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Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Wang Fuchun   Pages:349  
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The first part of the first chapter on the origin and development of the second chapter on concept and name, the concept of two acupoints, acupoints and Yin Yang and the five elements, the relationship between viscera main and collateral channels, acupoints, three named four classification of acupoints third chapter point location method, method of anatomical landmark two, "bone" discount amount method three, finger measurement positioning method, four simple points positioning method in Chapter fourth acupoints role, infusion of blood two, reflect the disease three, assist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of four chapter fifth indications of acupoints rule, indications of acupoints commonly two, indications of acupoints of the special nature of the sixth chapter specific acupoints the classification, five transport points two, Hara Anami, Luo point four, back Yu Xuewu, six, 穴七 front Mu points, eight points eight points, lower he point nine, the eight confluent points ten, seventh chapter fourteen intersection point meridians and acupoints, Ren two, Du three, Lu four, hand Shaoyin channel five, pericardium meridian of hand Yangming large intestine through the six, seven, small intestine meridian of hand eight, triple energizer meridian of Foot Yangming Meridian nine, ten, eleven of the bladder meridian of foot Taiyang, GB twelve, spleen meridian, kidney meridian ten thirteen Four, the liver meridian of foot Jueyin in Chapter eighth, chapter ninth extra meridian acupoint specificity of acupoints, the morphological structure of two, specificity of acupoints biophysical specificity three, acupoint pathological reaction specificity four, acupoint stimulation effect on the tenth chapter, the specific solution table eleventh chapter heat type the first section Qingre Xiehuo class A, class two, Qingxin heat clearing lung heat type three, clear liver gallbladder heat class four, class five, Qing Qing gastrointestinal heat the heat second day third festival of clearing heat and removing dampness Qingrejiedu Huatanzhike asthma twelfth chapter first festival second festival of relieving cough and asthma and thirteenth chapter Qi first section of pulmonary gas second section and third section of liver Qi Li temper...... The fourteenth chapter and blood type defecation class under the fifteenth chapter diuresis Shenshi sixteenth chapter Lishi Tuihuang seventeenth chapter Qufeng Tongluo class eighteenth chapter Pinggan Xifeng nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter twenty-first resuscitative and tonifying the twenty-second chapter chapter astringents chapter twenty-third and chapter twenty-fourth Tongzhiliqiao class class twenty-fifth chapter in the twenty-sixth chapter. @##@ diarrhea "On compilation (Second Edition)" is composed of two parts. Part one introduces basic knowledge points, such as the origin, development, concept of acupoints, naming, and focus on the localization of meridian and acupoint and acupuncture manipulation methods. The classification clarifies each acupoint point, indications, curing mechanism and application of appropriate reference, both ancient and modern literature, introduces and modern research. "On compilation (Second Edition)" detailed, Tu Vin Unionmaw, theory with practice, has a strong scientific and practical. For college students, especially in acupuncture students reading, can make its in consolidating the basic theory at the same time, broaden our horizons, increase ability, and can also be used for teaching of acupuncture and moxibustion, clinical practitioners and researchers.
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