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Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Academic Press   Author:Zheng Qinan   Pages:152  

Author: Zheng Qinan (Qing Dynasty) commentary: Zhou Hongfei
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Roll a universe Center three dry days, of gold, also known as Chun Yang, father, old Yang, me, also known as the dragon. Three for LAN Kun, belongs to earth, pure Yin, known as the old, old yin. Coordination of yin and Yang, the six son of. Early on in the 坤之 Yao dry initial line, while the growth of male, shocks. Dry two Yao by 坤之 two Yao, born in male, hom. Dry three Yao by 坤之 three Yao, but also young, Gen. Hence, roads into male. Yao Kun by 乾之 early beginning of Yao, while the growth of female, Xun also. Kun's two Yao by 乾之 two Yao, born in female, can also. Kun's three Yao by 乾之 three Yao, born girl, against it. Hence, female Daocheng Kun. And six, long, less all Qiankun disposition partial, but the male, female scored Qiankun correctitude of disposition. Law of heaven and earth and the righteousness, Kanli so for life foundation roots. Kan Gua poetry Lan Tian Shi to run the water, gas containing three made chemical. All roots from vertical, raw biochemical bathe in. Kan Gua solution for water bucket, belongs to Yin, blood, and really Yang Yu yan. In a line, that day. Day life water, in the human body kidney, a really positive contained in the two negative, occupy to Yin, the destiny of the people are really root, seed, the book called the true yang. Really positive two words, explain the different throughout the word, read a book for fear the beginner, fail to perceive, that prosopagnosia is not clear, this will be found throughout the word, for reference study. Really positive two words, a fire, a life gate fire, a dragon thunder fire, a fire without root, a Yin Fire, a fire; and disease, a vigor not satisfied, a Yuanyang outside more, a true fire boiling, a kidney is not satisfied, a not well-known to the source, a solitary floating Yang, a fire red. A variety of names, is refers to one Yang kan. Yang the congenital dry gold, it is the name of the dragon. A fall in the two Yin Yang, and for water, the vertical water, water dirty, then day Kan Gua positioning, not easy also. Notice the Dragon born dragon, but, not a climax and Xingyun cloth rain, but hidden in the yuan, with water, with water, and the next one, and bow to it.
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Order volume. Center Kan Gua poetry Kan Gua solution from the solution from the poetry of Qi and blood "as a hexagram solution Jun phase two fire dragon in five rows in figure for the site said five of Companies in the spring five line body diseases, legend has it for the disease of Qi and blood article identify all identify all the Yin Yang deficiency proof of exogenous said internal said Wang color heard asked in typhoid six six pulse condition through solution method. The sun card solution of Yangming syndrome solution Shaoyang meridian syndrome solution Taiyin meridian syndrome solution Shaoyin syndrome solution Jueyin meridian syndrome yang asthenia question solution 2 door passenger suspected papers Vol. three yin deficiency door ask which miscellaneous ask in three mean pulse...... Attached: let's long illness, all the strange disease singularly good law @##@ sore Chinese medicine industry become an independent school of Vulcan pie. Due to focus on personal real Yang, and the use of ginger, named, salty in southern Sichuan Linchiung Zheng Qinan as the originator of the "true". The medicine, medicine and law, "" Yuantong "typhoid theory" to send the constant for the mountains. "Medicine" in compliance with legislation from Zhongjing vertical square from nil to Qiankun Kanli center, argument, to really positive person life vertical pole, seek truth, yin and Yang shrinking surplus, biochemical and etiology, disease, or by usage lively Yuantong Miao yi.
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