Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine integration view

Date of publication:2006-12   Press: Shaanxi science and Technology Press   Author:Li Tongxian, Li Yuecai   Pages:420   Words:640000  

"Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine integration view" the dialectical materialist point of view, the human desires indulgence has caused a lot of bad behavior, bad behavior influence character by environment to the transformation of the structure and function of human organs, causing disease, so the author proposes controlling desire to prevent disease, keep healthy, and regulating human behavior, the transformation of mankind their.
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The first chapter on medical control of desire, transformation of human own desire and disease, metabolic syndrome (a) (two) spirit syndrome (three) syndrome (four) and other (five) controlling desire, disease prevention, two desires lead to corruption and the ecological crisis of (a) desires lead to corruption "(two) desires lead to excessive consumption and waste of resources three, ethics, ideal to desire specification (a) wants and needs (two) (three) of desire and instinct desire and ideal (four) occurred with the development of desire and morality, four (a) desire to generate abstract thinking and language (two) the historical process of the formation of sexual desire (three) the history of the development of the second chapter of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine integration philosophy, with a China European social time difference (a) Western European history (two) Chinese historical evolution (three) origin Chinese and European society two, China triangle theory three, from the development of history look at the philosophy of fusion, the fusion of religion and Philosophy (a) fusion of eastern and Western Philosophy (two) fusion four, modern science and modern medicine, philosophy and religion (a). In the era of division (two) about the Science (ERA) division (three) divided into five basic concepts, modern medicine medical age (a) definition of Medicine (two) nature of the subject and object of study medicine (three) disease and its related concepts, six incommensurable and fusion of unification (a) "can not be origin commensurability" (two) "incommensurable" concept (three) in physics incommensurable and integration of (four) of Philosophy (five) not commensurability and fusion on the unity of seven, reference system and theory, a new infection and fever certificate state system and naming rules (a) classification of diseases (two) infection fever certificate state classification (three) disease state certificate naming rules for the infection state of first chapter Zhengqi a defense mechanism theory the second chapter evil one etiology third chapter evil trend pathological process on the fourth chapter of the the first chapter Weifen, solar heating table card a prodromal syndrome state chapter second gas, Yang Ming, a typical period for Shaoyang state third chapter camp blood a MODS card state fourth chapter heat is not net, Yin a recovery period, chronic period syndrome with 1 cases report of 2 card State system of "human avian influenza program (2005 Edition)"
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