Rehabilitation medical record analysis

Date of publication:2006-2   Press: Science Press   Author:Wang Fugen  

"Rehabilitation case analysis" author screening after more than a year and finishing, selected 50 cases, from the perspective of clinical rehabilitation, the common disease, nerve functional rehabilitation of joint and soft tissue in the symptoms analysis, and put forward the key points and ideas and are fully discussed, therapeutic mechanism. Not only to teach knowledge, but also teach people to approach, so that readers benefit from, inspiration.
rehabilitation medical record analysis includes: ① difficult pain: a case study of human soft tissue pain, or head and neck back arm pain disease, lumbosacral pain disease and limb and joint pain disease, accounting for about 50% of human disease. Can behave for internal medicine and 50 kinds of similar signs, easily confused, the need for identification. In the case of diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disease.
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