiology and pathogenesis, decompression sickness clinical manifestation and classification, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention etc.. One chapter is devoted to introduce diving decompression tables and hyperbaric treatment table, will also offer the latest achievements in practice and theory study of decompression sickness prevention at home and abroad to readers of accumulation.
this book can be used as a commercial diver and diving medical personnel to protect the site of manual work, but also can be used as a diving school and water in medical colleges, engineering school extra-curricular books and reference books, can also be used as a diving coach, non commercial diving operators (including sports and recreational divers) and related management personnel reference books, reference books and hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of employees.
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  •   Diving learning theory can help us understand the safe operation; more, just know how to protect myself
  •   Writing is very comprehensive, explanation is very thorough, reviewed the current research progress in decompression sickness

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