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Date of publication:2009-5   Press: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:Li Maoru   Pages:382  

Mr. Li Maoru (1917.10 - 2001.6) founded the Taiyuan workers Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the early liberation, a harbinger of Chinese business, in 1955 by the people's Government of Shanxi Province health department appointed to build the Shanxi Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, has been engaged in medical, scientific research, longer than the Department of internal medicine square pulse, and acupuncture, ed "historical records of the past dynasties bibliography medicine Ji Hui Kao" and "medical books recording set". "Medical books recording set" the bibliography to "classic", "classic", "fever", "golden" is limited, Li Lao after see book, do not quote time, various kinds of contrast according to the time sequence, it has "via" class of the 书叙 recorded thirty-nine "classic" category, the 书叙 recorded twelve article, "typhoid" class of the 书叙 recorded one hundred and twenty, "golden" class of the 书叙 recorded fourteen, four and one hundred and eighty-five. The book is of high value in the field of Chinese literature reading.
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Money order the book (for example by recording his manuscript about the word set) by the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine of Chinese (Han • Yi Wen Zhi) description of medical classics, classical (Li Maoru) PQ Lingshu Huangdi Neijing Taisu (Suimo early Tang • Yang Shangshan) plain questions of the original disease type (gold • Liu Wansu Guan Yi Ming (•) on gold; draw my prime) Q pathogenesis gas should be life set (gold • Liu Wansu (•) read Su Wen Chao; Su Wen Hua Shou) read the bills continued injection (• Wang Su Wen Chao machine) correction (• Ding Zan D. note cards) in (• Ma Shi) Lingshu note card (• in Ming; Ma Shi Su injection (•) Ming; Wu Kun) type type map of wing wing type (above three • Zhang Jiebin) to the (• D. Li Zhongzi) note by the festival solution (Qing & #8226; Yao Zhian) Huangdi Neijing Su Wen Ji Zhu Huangdi Neijing Lingshu variorum (more than two orders. Zhang Zhicong (•) Q direct solution; Gao Shishi) in the Bo Yee (• Luo Mei) Su Wen Ling Shu: About note (qing. Wang Ang) in the compilation (• Feng Zhaozhang •) integration of ancient and modern books; Huang Di Q integrated ancient and modern books Huang Di Lingshu the hip by originalists (• Xue Xue (the original title) in the interpretation of the Qing • Xu Dachun)......
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