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Date of publication:2009-11   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Sun Yikui   Pages:134  

Originated in ancient Huizhou Xin'an medicine, began in the song and Yuan Dynasties, the Ming and Qing Sheng, spread so far. In China traditional medicine, the obvious advantage of the region, schools strong colors, academic achievement is outstanding, far-reaching historical influence, is an important research field of traditional Chinese medicine. Xin'an corner, A remarkable place produces outstanding people., Xin'an medicine to many famous masters. According to the research, from Song Qiqing, found in the records of doctors in the Xin'an more than 800 people, which has influence on the medical history of more than 600 physicians. Two generations of Ming and Qing Dynasty is the heyday of Xin'an medicine, here for hundreds of years, talented people, famous occurred repeatedly, one in Xin'an has also been the contemporary Chinese community as the inoculation of famous TCM doctors "Silicon Valley". Many Xin'an physicians in the medical theory and clinical contribution. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Xin'an medicine theory originality and medication

"Xu Yu" author Sun Yikui medical purpose, word Wen Yuan, East Su, and students. Ming Jiajing, Wanli asked Anhui Xiuning. Young chengtingxun, Graduate School of Confucianism research, slightly longer, the eldest brother to visit Zhejiang Kuocang, an award in medicine and books, read and check, see more wonders. Carrier return after he has allowed after her Xuan Qi and various medical books, three years without heat, from Wang Ji disciple yellow 古潭 science. "Not to the venturi from AI", with the medical travel Mount Lu, three Wu, every thirty years, in case of director, that is to advice, disease much experience. In his later years of vibration in three wu. A "complete" Chishui xuanzhu (including "Chishui pearl", "Xuan", "Xu Yu medical purpose three Wu case") and "pox koan") handed down. "More than" two volume medical purpose Xu, Sun Yikui, the son of Tailai, friends to come to order. The book from basic theory to treatment, medicine, etc., 78 subjects were compiled and discussed. The "Tai Chi" the life, to the intangible words, the teacher says and advocated warming, flat about medical history length etc., have a certain influence on the inheritance, the development of tcm.
Author brief introduction

Wang Jian, born in 1956 in Anhui, Shexian Xin'an Wang medical family, is now the Xin'an medical research Dr. Dean of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor, tutor, director, Xin'an medical research center of Anhui Province, the first batch of the cross century academic and technology leaders, provincial innovation team leader. Inheritance and recognition and clinical application has long been engaged in research of Xin'an medicine, edited the "Xin'an Medical Books Series", "Xin'an medical examination", editor in chief of "essence", "in the Xin'an medical doctors in the Xin'an classic series", published a series of Xin'an medical research papers. Now he serves as the vice director of branch of China Association of Chinese medicine basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the long branch vice chairman, deputy director of research of TCM culture chairman.
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Upper diagram quote Tai Chi said not "easy" words "were not sufficient to life on the same person to ask the person can see the kidney and identified" justice "three focus on problems of Dong Yuan triplewarmer asked twelve soil, twelve through fire multi meaning asked sibling the palm of the hand viscera asked the five Jin Mu fire earth righteousness have envelope should ask for reservoir five row soil without fixed body send Wang each season eighteen diagnosis the enveloping lode meaning, He Changxia January soil and independent asked twelve viscera naming sememes breathing on diagnosis syndrome by fingering Zong Qi Ying Qi Wei Qi dysentery and stagnation in the lower resolution dysphagia who recognize the four clock says asking typhoid Guizhi Decoction with Guizhi said depressed hypochondrium pain on sputum born of body fluid, spleen dampness, also due to fire, false, due to the gas, due to the food, and the two Chen Junli's agent, can not take can cough asthma on sweat can not be pure blood, when the gas is ready on five Yu on hematemesis on hemoptysis on teeth bleed at the nose flutter fire article Dan Xi" fire "Bian diarrhea resolution heatstroke on wilting on madness seizures from epilepsy Ming mania...... Next
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Ask twelve viscera named Yi Sheng son: This sage number to the object and the name of it. According to the "Ya": heart, fiber also. The awareness of micro fiber, no matter not through the heart. "Zhiyan": heart, deep. For the king, God out of Yan, deep end arch, with fire the act. Lung, also. However, in the last, for the five internal organs of the canopy also. The cloud: lung, Bo, Bo Yu also said the gas. PI, PI, so the stomach for food, and may help between four dirty. And spleen of the earth, the sky and the ground, superiority and inferiority of righteousness. Kidney, god. God, wonderful things for the speaker, to the kidney, skills out of Yan, and for those who have everything. And kidney, Yin, kidney belongs to water, main lead water filling the veins also. Liver, dry also, Ki, like Kimie Mikiya, is like a general, thinking out of Yan, so the director also
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