Zheng Kuishan

Date of publication:2009-2   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Zhang Wenkang  

The motherland medicine has a long history. In Qihuang medicine Shennong, the beginning of Han Zhong; Jing Huatuo, the saint medicine also. In the history of Chinese medicine development, clinical masters come forth in large numbers, to promote the rapid development of the motherland medicine. Chinese press of traditional Chinese medicine for the implementation of the Ministry of health and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine on inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine, inheritance is not imitation, develop without Zong spirit, after the completion of the Ming and Qing Dynasties famous book "basis as" published, and organised the "China 100 years clinical home series", in order to reflect the modern in twentieth Century, especially the history of the development of traditional Chinese medicine for 50 years. We invite the Minister of health Zhang Wenkang as editor in chief of this series, director of vice minister of Ministry of health and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine of Comrade Yu Jing, deputy director of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine Li Zhenji was appointed deputy chief editor, they all agreed, and personally organized hundreds of traditional Chinese medicine experts to collate. After several years of hard work, finally in early twenty-first Century to formally ask type. As the name implies, "China 100 years in clinical medicine" is to summarize in the past l00 years, traditional Chinese medicine has made great contributions to clinical medical workers, have rich experience masses loved, carry forward their cause, make them excellent medical experience be handed down from age to age. 100 years of reincarnation, the turn of the century. Today, we are again at the top, looking back on the history, summarize the experience, in order to better development, faster innovation, so that Chinese medicine this great treasure forever inexhaustible, be inexhaustible, to better serve the people, serve in the future.
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Doctors on the treatment of common diseases in a special disease differentiation, colds, bronchitis, two pins three, four, five bronchial asthma acute gastroenteritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastroptosis, cholecystitis, six seven, eight nine, dysentery, acute appendicitis ten diabetes eleven, neurasthenia, hysteria, twelve thirteen fourteen epilepsy, cerebral vascular accident fifteen in sixteen, cerebral vascular accident hemiplegia, facial palsy in seventeen, multiple nerve root inflammation eighteen, infantile paralysis, nineteen infectious polyneuritis in twenty, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three sciatica, lumbar muscle strain twenty-four, periarthritis of shoulder twenty-five, simple goiter twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, tenosynovitis of ganglion cyst (traumatic swelling of soft tissue injury), twenty-nine tuberculosis of cervical lymph nodes thirty, thirty-one acute lymphangitis, acute tonsillitis, mumps, thirty-two thirty-three, thirty-four children with dystrophy, amenorrhea Thirty-five, whooping cough, acute conjunctivitis, thirty-six thirty-seven thirty-eight myopia, retinal hemorrhage in thirty-nine, optic nerve atrophy in forty, inner ear vertigo in forty-one, toxic deafness forty-two, rhinitis, forty-three common pediatric disease, Department of Ophthalmology, forty-four common diseases forty-five, qigong acupuncture for treatment of myopia and amblyopia, "eight law" clinical application...... Attached: Zheng's family: family of the diagnosis technique of more than the chronicle
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