A diagnosis of traditional Chinese Medicine

Date of publication:2009-5   Press: Science and Technology Literature Press   Author:Wei Muxin Wang Ping   Pages´╝Ü283  

This book is one of the large-scale series of "Chinese Medicine - a series". The book on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine theory as the guide, around the collection and analysis of symptoms and signs of diseases and syndromes in two stages, namely the diagnosis and differentiation of key discussion. Differentiation of symptoms and signs in the eight principal syndromes, etiology and Qi blood syndrome differentiation, syndrome differentiation as the core. This book includes both the doctrine of TCM basic theory about human body viscera physiology, pathology, and relates to Chinese I clinical disciplines. Therefore, it is the basic theory and Bridge clinical question, is the important content of TCM system, is the basis for learning other necessary each fascicle. The book written in clear, simple, easy to learn, the principle of clinical practical, pay attention to the cultivation and training of skills and thinking ability. The content more clear text and a large number of charts, especially the mind map, avoid large complicated narrative; pay attention to the knowledge point from shallow to deep, step by step, to the contents of a comprehensive, clear hierarchy, to learn and master the reader. The book is suitable for Chinese self lovers, hospitals, medical students to use and learn, also has important reference value for cosmetology workers.
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Introduction to the first day of diagnostics of traditional Chinese medicine history, spring and autumn and Warring States period, the Qin and Han Dynasties two Jin and Tang Dynasty in three, Song Jinyuan four, five times during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, modern second TCM diagnosis of main content, diagnosis, differentiation of two section third diagnosis method basic principle and application of the principles of a basic principle, application principle, two fourth Festival TCM diagnosis method of learning the summary of this chapter exercises chapter piercing eye -- Inspection first overall inspection, two of God, look at a color three, at second, a local form of inspection of observation of two, at three, surface features at four, at five, the body extremities looking skin, tongue a section third the relationship between two main and collateral channels and viscera of tongue, tongue, tongue in the content of the three methods and points for attention in section fourth at discharge, at two, a spit at three, at two they vomit fifth section at a pediatric fingerprint, fingerprint method at two, at the fingerprint of the clinical significance of the summary of this chapter. The second chapter ear nose -- first listen to the voice of a voice, normal voice two, disease Voice second day smell a smell, body odor, two, discharge three ward smell the summary of this chapter this chapter exercises chapter third get to the bottom of the first section -- Inquiry asked general project second day ask complaints, history and past history, with a two, history three, past medical history, life history and family history of third day ask now, ask cold symptoms two, ask three, asked his sweat four, asked the diet and taste five, Q two, ask, ask six sleep seven by with eight children asked, the summary of this chapter exercises chapter fourth means magic -- palpation first pulse, pulse forming a two, the principle of pulse taking clinical significance of three, position of pulse taking four, the method and the matters needing attention five, a pulse by a factor of six, the normal pulse, pulse eight, seven pathological diagnosis of infantile pulse...... The fifth chapter shows special prowess -- dialectics of eight aspects sixth chapter be riotous with colour -- the internal organs dialectical seventh chapters forthcoming affordable -- Qi, eighth chapter main and collateral channels -- Dialectical dialectical nets above and snares below ninth chapter through up and down -- six dialectical tenth chapter further -- weiqiyingxue dialectical
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