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The book Professor Chen Yi Ren "inheritance" Treatise on exogenous disease "is not a monograph" ideas, clarify the "Treatise on the" syndrome differentiation system, to be concise and to the point, focus, highlight the "South Chen Bei Liu" in the "South Chen" academic thoughts and opinions.
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Gu Wujun, Jiangsu Funing person, in 1966 graduated from the medical department of Nanjing College of traditional Chinese medicine. In 1982, received a master's degree in medicine, and stayed to teach, "game theory" was engaged in teaching and research, Professor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, doctoral tutor, Jiangsu Province Chinese medicine.
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The first chapter introduction to distinguish the sun pulse and symptoms and treatment overview of Taiyang disease outline of the second day the sun disease classification section third disease differentiation in Yang, yin disease in fourth section transmission, transfer and does not pass a resolution two, to prevent such law section fifth to sixth day recovery solutions predict seventh day syndrome one, the syndrome differentiation, treatment three, two variable syndrome, syndrome differentiation treatment similar to the second chapter of Yang Ming's disease and treatment overview of pulse and symptoms of Yang Ming's disease. Yang Ming in the second quarter third quarter turn of Yang Ming disease from the main symptoms of Yang Ming's disease the main veins fourth section fifth section on Yang Ming disease early cold problem the sixth section Yang Ming disease syndrome, heat syndrome, a Yang Ming Yang Ming two, Yang Mingfa four, Huang Zheng three empirical Yang Ming blood heat syndrome seventh Yang Ming syndrome, stroke, on a cold, deficiency, three identified third chapter distinguish shaoyang disease pulse syndrome and treatment overview of shaoyang disease outline section second shaoyang disease treatment taboo: no sweat, spit, a, shaoyang disease this credit -- the cardinal disadvantageous treatment under section third Shaoyang syndrome (Xiaochaihu Decoction) two, shaoyang disease and variable syndrome treatment The four section transmission and the prognosis of patients, from surface to depth two, disease transmission by pulse syndrome is three, want to have pulse fourth chapter distinguish Taiyin disease pulse syndrome and treatment overview of Taiyin disease outlines second day to third day of Taiyin disease more syndromes Taiyin disease spleen deficiency cold syndrome differentiation fourth section of Taiyin disease and variable syndrome treatment...... The fifth chapter on Shaoyin disease pulse syndrome and treatment sixth chapter of Jueyin disease syndrome differentiation and treatment on vein seventh chapter cholera pulse syndrome and treatment of eighth chapter distinguishing Yin and Yang Yi taxation relapse pulse and symptoms and therapy index
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The first chapter distinguishes the sun pulse and symptoms and treatment of the sun, on the main and collateral channels, refers to the bladder meridian and the small intestine meridian of hand taiyang. "On the" six meridians syndromes are main and collateral channels in non typhoid fever, the disease is a physiological disorder caused by the pathological basis. Sun: ① physiological sun main table, commanding camp Wei: the sun, for after the first six, commanding the Ying Wei, main body, supporting on the outside, as the first barrier against pathogen invasion of the human body, so it is called "the six classics.". The sun is the sun by the evil and the incidence of disease, disease of Wei, dereliction of duty, business Wei discord, solar meridian discomfort, the disease of human skin, muscular striae superficial evil disease. ② lung advocate fur, Lord Wei Qi, Yu so the sun physiological lung function. Because lung and fur, so the lung meridian of hand Taiyin disease and the disease is closely related to the pathological Taiyang disease, often associated with the lungs. Li Shizhen said: "the evil of chill is made of fur and fur, the lung, the lung and Wei Qi, also, including a body, days like also is card, although belonging to the sun, while the lung by evil." "Cover coat outside closed, then heat attack, and lung huffing and depression...... Although the sun is ephedra Decoction transpiration agents, is divergent lung stagnated fire of medicine." From the analysis of generalized typhoid disease etiology angle, the sun is six exopathogens; its pathogenesis is mainly business Wei discord, or see Qi disharmony, Yu Changrong said: "Sun disease pathogenesis, in general is the passage of cold evil, Ying and wei." The said Ying Wei is evil, but not all belong to cold; its nature is a card table, a table cold syndrome and heat syndrome in the treatment with sweat; when the main method, prescription drugs, with pungent cool not. The chapter Taiyang disease the content besides the sun disease, disease and syndrome, the sun is the sun, the sun similar disease syndrome lesion syndrome, the variable C content and more particularly, in the treatment of when to "watch his pulse and symptoms, know what the inverse, rule with the certificate" principle.......
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