The effectiveness of male disease cure

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Traditional Chinese medicine has been recognized by people, mainly because of its therapeutic effect. The physical differences between patients with the same disease, can exhibit different syndromes, treatment according to the different circumstances of different treatment, which will produce the diversity of the clinical treatment of Chinese medicine. The same disease, there are many methods of treatment. This book has been selected in recent years clinical medicine in the treatment of disease of the latest recipe. Medical reference book, can know the latest academic development; patients see, can press book Suo Ji, find a suitable therapy. Method for treatment of this book are recorded by clinical evidence and curative effect, and is suitable for clinical application. Because the traditional Chinese medicine is highly professional, please be sure to professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of the use of herbs in this book, especially the drug use of certain toxic side effects (such as monkshood Aconitum, monkshood, etc.) must be careful.
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A, 1 soup 2 Da Yu Chun Yang impotence Decoction of 3 mild Litong Yang million 4 Turtle deer kidney soup 5 Guilu hippocampal soup 6 Polygonum powder 7 hechedazao pill 8 Huanglian Ejiao Decoction of 9 modifiedchaihushuganpowder 10 hypoglycemic confused drink soup 12 11 Wei Yang anti flaccidity divergence of 13 strong kidney Yijing 14 removing flaccidity vibration soup 15 three purple flaccidity vibration soup 16 ginseng to three seven soup 17 Shugan Jieyu Decoction soothing the liver Yang liver powder for 18 19 Xing Yang soup 20 double fill four inverse scattered flavored Siwu Decoction 21 22 four inverse scattered eight Ingredient Rehmannia Decoction 23 tiaogan Yishen Decoction Decoction of Warming Yang Tu Bai six five 25 24 Tongluo Decoction 26 five sub Erxian Decoction 27 spider crickets pill 28 Xing Yang cream 29 zanyudan '30 Zhenxiong soup 31 Yin Xing Yang soup two, 1 eight and 2 premature ejaculation is scattered distraction Qinggan Decoction 3 Gujing Decoction 4 Gujing loach soup 5 Cherokee rose soup 6 semen Ziziphi Spinosae decoction. Shoot 7 plus and minus 8 Xiao remote Gujing Decoction 9 acupoint catgut embedding therapy combined with traditional Chinese Medicine Topical 10 Zhenganxifeng Decoction 11 Zishen Gujing Decoction three, seminal emission 1 eight sub Huangqi Decoction 2 Bixie fenqing drink flavored 3 complex million gallnut powder 4 solid spirit pill 5 modified Four Wonderful Decoction 6 gentian Lily soup 7 six five Yin Zong Tang 8 Mi Jing Jian 9 Ningxin Gujing Decoction of 10. Heart stop left soup 11 semen soup 12 Zhibai Dihuang Decoction four, do not ejaculate 1 kidney Tongjing drowned 2 Bushen Tongqiao Decoction 3 modifiedchaihushuganpowder 4 Huoxue Tongjing Decoction of 5 four inverse scattered flavored 6 Jieyu Tongjing Decoction and Tongguan Decoction 7 8 Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill bug Tongjing Decoction Jiawei 9 three 10 ejaculation soup 11 shot avoidance tablets 12 liver clearance soup 13 four inverse scattered flavored 14 Tongjing Decoction of 15 clearance spermiation soup 16 Tongguan Decoction 17 Xieli Tongjing Decoction of 18 Qi clearance ejaculation soup 19 Yishen Kaiqiao Tongjing Decoction of 20 jade 茎启 Guan Yin 21 Zishui Qinggan Decoction Jiawei five, no refined disease 1 kidney spermatogenic soup 2 two deer Shengjing pill 3 Fu Kun help Kan soup 4 Huoxue Huayu Tongluo Decoction 5 spermatogenic Tongguan Decoction 6 four Jun Shengjing Decoction 7 Xing Yang spermatogenic Dan 8 Yiqi Bushen Huayu Decoction of six, 1 An Jing Tang 2 hemospermia Dabuyinwan supplemented 3 two to Huanglian Xiexin Decoction 4 Zhibai Dihuang Decoction 5 Lixue Decoction 6 Liangxue Huoxue Decoction 7 Ning Jing Yin 8 Ning blood Ann Jing Tang 9 madder root powder in 10 liver hemostasis Decoction of 11 Qing Jing Tang 12 heat and wet soup 13 Qingreliangxue Decoction of 14 purifying Kidney Decoction 15 Shaofuzhuyu Decoction 16 Pyrrosia Rehmanniae decoction...... Seven, eight dead sperm, sperm motility, nine anti sperm antibody was positive in ten, semen liquefaction, orchitis, epididymitis in eleven twelve, thirteen fourteen varicocele testicular pain, scrotum eczema, fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, seventeen hydrocele of prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia in nineteen male climacteric syndrome in twenty, development of male breast twenty-one, genital herpes, condyloma acuminatum, twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four gonorrhea, syphilis
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