Practical Handbook of physical therapy

Date of publication:2001-4   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Nan Dengkun   Pages:809   Words:570000  

This book the author long-term physical therapy research achievements of basic theory and clinical practice experience, comprehensively and systematically introduces the general physical therapy, exercise therapy, enhance flexibility training, enhance the muscle strength, endurance and strength training, strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory function training, promoting neural development technology, development coordination and balance training, gait analysis and training, as well as the DC electric, low-frequency, high-frequency electric, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, ultrasonic, heat, freezing, water, magnetic field, massage and massage, spinal traction therapy equipment, operation technique, indications, contraindications, pay attention to examples and clinical application of matters, and equipped with a large number of illustrations. Readers: physical therapy professional physicians and therapists, graduate students, medical students and clinic physicians.
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The first chapter second chapter third chapter exercise treatment enhanced flexibility training -- pull the fourth chapter to enhance muscle strength, endurance and strength training, the fifth chapter enhanced cardiovascular, respiratory function training in the sixth chapter, the seventh chapter promotes neural development technology development coordination and balance training in the eighth chapter, the ninth chapter gait analysis and training of direct current therapy tenth chapter drugs iontophoresis chapter eleventh low frequency electrotherapy electrotherapy twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter from the frequency electric therapy fourteenth chapter infrared therapy fifteenth chapter ultraviolet therapy sixteenth chapter visible light therapy in seventeenth chapter, eighteenth chapter of ultrasonic therapy laser therapy nineteenth chapter heat therapy twentieth chapter cryotherapy twenty-first chapter water therapy twenty-second chapter twenty-third chapter magnetic therapy massage and massage therapy the twenty-fourth chapter twenty-fifth chapter spinal traction therapy and conventional electric diagnosis appendix commonly used treatment area and reflection area
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  •   If you are a rehabilitation physician is undoubtedly a good book

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