Clinical differential diagnosis

Date of publication:2000-9-1   Press: Jiangsu science and technology   Author:Qian Haixin   Pages´╝Ü904  
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of acute abdominal pain.
second chapter chronic abdominal pain abdominal injury.
third chapter
fourth chapter hematemesis and melena hematochezia

fifth chapter sixth chapter jaundice
seventh chapter neck mass
Chapter eighth breast masses
ninth chapter abdominal mass
tenth chapter eleventh chapter dyspnea chest pain

thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter headache cough

fifteenth chapter of traumatic brain injury.
sixteenth chapter paralysis
seventeenth chapter eyesight obstacle
eighteenth chapter hearing impairment.
nineteenth chapter walking instability

twenty-first chapter twentieth chapter hematuria, abnormal urine
twenty-second chapter abnormal urine
the twenty-third chapter of urinary tumor and pain
twenty-fourth chapter bone destruction.
twenty-fifth chapter limb pain.
twenty-sixth chapter multiple pain
twenty-seventh chapter lumbocrural pain of neck and shoulder pain.
twenty-eighth chapter
twenty-ninth chapter spinal deformity limb deformities.
thirtieth chapter
disease index
the main references
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