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Sun's medical, Hajime since the end of the Qing Dynasty, the ancestral v. To Sun Luchuan III, Sun Zhaozong IV, was medical reputation, from the people who travel. Sun Zhaozong, as the sun in the fourth generation from the worship of local medicine, acupuncture masters Su Zhaoyi as a teacher, as the transmission. Then G Shaoxing patrimony, graduated from the Shandong College of traditional Chinese medicine college. Engaged in clinical, teaching, research work for more than 50 years. The use of classical prescription, longer than the miscellaneous diseases. Author of "Sun Luchuan case", "classical", "the methodology of clinical record", "eight extra meridians syndrome differentiation theory" and "party" and other books Yilin allusions.
Catalogue of books

On the treatment of
"Zang Fu Tongzhi" the clinical significance of
talk "biochemical soup" evolution and play
is Dan Tang, clinical application of
semen Ziziphi Spinosae Decoction in treatment of midnight when the incidence of
eight flexible application method in the treatment of heart disease experience
warming spleen Decoction in the treatment of chronic colitis,. Chronic dysentery experience
San Sheng Wen Hai Tang in the treatment of postpartum fever, faintness, lochia, Beng Chong clinical experience using an
pregnancy Decoction for the treatment of vomiting, swollen, quickening uneasiness empirical
on elderly constipation treatment experience on
fumigation bath method of clinical application of
Application of heat clearing and detoxicating through the table method in treatment of urticaria empirical
Angelica ginger mutton soup treatment experience of four
using xuanqitang treatment eyebrow bone pain experience
Application "spleen liver softening method" for treating ascites due to cirrhosis experience
attached: ginger fish stew soup method
Stroke closed card application of eight methods of empirical
licorice Yisheng should not use fried fried
on "Treatise on the" acupuncture method
ginger, jujube and ginger in the summary of the applications of
the talk therapy with turbid disease clinical experience of application of
Zhizhu Decoction in the treatment of epigastric fullness hard pain Experience on
"hemilateral sweating, make the person under the guidance of" treatment and to explore the clinical application of
Caulis Spatholobi Decoction
the "sarcophagus" secret book "therapy" treatment of dysentery experience
talk Lingshu Yin Decoction
makes up the positive also five soup treatment of paralysis, flaccidity syndrome experience
medical case

hypochondriac pain and palpitation headache

cough dysentery edema
midnight son onset asthma

stagnation syndrome of diarrhea in rheumatic heart disease

stone menstrual disease causes
pregnancy disease
> leukorrhagia postpartum galactostasis /

tympanites with epigastric pain

Shilin dizziness insomnia
lung cancer
elderly constipation

hematochezia fullness had
cold product

nausea vomiting:

dysphagia epilepsy epilepsy syndrome

hysteria abdominal urticaria
medical words
包识生 on Guizhi Decoction after 14
Tiaowei Chengqi Decoction "little three" means
suffering Caudle, Rhizoma Pinelliae Decoction "little with pharyngeal".
wheat, barley porridge, porridge porridge juice not
food after how complex Sample treatment and nursing care of
Lao complex disease treatment and nursing care of
prescription drug wrings juice stains and Decoction against the clothes Miao
by "first time" and "not made before the" administration of justice
after taking the "upset" "take shape" treatment and nursing of
Guizhi aconite soup and cassia twig to Shao with Aconite Tang Zhi with different
words in classical prescriptions wine decocting method
Jane said that by "water boiled together method"
the bitter and bitter with water Tongzhu method
the classical prescription "to sediment fry" means
on secondary 景奇 therapy -- under the Blood Stasis Decoction
on liquor, wine, bitter drink, white, white, white honey, molten rubber, nano Yee, clinical applications of
on GaN LAN water, water, well water, Liao Hua water, water, ground water function and application of
the boil after the significance and method of
"Nanjing justice" on twenty-eight difficult Chong said
on Lily wash side view
the fumigant influence
the "silk wrapped into the cooking method"
decocting herb of
"age of our preparation, smell specialization"
herbs with SPG class used when there are different
on ginger with Aconite and dried ginger with Aconite function with different
picrorhiza rhizome Coptidis slightly different from
Suanzaoren but hepatobiliary home to the drug
Decoction with different amount, treatment is also different,
prescription Guizhi so-called "peeled" is the diffraction error
the licorice is baked baked licorice root
prescription of drugs "■ Ju"
Zhang Taiyan on Shaoyin disease of heart does not belong to renal
adenophorum pregnant sub soup
San Sheng Wen Hai Tang
an induced drinking party
"stop garden" on medical words Lao
carp for heat that pregnancy edema
Chen Shiduo "on dysentery pass under the law"
use "dysentery through therapy" treatment of severe diarrhea -
"six one" on the 2D medical disease with Changsha method
"medicine" on "dragon promise" from the "
Zheng Qinan Prince two fire solution"
"medical" on the two hexagrams solution from
". Experience in treatment of two cases of"
three debate the said
Zhang Zhicong on East West north south fill the vacuity diarrhea.
Zhang Zhicong on "Ginger" debate on
the fire cooking and long cooking method
sun 鲁川 Application small prescription six
excerpt (ancient) typhoid manuscripts treatment of
Zhang Jingyue on treating spleen and stomach disease (Festival Recorded)
sulfur for cold damp arthralgia and stomach vomit inverse
vinegar Phellodendron end and Gout Treated by
"You Yu Zhai medical words" on "seventy percent off brachial medicine does not III the medicine argue against"
"Friends of fishing Zhai medical words" theory "the seven emotions are subject to the heart"
"Friends of fishing Zhai medical words" on "the seven emotions always send by the heart"
Sun Yikui on "madness seizures debate" on the "drink water"

"medicine comprehended" theory "for yin deficiency" recipe "
" medicine "to bring the gold 镜录 penetration tongue differentiation black treatment
" Lu Fu no party "to the hot fire report said.
the case type
on medicine against the drug not III
six do not treat
Wu Zetian bowed to give Qin 鸣鹤
" on the outer "yellow, it is absurd.
" medicine "medicine penetration" pro "choose words
select" clinical guide "s experience of treating
Bian Que a. Wei Wenhou asked
interrogate to
medical history of Zhang Zhongjing
famous comment also can not cure the disease.
expand the love of the old
young people and the young
dialectical words" insomnia "recorded a
dialectical recorded words" forgetful "a
dialectical recorded words" hypochondriac pain "a
dialectical recorded words" palpitation "a
high 式国 on Mingmen, gas street
gas Street (air)
Jinyuan four medical home in
clear warm disease school four medical
on medical honorific name
tiger conservation Xinglin different
drug in

ephedra Guizhi

wind of Perilla frutescens SSP
notopterygium Duhuo, mulberry leaf, mulberry, mulberry
Mulberry, mulberry bark

chrysanthemum, mint mint leaves and stem of Pueraria

gypsum Rhizoma Anemarrhenae Rhizoma imperatae, Phragmites
Cortex Moutan, Bai Wei, Cortex Lycii Radicis, silver Bupleurum
wormwood, Artemisia annua Scutellaria, Coptis, Phellodendron

picrorhiza rhizome, honeysuckle, forsythia Coptis chinensis
puffball, Viola yedoensis, dandelion, radix sophorae tonkinensis, Belamcanda chinensis
purslane, Patrinia
Folium Isatidis, indigo, Radix aconite, cinnamon, ginger

ginger, dried ginger, baked ginger, ginger skin, ginger, cumin
Wu Zhuyu >

White Fructus Trichosanthis, Radix Peucedani before
almond, loquat leaf
tangerine peel, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae viride
Zhishi, Fructus aurantii, Radix Aucklandiae, Radix Linderae:

Kawa Ko, litchi Salvia
peach kernel, safflower
trigonous, Curcuma
Achyranthes root, Achyranthes root, Achyranthes aspera
frankincense, myrrh
Zelanje, motherwort
ageratum, Rhizoma Atractylodis, Magnolia officinalis
Jiao Shanzha, the Divine Comedy, stir fried malt, semen Raphani
Poria, Polyporus, Alisma, barley
Cha Maeko,
talc, Polygonum aviculare, Dianthus, Desmodium
semen Ziziphi Spinosae Bai Ziren, Radix Polygalae,
cinnabar, magnet
keel, oysters, mother of pearl,
Tianma Gouteng
silkworm, scorpion, centipede, earthworm
> rhubarb, mirabilite
hemp seed, Yu Li Ren
dogwood, Schisandra ootheca
, mume, myrobalan fruit
halloysite, limonite, nutmeg, cortex Fraxini.
ginseng, astragalus, Atractylodes macrocephala
yam, lentils,
morinda root, epimedium, Cistanche
eucommia, Gou Ji, Dipsacus
fresh rehmannia root, dried rehmannia root, prepared rehmannia root, angelica, Radix Polygoni Multiflori
> aspartame, Ophiopogon japonicus
tortoise plastron
hawksbill turtle,
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