• Health assessment

    Health assessment, this book describes the methods, health evaluation health information and nursing diagnosis, common symptom assessment, physical assessment, psychological and social evaluation, functional health pattern evaluation, clinical laboratory examination, electrocardiogram examination, imaging examination and nursing records etc.. ,

  • Emergency department info

    The book is divided into symptoms, disease and drug Info Info Info three. Respectively introduced the etiology, clinical symptoms of 21 emergency diagnosis, therapy; 241 kinds of diseases and acute clinical symptoms, signs, auxiliary examination, treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine method, the cure standard; usage, dosage of 40 kinds of emergency medicine,

  • Modern clinical blood gas analysis

    "Analysis" of modern clinical blood gas reference at home and abroad the latest developments, combined with the author in the arterial blood gas and acid-base fields of research and application experience, is divided into two parts altogether thirty-one chapters, comprehensively, systematically expounded the basic theory and clinical analysis of arterial blood gas and acid-base imbalance should be used, including the analysis of arterial blood gas and acid-base balance almost,

  • Clinical cardiac Department of internal medicine, new theory and new technology

    The book is divided into disease, diagnosis, drug therapy and interventional treatment of four parts. Content: primary hypertension, chronic heart failure, adult congenital heart disease. ,

  • Peptic ulcer healing / diseases diagnosis from a series of diagnosis.

    This book discusses the forming reasons, peptic ulcer, self diagnosis and self treatment method, the content easy to understand, is convenient for the patient selection drug choice. This book reflects the current status and progress in the treatment of peptic ulcer, sex, practicality in one section, can be used as peptic ulcer patients self,

  • Analysis on Misdiagnosis of 60 cases clinical thinking

    The author has long been engaged in the clinical medical treatment, teaching and scientific research, case diagnosis and treatment experience through as a case, by induction, deduction, analogy, comprehensive elimination method, and gradually establish a correct diagnosis, help young doctors gradually develop a correct clinical thinking habits. Analysis of 60 misdiagnosed cases, and,

  • Occupational therapy

    Theory and practice of rehabilitation, book reference USA Occupational Therapy Journal (AJOT), Canadian Occupational Therapy Journal (CJOT), occupational therapy monographs American, Britain, Canada and other countries more authoritative, and literature related occupational therapy, both history and mission in progress. The book is divided into four parts, part,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of pain

    This book is a suitable for clinical physicians especially senior reference book pain physician. The book consists of 4 articles. The first chapter introduces the development history and the task of pain diagnosis and treatment at home and abroad, also introduces the new theory, new technologies related to the diagnosis and treatment of pain. Construction and management of Department of pain and in pain clinic heavy,

  • Clinical Medical Molecular Microbiology

    This book consists of 4 articles in 50 chapters, mainly from the molecular details various clinical characteristics, pathogenesis of pathogenic bacteria, and the application of molecular medicine inspection, identification of bacteria, typing, diagnosis and other biological methods and related immunological methods, and illustrates some of the prevention and treatment of bacterial infection,

  • Anatomy and physiology related to learn massage

    For the system to learn massage treatment of personnel, knowledge was indispensable related anatomy and physiology, these basic knowledge to improve their theoretical level and clinical practice ability. The book is for learning massage therapy students and practitioners and write. Hierarchical structure of book knowledge clearly, step by step,

  • Question of modern clinical treatment of hyperbaric oxygen

    With the progress of medicine, hyperbaric oxygen medicine in recent years have made great development. In such as emergency medicine, geriatrics, and children, nerve, facial features, occupation disease medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been widely used, and achieved satisfactory effect, some even is the only treatment. For the majority of,

  • Clinical diagnosis basis and transfusion prescriptions

    Clinical diagnosis basis and transfusion prescriptions, edited by Li Hansheng, Zhengzhou University press,

  • Head gamma knife therapy

    Non invasive treatment and a variety of intracranial tumor stereotactic radiotherapy department of neurosurgery in the world has been widely used in functional brain disease, Parkinson's disease and pain. In our country, the development and production of rotating gamma knife with independent intellectual property rights of the start to be applied in domestic clinical treatment of brain disease in 1996, 8,

  • Difficult pathological diagnosis.

    This book is from 1978 to 1998 20 years to pathology in Guangzhou read a meeting materials as the foundation, coupled with the editor units difficult or unusual case, selected collection difficult pathology in 500 cases of dedication to the vast number of pathological workers. The book collection of the most of the cases are atypical cases of a disease, or a,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of epidemic hemorrhagic fever

    The book is a book about the diagnosis and treatment of epidemic hemorrhagic fever monograph. The book is divided into 6 chapters, the 43 chapter, 80 more than word, the epidemic hemorrhagic fever in etiology, epidemiology, and expatiated on the pathogenesis, the clinical manifestation, pathological changes, complication, diagnosis and treatment. A large income,

  • Clinical study of shock

    This book is a monograph about clinical shock. The book is divided in general, each about drugs article consists of three parts, the general overview of the causes, classification, pathology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment principle, as well as the mechanism of severe clinical manifestations and prevention. The theory describes the etiology and treatment of various types of shock. Drug report,

  • The village doctor Handbook

    With the progress of human society, the development of science and technology, especially the cis position change of spectral change of medical model and new disease, making the rural medical and health work is facing new challenges. How to expand the horizons of knowledge in rural medical staff, improve the technical level, standardize the medical behavior, do everything possible to meet the rural society medicine,

  • The Oxford Handbook of clinical intensive care

    The favored Oxford clinical intensive care manual version of the issue, provides an ideal reference book for senior doctors, young doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, its the best clinical practice to refine, concise, focuses on the clinical way, covering a variety of treatment, monitoring equipment, drugs and liquid,

  • Clinical pain treatment technology

    This book in the form of special topic focuses on the treatment of clinical pain treatment technology and common pain diseases, content involves the analgesia after operation therapy, painless childbirth, painless artificial abortion, painless endoscopy, burn and trauma pain treatment, patient self controlled analgesia acute pain management techniques, and,

  • Common disease diagnostic manual.

    Common disease diagnostic manual (beauty), Watson (Wasson, J.H.), translated by Wang Qibing, Shanghai science and technology press,

  • Clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor.

    One of the Chinese Medical Association commissioned oncology branch organizing the compilation, approval of the clinical guide book series. The book by the Chinese Medical Association Society of oncology and Chinese Anticancer Association experts work together to write a. The book consists of twelve chapters, introduces in detail the esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, colorectal and other gastrointestinal,

  • Department of cardiovascular disease characteristic therapy

    Etiology, pathology and syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine book gives a brief overview of the cardiovascular department of clinical common 13 kinds of difficult diseases; introduced the comprehensive therapy of these 13 diseases, a variety of acupuncture therapy, moxibustion therapy, acupoint injection, acupuncture, acupoint buried cutting therapy, cupping, scraping, massage, qigong and traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment characteristics,

  • Modern diagnostic pathology

    "Modern diagnostic pathology" is a new programming system diagnostic pathology reference books, twenty book chapters, 130 more than word. The book to the table formatting features, a variety of table 558, several related diseases in the arrangement of the same table, the differential diagnosis of stick out a mile; the book is divided into two parts, including a full,

  • Guide to common clinical symptoms

    Guide to common clinical symptoms (English Chinese), Liu Guoyuan, Shanghai science and technology press,

  • Clinical application of plasma and plasma protein products

    "" clinical application of plasma and plasma protein products comprehensively, systematically narrates that the currently used clinically in plasma and plasma protein products, and its clinical application. Especially their application in critical patients, adverse reactions, and plasma, plasma protein products safety, virus inactivation, future prospects etc.,

  • Modern hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

    Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is almost half a century significant progress in bed medical field, with the related basic medicine (such as immunology, genetics, Molecular Biology) continued in-depth research and development, embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and tissue stem cells is to understand the basic rules of the origin of life,,

  • Handbook of clinical practice physician

    When the community medicine has gradually become a part of medical education at the same time, hospitalization medical students and teachers are becoming increasingly aware of their needs a good tool to treating patients outside the hospital. In order to meet the above, and the resident outside the hospital diagnosis and treatment to provide certain help, Boston and MIT Bermingham School of Medicine (BWH) all teaching,

  • Liver transplantation with magnetic resonance

    "Liver transplantation with magnetic resonance (MRI) in diagnosis of" collected a total of 120 patients with pathologically confirmed cases, a total of more than 1000 images, covering from the normal MRI liver and abdominal vascular anatomy to cirrhosis and liver cancer liver transplant MRI diagnosis and postoperative complications, rich in content, clear image,

  • The basic technique of clinical diagnosis

    The book is divided into eight chapters, including the introduction, digestion, respiratory, cardiovascular, genitourinary, blood, nerves and other system. The seven part of a basic technical operation according to the basic concept, indications, contraindications, preoperative preparation, operation method, postoperative treatment, complications and treatment, clinical significance of writing, the content ratio,

  • The foundation of rehabilitation medicine

    The foundation of rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation medicine "(Revised Edition)" training materials of Ministry of education, skills training resources. "Basic rehabilitation medicine (Revised Edition)" based on the latest data and the rich teaching experience, from the reality of rehabilitation medicine in China, highlighting the higher nursing occupation technology education professional training objectives,

  • Integrated treatment of anxiety

    This book is one of the practical treatment series of best-selling, it created a set of treatment scheme for the treatment of anxiety, not only for your treatment provides a convenient, save your time and keep writing free space for you, but will you for young adult, children, and other groups design through practice,

  • Practical Handbook of clinical guidelines

    "Clinical Guidelines Manual" highlights the following features: at present, there is no systematic introduction of books on clinical guidelines for the development and use of knowledge, we try to fill this gap in domestic clinical guidelines "to" Practical Handbook published; for the development and use of guidelines, in the domestic first published clinical,

  • GP single symptom of single disease diagnostics

    This book is a single symptom, diagnosis of single diseases reference book. The book consists of two chapters, including single symptom diagnosis, surgical diagnosis, diagnosis, Department of internal medicine gynecology diagnostics, paediatric diagnostics points, comprehensive, concise and comprehensive system, into the latest research results of domestic and foreign. The book unique form,,

  • Electrocardiography

    In recent years the development change rapidly, cardiac electrophysiology, named heart electrical knowledge in the field of explosive enlargement and accumulation, so that the traditional view has undergone a fundamental transformation. This kind of situation, clinicians and ECG workers must be larger range, in the heart electrical have certain depth of knowledge update, can,

  • Radiofrequency ablation of cardiac arrhythmia profiles

    "The first edition of arrhythmia radiofrequency ablation mapping" in 1994 published in September, the only more than 70 hospital to carry out radiofrequency catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias, number of total cases of operation for more than 4500 cases. After 8 years today, published in the second edition of this book on the occasion, radiofrequency ablation technology has made,

  • Imaging diagnosis of skull base

    This book a comprehensive description of the performance of skull base anatomy shadow advanced foundation, examination technique and normal cranial imaging, and describes the cranial fossa lesions, skull base lesions and adjacent organ invasion of skull base lesions and other aspects of the imaging manifestations, diagnosis of the origin and nature, to determine the exact extent of disease, for clinical provides,

  • The common clinical manifestations of laboratory diagnosis

    The book covers the general performance, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, hematopoietic system, reproductive system, endocrine and metabolic system and oral performance and other content, relates to 53 kinds of common clinical manifestations. This type of problem novel, concise form, comprehensive content, layout properly, so that readers read the news twice the result with half the effort. The book,

  • Through the depression of the river

    Through the depression of the river (South Korea), Jin Huinan, Li Yuanquan, Tianjin Education press,

  • Clinical guide to laboratory diagnosis

    "Guidelines" is "one of the clinicians and laboratory diagnosis series". The content includes the clinical hematology examination and other examination, clinical chemistry examination, inspection, examination of clinical microbiology, clinical immunology and gene diagnosis technology and its application in clinical diagnosis, laboratory quality assurance, laboratory information system and,

  • Critical care medicine

    Critical care medicine is a new subject of modern medicine. With the development of medical theory and the improvement of science and technology, critical care medicine has been vigorous development, at the same time also exposes students to the critical care medicine professional knowledge poor. The book organization perennial work in clinic and has served as the teaching,

  • Epilepsy syndrome

    "Epilepsy syndrome" publishing aims to medical workers provide a part of data accurate and reliable, to the majority of patients to provide an effective remedy part of the treatment, to promote research and treatment of epilepsy. Every patient with epilepsy, such as to provide the material in the book are carefully analyzed, can root,

  • Analysis of imaging diagnosis of difficult cases

    Difficult cases in other books due to limited space to expand, book editors through nearly 5 years of time to collect, sort out the image data, the difficult cases to verify pathology or other scientific methods of 187 cases, respectively, to clinical data, imaging, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, operation records and pathology, discussion,

  • Common diseases drug of choice strategy

    According to the practice and experience of many years of clinical work, summarizes the treatment of common diseases of some of the preferred medication experience, identify each individual responses to drugs, determine the preferred drug according to the theory, therapy is safe and effective, economic, scientific, reasonable, realize the principle of medication safety. The book is divided into 7,

  • Rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis treatment

    This book is "all diseases diagnosis autotherapy series" in the Department of rheumatoid arthritis patients, develop self's book, which reflects the current domestic rheumatoid arthritis treatment status and progress, is suitable for the patient and family selection, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with clinical, research and teaching staff, diet, food specialist,

  • Clinical cryosurgical therapy

    Clinical therapeutics "frozen" consists of twenty chapters, systematically introduces the principle, method and technology of clinical cryosurgery, relates to knowledge based theory, clinical practice, research progress and anesthesia, nursing, equipment and other related professional, freezing treatment in the Department of ENT, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Stomatology, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery,

  • Manual of diagnostic treatment of pain

    The book is divided into three parts,. Part one is the thread,

  • Basic and clinical shock

    "Basic and clinical" shock content abstract: shock is a common clinical syndrome group, relates to clinical departments, but the current domestic related monographs are rare. Basic and clinical "shock" a total of 21 chapters, including the introduction of shock, stress and shock, microcirculation and blood coagulation dysfunction and shock, shock, inflammation,

  • The utility of anti infection therapy

    The book is divided into application pandect, clinical three part, and mainly in the content fully reflects the new progress in this field in recent years. The basic knowledge of clinical application of anti flu drug related and basic principles in the first section, the content relates to the clinical microbiology, clinical pharmacology and clinical application of principles, including the pharmacodynamics, drug,

  • The utility of rabbit disease clinical pathologic identification

    "The rabbit disease clinical pathologic identification" according to different clinical manifestations of rabbit disease, digestive, respiratory abnormalities are abnormal, neurological disorders, skin abnormalities, genital abnormalities, abnormal movements, urinary abnormality, eye and ear diseases in eight chapter. The book introduces 100 rabbit diseases, each disease pathogenesis, clinical symptoms are listed, pathological changes,

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