• Common allergic diseases

    "Brief introduction of common content of allergic disease": the state supreme science and Technology Award winner Wu Mengchao academician preface recommended! Zhu Qingsheng, former Vice Minister of Ministry of health lead editor! Clinical experts to build the authority of science books -- scientific guidance for daily life, prevention and health care! Allergy is how it happened? Got allergy,

  • Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Technology Manual

    "Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Technical Manual" content includes: schizophrenic patients in mental health education, understanding of schizophrenia, a diagnosis of schizophrenia schizophrenia early detection and early treatment, schizophrenia, drug treatment, the prognosis of schizophrenia, schizophrenia daily life,,

  • Senile disease

    "Senile diseases" is "community doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in one of the standard of diagnosis and treatment for elderly persons", is a common disease and frequently occurring disease in community medical care, treatment and rehabilitation of the prepared, including the common disease, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine and metabolic, urinary system and the nervous system,

  • Mental diseases prevention and treatment knowledge quiz

    Mental diseases prevention and treatment knowledge quiz, chief editor Jiang Hongyan Guo Tao, editor in chief of section, Yunnan science and technology press,

  • Advances in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in elderly patients

    "The new progress in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in the elderly" diseases of different system as the basis, using flexible thematic presentation, selection and the latest progress of common diseases in geriatric medicine as a focus content development, introduces the treatment procedures and norms, and advances in diagnosis and treatment of new more thoroughly, the book covers,

  • Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases Training Manual

    Wang Qianqiu editor of "diagnosis and treatment for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases" Training Series in an STD clinic experience, with the foundation of nearly 30 years, the clinical specialist STD together the country each big hospital, CO writing, peer review, as the latest domestic and strong authority venereal clinical training manual. The book is new,

  • Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases Training Manual

    Liang Guojun editor of the book focuses on the various strategies, at present our country has taken in STD intervention work in the field of measures and successful experiences, and includes the research progress of other international on STD, AIDS interventions, such as circumcision, microbicides and venereal disease vaccine, for all levels of medicine,

  • Barrett's esophagus and adenocarcinoma

    "Barrett's esophagus and adenocarcinoma", this book includes: Barrett's esophagus, esophageal adenocarcinoma Brrett related content. ,

  • Spinal pedicle fixation

    "Spinal pedicle fixation", this book introduces the pedicle screws, pedicle anatomy, biomechanics, pedicle screw system in lumbar disease application, lumbosacral pedicle fixation etc.. ,

  • Medical read difference = chronic Dutch act

    "Introduction to medicine to read the difference = chronic Dutch act" content: as the saying goes: "people eat grain, which can not sick." Probably no one lifetime is not sick. Ill nature will go to see a doctor, this is It's only human. However, in the actual medical treatment process, many people have a very wrong "doctor" concept. Some people fear,

  • Oral pathology review guide

    "Oral pathology review guide" is the bridge courses between oral professional clinical and basic medicine, is the basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Because of its importance in oral medical education in medical colleges, but is not compulsory for students of the compulsory courses, but also the qualification examination and postgraduate entrance examination,

  • Tumor blood pathology

    "Experimental and clinical approaches" tumor blood pathology, this book includes: introduction, diagnosis and laboratory techniques of bone marrow of tumor, lymph nodes and node, tissue stem cell transplantation, the blood pathology etc.. ,

  • Psychological counseling and therapy

    Psychological counseling and therapy, Guo Tao editor in chief, Guo Shen, Zhou Bo. Ed., Yunnan science and technology press,

  • Anesthesia and comfortable medical

    "Anesthesia and comfortable medical", the content of this book: including the development of history pain knowledge, the significance and necessity of comfortable medical, research of pain mechanism, implementation and standardization management...... ,

  • Medical jurisprudence

    Medical law "" law is a medical textbook, absorb the domestic other versions of medical jurisprudence teaching experience, and according to the new results appear a theoretical study on the academic, new regulations, and the time in the practice of new achievements and new problems, supplementary discussion, the author prepared this material. "Characteristics of medical jurisprudence" are mainly,

  • Basic blood transfusion

    "Blood transfusion" foundation systematically summarized the transfusion theory, and provide scientific basis for the development of blood transfusion; transfusion immunology experimental technology introduced, provides the operation technology and experimental methods to solve the increasingly prominent complex type and difficult blood cross matching; summary the experience of modern blood management innovation, but also fun,

  • Rhythm international Guide 2010

    Rhythm international guidelines 2010, ISBN:9787511102539, author: Chinese ECG society, China rhythm society,

  • The treatment of skin disease outside the law

    "Systematically introduces the current research situation of Chinese Medicine Department of Dermatology external treatment of skin disease and therapy", highlight the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. The book's external treatment in clinical practical, effective as the standard, the selected prescription to personally used or witnessed the efficacy of prescription, to make the book to become doctors and patients,

  • The theory of personality

    "The personality theory (Seventh Edition)" the main content description: "personality theory" Fifth Edition Chinese edition was published in 2006, which was welcomed by the readers. At present, has been updated to version seventh, joined the new theory, and to enrich, abundant raw material and the latest theory development as the basis, for the,

  • Nursing and rehabilitation of chronic bronchitis

    "Nursing and rehabilitation" chronic bronchitis has four parts, focusing on the elderly patients with chronic bronchitis and medical knowledge are discussed, focusing on the basic knowledge of senile chronic bronchitis in nursing and rehabilitation in community and family, for elderly patients with chronic bronchitis patients self study and application. Community physicians, nurses and slow,

  • Breast cancer chemotherapy and targeted drug operation and nursing points

    "Common chemotherapy and breast cancer drug target to operation and nursing points", the main content includes: the chemotherapy of breast cancer, breast cancer, chemotherapy and nursing of breast cancer chemotherapeutic drug use and nursing points, frequently asked questions and answers for chemotherapy of breast cancer. ,

  • Community prevention and nursing care of senile dementia

    "Community" the prevention and nursing of senile dementia is divided into five chapters, introduces the epidemiology of dementia dementia; etiology, diagnosis and prevention and treatment of new ideas, new knowledge, new technology; dementia patient's family nursing and health care guidance; focuses on community nursing intervention in Fangzhuang community dementia the,

  • Trace elements and life

    "Trace elements and life: the main content life-power technique principle and its application": in order to domestic and foreign readers and users better understand the life-power Su, Yin Jishan, Yin Zongzhu according to the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting did "life-power Element Research Report" modelled, based on related research in recent years,

  • Common geriatric disease diagnosis and treatment

    "Introduction to common geriatric disease diagnosis and treatment:" content "means, diagnosis treatment is objective, prevention is the fundamental". "Common geriatric disease diagnosis and treatment" from the practical point of view, focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of the aged, and pay more attention to the treatment. The book lists nearly 30 kinds of diseases, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dielectric,

  • Application of neuroanatomy

    "Application of neuroanatomy" from the clinical nervous system disease syndrome, in structure and function to the dual solution, drawing its occurrence, development and mechanism. In order to clear concise text, illustrations, readers after reading, easy to grasp. Book illustrations of a total of more than 630 pieces, most of the "application" main neuroanatomy,

  • Clinical guidelines

    "Clinical guidelines (organ transplantation fascicle) (2010 Edition)" authority ", the Ministry of Health commissioned by the China Medical Association of organ transplantation credit will organize the national organ transplant experts collective preparation of clinical guidelines and organ transplantation.". The book is synthesized by the 23 guide, the guide respectively by the corresponding special,

  • ENT disease prevention effect.

    "ENT diseases Qixiao party": China widely spread folk recipe, recipe, recipe, is the treasure of Chinese traditional medicine, is the crystallization of the previous successful experience, occupies an important position in traditional Chinese medicine. Shi Shuda wrote "ENT diseases Qixiao party" to "China folk secret recipe large test,

  • 2010 new progress in otolaryngology head and neck surgery

    "2010 otolaryngology head and neck surgery progress" is the people's Medical Publishing House, new progress of book series, with special form describes recent advances in ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery in 2010, the annual publication of a book, has published 6 years to form a good brand image, by the otolaryngology doctors welcome. 2.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of oral disease and nursing

    "Provide the diagnosis and treatment for common diseases in Department of Stomatology and perfect preparation treatment and nursing of oral diseases," for the purpose of physicians in primary hospital, will enable physicians to quickly master the diagnosis, this kind of disease and treatment measures. Therefore, "the main target readers" oral disease treatment and nursing for oral study in primary hospital,

  • Chinese guidelines for diagnosis and management of cognitive impairment and dementia

    "Guide" Chinese in diagnosis and treatment of cognitive impairment and dementia, this guide to home and abroad recent evidence-based research results as the basis, the expert group has referred to the recently published dementia related clinical research, a comprehensive analysis and system, as well as other evidence based medicine guidelines such as: 2007 and 2010 European nerve,

  • Common oral diseases knowledge quiz

    "Common oral diseases knowledge question and answer" the main contents include: the oral cavity is an important part of the human body can not be separated, oral health and general health, oral health condition is a mirror that reflects the health and life quality. Oral health make people not only can fully chew. Enjoy the delicious food, to provide the body,

  • English Chinese Oncology vocabulary

    "The main content of English and Chinese words:" today's Oncology tumor disease has become common disease, frequently occurring in humans, and there is a rising trend, great harm to people's health, threatening the lives of people. In recent years, the domestic in the disease prevention and control work has made great progress, the future still need to make greater efforts, to achieve more,

  • Diagnosis and arthroscopic treatment of common diseases of Sports Medicine

    "Common disease" diagnosis and arthroscopic treatment of sports medicine, prepared jointly by the work in arthroscopic surgery clinical front-line young scholars, main content involves all six joints, are the first hand data of their many years of practice experience and clinical basis, and strive to use intraoperative photographs form objective, image of science,

  • Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases Training Manual

    Because of the complexity of STD prevalence, relates to a biological, social and economic, psychological, behavioral and other factors, determines the diversity and the means of STD surveillance method. Not a monitoring method is perfect, so there was no a monitoring method can fully interpret STD epidemic situation, requires the application of various monitoring methods complement each other,

  • Pathology of experimental and theoretical outline

    "Pathology" theoretical and experimental program is made up of seventeen chapters. The first chapter briefly introduces the pathology research and experiment and the study method of the general rules and matters needing attention, is a research and Study on pathology, especially on general experimental methods pathological explanation, infer other things from one fact, promoting effect of. The second chapter to the seventeenth chapter,

  • Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases Training Manual

    The formulation and management of prevention and control planning is an important part of prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, but in many areas of planning and management is still lack of relevant knowledge, and lack of teaching materials in the training of the staff. Therefore, some domestic experts in the full review, based on the literatures home and abroad, the needle,

  • Department of Dermatology disease prevention effect.

    "The Department of Dermatology disease prevention effect party": Chinese widely spread folk recipe, recipe, recipe, is the treasure of Chinese traditional medicine, is the crystallization of the previous successful experience, occupies an important position in traditional Chinese medicine. Shi Shuda prepared by the "Department of Dermatology disease prevention effect party" to "Chinese folk secret recipe large test,

  • And the common skin disease prevention and control

    "And the common skin disease prevention and control" is divided into twenty-two chapters, introduces 166 kinds of common skin disease, and symptoms, differential diagnosis, treatment and medication principle knowledge, color pictures with related diseases are explained, illustrated, scientific and practical, suitable for primary care physicians and hand foot skin disease patients to read reference. ,

  • Sleep and sleep disorders

    "The main content of sleep and sleep disorders": sleep is a kind of process? Adult need every day how much sleep? What good quality sleep? Dream will affect the quality of sleep? Why to sleep will slobber? Cause of the common psychological cause insomnia have what?...... "Sleep and sleep disorders" by theories and asked,

  • Department of Stomatology Nursing Handbook

    "Manual" is "one of the Department of Stomatology nursing clinical nursing guide series", a total of 18 chapters, including anatomy, oral application of prevention and nursing care, including clinical nursing clinical common and frequently occurring disease, and according to the characteristics of oral outpatient nursing, detailed introduces the stomatological nursing operation technique and the clinical,

  • Dermatology

    "Skin" is divided into basic and clinical two article, on the basis of the basic theory of human skin as the main content, from a new angle of view about skin in anatomy, histology, immunology, biochemistry, physiology, medicine and skin health and beauty, and other aspects of the characteristics and laws. The theory and clinical practice,

  • 2010 China cancer registration report

    "2010 China cancer registration report" has become a major public health problem in China, comprehensive, accurate and timely information population the incidence and mortality of malignant tumors and its related factors is the basis for cancer prevention and control work. In order to speed up the promotion of China's cancer registration, in 2002 the Ministry of Health ordered by the China,

  • The utility of oral immunology and technology

    "A practical introduction to oral immunology and technology" the main content: the oral cavity is the human digestive tract origin, is an open environment. Not only is often subject to foreign antigen invasion, at the same time a variety of symbiotic bacteria in the oral cavity, are antagonistic to each other, use each other, constitute a complex dynamic equilibrium, oral micro ecology. In this special,

  • China celebrity biography (3 volumes)

    Doctor of Psychology (the three volume graphic version), ISBN:9787545108446, author: Li Nan,

  • To be a qualified optometry staff / farmers' practical knowledge

    To be a qualified optometry member, ISBN:9787509516362, author: Lin Wu,

  • Psychiatric Nursing Handbook

    "Psychiatric Nursing Handbook" as "one of the clinical nursing guide series", is divided into two chapters, the first chapter introduces the basic knowledge of psychiatric nursing, clinical nursing of the common diseases of second mainly introduces psychiatric. "Psychiatric Nursing Handbook" in structure system to diseases, common nursing assessment, the common clinical symptoms,

  • Learning guidance and problem sets based diagnostics

    "Chinese Medicine College Textbooks: learning and problem sets based diagnostics (Second Edition) (for traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage traumatology and other professional use)" is a subject of basic knowledge, the diagnosis of basic theory and basic skills, is basic medicine and clinical medicine contact bridge course, in medicine,

  • Cancer and diseases prevention effect.

    "Tumor and diseases prevention effect." Introduction: China widely spread folk recipe, recipe, recipe, is the treasure of Chinese traditional medicine, is the crystallization of the previous successful experience, occupies an important position in traditional Chinese medicine. Shi Shuda wrote "tumor and diseases prevention effect party" for "Chinese folk secret recipe large test,

  • Abdominal surgical treatment of tumor cases discussed selection

    "Abdominal surgical treatment of tumor cases discussed typical real cases selected" featured yikeyuan Tumor Hospital, expert review and discussion of the results, complete the disease or the disease from diagnosis to the full course of treatment. The book tries to process records comprehensive round, let the reader more intuitive grasp of common abdominal tumor surgery,

  • Nervous and mental diseases

    "Mental illness" is "community doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in one of the standard of diagnosis and treatment", the contents of the book of common diseases of nervous and psychiatric concept, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment of Chinese and Western medicine rules are described; the book is divided into 19 chapters, respectively is the brain nerve disease, spinal nerve, spinal disease, cerebrovascular disease disease,

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