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Date of publication:2009-1   Press: Ancient Chinese Medicine   Author:Li Wenbing   Pages´╝Ü325  

"Experience" system wide set of Qing Dynasty Li Wenbing series, at home and abroad for the orphan, brings together a part of ancient medical effective prescriptions and experience, a part is not rigidly adhere to the ancients, and based on the change of name of party, improve curative effect. The book is divided into the Department of internal medicine, surgery, and miscellaneous diseases, volume four, to attack the door, the following aspects, make a careful and detailed analysis. A total of 135 book door, about 2000 more than square. Clinical application of cable can be square, the symptomatic, we agree, can according to prescription, very convenient, very practical.
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Heavy Ji experience wide set order. Be true error processing medicine to students with wide set directory or experience (the original) experience wide set volume Department of internal medicine stroke cold cold typhoid disease heatstroke in wet fire disease phlegm cough dyspnea croup malaria cholera dysentery diarrhea vomiting dysphagia the gas mass in the abdomen tympanites edema five jaundice tonic general experience wide set 2 diseases tabes hemorrhagic Nvxue hemoptysis hematemesis spitting blood stool sweating palpitation insane epilepsy drown Xiaoke turbidity in spermatorrhea stranguria urine close stool closed toilet closed worm rectocele head disease encephalgic aspects ophthalmopathy ear nose throat mouth teeth heart stomach pain chest abdominal flank pain colic pain in the shoulder and arm the leg knee ache and pain of the wide set of tinea manuum experience volume three gynecology Tiaojing amenorrhea avalanche drain down consumptive Qiuci pregnancy childbirth postpartum lactation mammary disease Yin sore pediatric primary symptoms of vomiting diarrhea of spleen and stomach heat convulsion cold had malaria the rickets addiction disease worms head eye disease ear nose aphtha noma the sore smallpox measles Maintenance experience wide set which surgical swollen poison at the beginning of the treatment of sore carbuncle carbuncle abdominal carbuncle appendicitis hypochondriac carbuncle hangs carbuncle inguinal carbuncle scrotal abscess bone paste the carbuncle carbuncle wet smear streamer scrofula gall back to boils late syphilis climatic bubo will drugs chancre leprosy anal fistula scabies ringworm sores favus of the scalp ecthyma seat sores tinea versicolor lacquer sore frostbite soup fire sores stick sore bruises tuna arrow cannon bamboo flesh of beasts insect bites on the detoxification swallowed all the good record of treating emergency
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