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Usually considered traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine are two different medical theory system, many diseases to human life activity rule, pathogenesis and treatment methods, there are large differences on the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine; Each one has his good points., also have inadequate. However, in the treatment of diseases have their own characteristics and advantages of I clinical curative effect. Countless facts have proved, in clinical practice can complement each other's advantages, learn from each other, often can obviously improve the clinical curative effect of disease; prevention methods exist in the field of medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, fully displays own superiority characteristic, by the world medical community's concern and attention. Entering the new century, medical toward health, the goal of medicine is to modern science and technology achievements embodied humanistic care. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to maintain health and prevention of disease. Indeed, twentieth Century Chinese medicine attaches importance to sick people and Western medicine pays attention to person's disease; experimental model organisms have to restore the analysis as the main method, and today into the overall theory and system theory method has be imperative. Obviously, the western development to the convergence direction of traditional Chinese medicine. In view of the integration of science and humanities as the theme, will push forward the construction and perfection of modern medical science system, traditional Chinese medicine, syndrome differentiation and treatment of correspondence between man and nature, body and spirit and the preventive treatment theory clinical experience connotation and vivid, will effectively promote the development of life science. By China medicine science and technology press articles, invited Yang Minghui, Ke Xinqiao, Ba the yuan and Ming Dynasties LED as general editor of "common disease of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment of the new series", is a set of system introduced large-scale series of clinical common disease, the authors of this series to reflect contemporary TCM clinical diagnosis and treatment, new theory, new progress new ideas, new technology, new materials and new information. This series is given priority to with common disease, refractory disease, the clinical diagnosis of basic pathogenesis, each kind of disease treatment methods from two aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine system. Because the whole series "slightly on the basic theory, detailed in the methods of diagnosis and treatment", especially trends, prominent approaches in the treatment of new technologies, new progress, thus for clinicians, both western medicine clinical specialist, or engaged in traditional Chinese medicine or integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctors who work, provides an important reference book.
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The first chapter is introduction section development overview section second of chapter second and epidemiological characteristics of third chapter fourth chapter etiology and pathogenesis of the first section etiology pathogenesis, the fifth chapter second section of chapter sixth clinical manifestation pathological section cretinism second adult hypothyroidism and myxedema chapter seventh laboratory section thyroid function test second festival endocrine function tests third blood test section fourth basal metabolic rate fifth day special inspection section sixth gene mutation analysis of the eighth chapter in diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the first diagnostic criteria of section second in differential diagnosis of Western medicine in the treatment of ninth chapter, tenth chapter of Chinese medicine for the treatment of the first section of the etiology and pathogenesis of TCM Treatment of third day second festival of TCM clinical research status of fourth section of Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of the eleventh chapter myxedema coma chapter twelfth special situation processing section in neonates and children aged third day second festival hypothyroidism hypothyroidism pregnancy complicated with hypothyroidism fourth subclinical hypothyroidism patients thirteenth chapter first hypothyroidism complicated with heart disease second hyperlipidemia third day fourth day fifth day osteoporosis myopathy connective tissue The fourteenth chapter @##@ disease prevention "Hypothyroidism" is divided into fourteen chapters, including introduction, pathology, etiology and pathogenesis, hypothyroidism, clinical manifestation, laboratory examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and various treatment methods, prevention, complications following aspects. The book written in "both Chinese and Western medicine", "combination of Chinese and Western medicine" as the principle, slightly on the basic theory, detailed in the treatment program, combined with the clinical. The book is rich in content, informative, highlight the systematic, scientific and practical, can be used as all levels of hospitals and medical interns clinical reference books, but also to help patients understand the practical reference books hypothyroidism control.
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"Hypothyroidism" common disease in western medicine: the latest medical books
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