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Date of publication:2005-9   Press: Science Press Limited liability company   Author:Wei Baosheng  

"Notes" content introduction diagnostics: medical notes series is leading Ding examination and counseling high study group learning medical model - "module homing" and review test methods -- "two point three step" continuation and sublimation. The spirit of "youth can not dream, life can not be no fun; learning without method, can't no wisdom" purpose, looking for fun from boredom, in daily extract, to the examination carried high, mining rules from the scattered, with growing success, loneliness has outstanding, for your help a helping hand in a medical way!
"diagnostics notes" medical notes series 1, structure summarized as "three columns and four box": the writing on the blackboard and teaching bar: strict and national planning materials supporting, save time, concentration of lectures and efficiency; the vocabulary and explanation: take the bar the trick of various vocabulary, grasp the medical professional vocabulary, improve competition strength; the test and study section of the bar: adopt famous medical schools and medical comprehensive examination examination Zhenti, effectively guide Kaoyan direction; the kit wonderful "record" box: through interesting verse, no gel head limericks and jingle, clever and quick memory boring knowledge; the relaxed time frame: selected foreign jokes, activation of paralysis and dreary nerve; the mnemonic chart frame: concentrated essence, make the teaching material thinning But not the missing knowledge, discard the dross and select the essential, to simplify the Caprice; experience frame: for your private space, learn to think, really put book knowledge into their own knowledge.
"diagnosis" is the essential book notes, vocational college students professional knowledge learning, memory and test, but also can be used as medical college teachers preparing lessons and teaching reference book.
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