• The east wall of the spleen and stomach

    "Dong Yuan on spleen and stomach" is Mr. Dong Yuan "differentiation on endogenous", "spleen and stomach" and Luo Tianyi's "Mr. To Gaki tried to side effects", be made one book. "Differentiation on endogenous" (later called "injury", "Bian Dong Yuan uncovering delusions"), essays in Ding Wei years (AD 1247), is the Dong Yuan late,

  • Stone 筱山 of orthopedics and Traumatology

    "Stone 筱山 on orthopedics" called "stone 筱山 on orthopedics", it is the academic meta and to sum up the clinical experience of Shi's Department of traumatology. Clinicians, "stone 筱山 on orthopedics" teach you to mend his ways to save him; the students, "stone 筱山 on orthopedics" help you enter the palace Huang; teaching and research workers, "stone 筱山 of orthopedics and traumatology,

  • 'Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine' verse will remember the pocket book

    "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine '' verse is written to" pocket book "is the ordinary higher education 'fifteen' national planning materials," "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine '' verse is written based on pocket book", the seven words in the form of songs. Summary of the Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine disease and syndrome essence contained in the. Verse after the characteristics of syndrome, etiology and pathogenesis, syndrome differentiation,

  • Traditional rehabilitation

    "The national medical colleges and universities teaching materials, Chinese rehabilitation" mainly introduces the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation medicine, basic concept, commonly used in clinical therapy and clinical application. Pay attention to absorb the latest research results at home and abroad, combined with Chinese rehabilitation research results and the traditional Chinese medicine colleges and universities teaching, to enable students to pass,

  • Practical Handbook of acupuncture treatment

    "A practical handbook" acupuncture treatment by Guo Changqing and Liu Naigang. Acupuncture therapy is based on the application of acupuncture in the treatment of disease, is to guide the clinical point selection and adopting practical disciplines corresponding techniques. "A practical handbook" acupuncture treatment was prepared by the expert from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine experienced, clinical effects of acupuncture treatment process selection,

  • Graphic acupuncture treatment of lumbocrural pain

    "Graphic acupuncture treatment of lumbocrural pain" is expert at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, College of acupuncture set 20 years experience, is a department of acupuncture in the treatment of lumbar and leg pain of monographs, radical content comprehensive, detailed description, has a higher authority. "Graphic acupuncture treatment of lumbocrural pain" mainly introduces the related acupoints for treating lumbocrural pain,,

  • Graphic manipulation and disease prevention and control

    Without Lv Ming, Liu Xiaoyan, "control" graphic manipulation and disease is divided into two parts. The article mainly introduces the massage, massage, massage technique, based on basic knowledge of commonly used methods of treatment and health care, massage can be more than 200 kinds of methods used are described in detail. The disease treatment, mainly introduces often,

  • The utility of TCM Informatics

    "Practical Chinese information science" to provide a new, accurate, systematic, practical information education materials for Chinese medicine staff, in order to see traditional Chinese medicine from a human knowledge system, in order to understand the relationship of TCM in knowledge system in place and next to each subject, and for the people in the new century,

  • Phlegm disease masters test case analysis

    "Phlegm disease masters test case analysis" is divided into the introduction, part one, part two and part of article 4. The introduction explains the concept of phlegm, phlegm, phlegm disease signs and symptoms, phlegm disease treatment and treatment, phlegm disease syndromes and treatment etc.. The paper takes TCM disease name as the key link, for the purpose to physicians, the collected,

  • A Chinese medicine introduction

    "Chinese medicine started a" revised edition. The first chapter introduces the basic theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, differentiation of tongue, resistance and soup entry, including cold, hot, warm and flat drug 248, soup recipes more than 200 in the first 120 pictures and all kinds of fur. The second part of the thesis introduces the, golden,

  • And medical malpractice identification

    "The view" and medicine is Mr Yu Lunwen, as the main body to the Department of internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, surgery involving multidisciplinary treatment, and a test case, the treatment medication can create new styles, full reference. "And medicine Kam" focuses on the five and six gas, Ziwuliuzhu, eight methods of intelligent turtle, gossip, Jia Zi, daily time point open needle,

  • Gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine clinical verse

    "Introduction of Chinese pediatric clinical verse" content: medicine gejue, Chinese, Ming Li Shizhen "by the lake" is, Qing Wu Qian "golden mirror of medicine", "hearts" Qing Medical Biography, "Tangtou gejue" and other books, spread wide, high practical value, easy to learn, easy to memory. From the ancient verse mode, in order to,

  • The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine prescription records

    On the treatment of old and clinical experiences of TCM syndrome differentiation insights is long-term experience of combining theory with practice. "Old" to summarize the clinical experience in the treatment of nearly 40 years of practice the author, the treatment experience was compiled. Not only summarizes the clinical experience in the theory, but also on the system of clinical difficult disease treatment,

  • Xi Yongjiang acupuncture proven cases

    Xi Yongjiang, born in March 1925, Shanghai Chuansha county. Xi's father at an early age to Guixiang Gong Xiang diagnosis, to family studies. In 1943 graduated from the Shanghai Chinese medical school, has been engaged in acupuncture clinical and teaching work, early served as the predecessor of Shanghai City, Yueyang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine medical fifth out-patient department,

  • For chronic disease for the rheumatoid arthritis joint way

    "Rheumatoid arthritis" not only for the depth of the doctor little-known work habits and way of doing things, and medical institutions of the insider and unspoken rule, more standing in the position of. How to avoid excessive medical treatment, how to seize the attending physician, to send to send "red envelopes" or even how to recognize signs of illness in a series of big,

  • Chinese massage diagram

    "Chinese massage" tells the story of Chinese graphic: traditional massage exercise has a long history, as early as thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the Chinese nation in the production of labor and in the prevention and treatment of disease, creating the "guidance by disease prevention methods stilt". "According to the who" that evolution has massage, massage, and "guide",

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture

    "Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture" is starting from the China traditional culture, from the Chinese why in the East, the original view of life, the light of humanity, Taoism and Buddhism and medicine, medical, Chinese "Huangdi Neijing" concept of heaven, ethics view and see another China eight parts, explains the gas, yin and Yang, five elements these words at the beginning of the establishment of,

  • Umbilicus therapy crash illustration

    Umbilicus therapy (i.e. the umbilical therapy) is one of the external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, but also has the characteristic therapy, noninvasive non-toxic, unique curative effect, economical and practical, easy to operate. This book introduces the basic knowledge of the specific application of umbilicus therapy and in more than 70 kinds of inside and outside, women, children, skin, facial features and other diseases, accompanied by illustrations,,

  • Ancient Chinese legend

    "The Chinese legend" thaw, medicine, literature, and history in a furnace, academic, artistic, intellectual, practical, informative, interesting in one, divided into medical history, herbal drug, doctors of allusions, anecdotes, CIFA treatment, medical ethics medical monitoring, such as hospital on part, all sentences are readers love to see and hear,

  • Drug therapy and disease

    "Chinese grassroots doctors training series, drug therapy and disease" is one of the series of textbooks for training primary care doctors, in order to increase the book practical and scientific, the actual primary care, focuses on the application of knowledge of common disease, frequently occurring commonly used drugs, but also introduce some traditional Chinese medicine treatment,

  • Qin Bo not on Synopsis

    Qin Bo not on "," Qin "Jingui" teach clinicians not on the mend his ways to save him; the students, "Qin" not on "help you enter the palace of Jinkui Qihuang; teaching and research workers," Qin "Jingui" is not on the ladder to your success. "Qin" Jingui "is not on the old Chinese medicine for more than fifty years, Mr. Qin Bowei's practice, teaching career heart,

  • Department of Traumatology massage tutorial

    "Massage tutorial" was published in Department of traumatology department of Traumatology Beijing Sport University press "massage" (First Edition) textbook on the basis of the theory, combined with years of teaching and clinical practice experience prepared. Department of Traumatology, massage "stipulated according to the course teaching, to broaden the knowledge, a knowledge point and the attached text,

  • Wu Yingen's academic experience of

    Wu Yingen's academic experience of Wu Yingen's academic experience of "," to reflect the academic experiences and achievements of Mr. Wu Yingen became a doctor forty years to come, including his brief biography, medical words medical prescription, characteristics, theoretical summary, clinical lectures, books etc.. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine good inheritance is also reflected in Professor Wu's works. "Syndrome differentiation system overview,

  • Simple X balance method

    "Simple X shaped balance method", the book mainly to write a hand point method of hand massage of the basic knowledge and treatment of various pain etc.. ,

  • The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and medicine

    "Seek first the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and medicine: 213 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine health to decide your health" to comprehensively introduces 213 commonly used Chinese herbal medicine tropism of taste, health effects, pharmacological action, clinical application of classical prescriptions, prescription and medicinal food side, at the same time, also explain a way of keeping good health, traditional Chinese medicine dialectical the performance of drug,

  • Combine traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

    "Combining Chinese and Western medicine: clinical specialist access reference book physician clinical specialized training" is the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical professional standardized resident training and writing, with combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine residents as the main readers of the first post graduation education. Combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine in China is both Chinese and,

  • Peptic ulcer

    "Peptic ulcer: the main content of TCM unique therapy" include: basic knowledge, the digestive system by which organs, digestive tract and digestive tract is the meaning of what, stomach, duodenum anatomy location and organization structure is how, in the normal stomach physical exercise, what what are called gastric emptying,,

  • Channel sink solution / Kampo medicine series

    "Meridian" sink solution Japanese water Fan Shi 医原 Chang g essays in Japan enjoy and three years (1803), the eight volumes, the "A-B Classic of acupuncture and Moxibustion", led by 28 kinds of Chinese nationality occupying, divided the human body each test points, the extra acupoint location, alias, and with the graphic, illustrated. The book is a major value for needle,

  • Graphic synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber

    "Graphic synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber" is a treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine in a bright pearl, is the earliest monograph of miscellaneous diseases, it lays the theoretical foundation and clinical disease, has the very high and practical significance, has the significant contribution and far-reaching influence on the later development of clinical medicine, so it belongs to the motherland,

  • DVD China Acupotomology

    "DVD China Acupotomology" (20 side) (fine) by Chinese Acupuncture Association Professional Committee of minimally invasive needle knife producer, to innovation in the new century in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine "teaching material" Acupotomology is modeled, the chronic injury of soft tissue pathology based mesh theory and the material basis of human eye -- Department of mechanics,

  • Let disease treatment deformation damage

    "Acupuncture treatment of deformation damage tolerance disease of warts, acne, psoriasis", strabismus, peripheral facial palsy, scapulohumeral periarthritis, muscle atrophy and other 37 kinds of deformation damage tolerance disease acupuncture treatment methods were introduced, understanding of this kind of disease, syndrome differentiation, treatment of test case are clear analysis, speech,

  • Drugs commonly used in the clinical use of the series solution

    "Drugs commonly used in the clinical use of unconventional" series solution to data of modern clinical Chinese medicine as material, with the traditional theory of clinical pharmacy as the foundation, combined with clinical and teaching experience of modern Chinese medicine pharmacology research results and the author's comments, one by one interpretation of forms, from the theoretical level facing the new use of modern traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Liu female the Department of

    "Liu," describes the essentials of the more thinking and exploration of Chinese traditional medicine about women, Liu Yue, is a part of Mr. Liu Yue's life, the industry and the theory and practice of crystallization and prosperous. Mr. Liu Yue Zong "in the" Six Character Classic "purpose" circular motion balance theory "," harmony "" correspondence between man and universe "for female Keyuan flow,

  • Experimental acupuncture

    "The main content of experimental acupuncture": "the fine textbooks" concept is the Shanghai science and Technology Press, publishing organization textbooks based on the experience of the experience, is to explore the regularity of TCM teaching content and teaching method, is training the talent of Chinese medicine understanding. This set of textbooks is to the national Ministry of Education Edition of teaching,

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine learning manual

    "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine learning manual (portable)" as the clinical course, is the bridge between the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and clinical practice, has a very important position. In learning "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine learning manual (portable)" in the process, there are two problems to be solved. One is what contents should be palm,

  • Chinese by reinforcement learning

    "China tendons science" from the "first" and the ancient Chinese medicine in the mining, with modern medical theory and clarifies its connotation through acupuncture branch. "Chinese tendons to learn" the author of more than 30 years of "Neijing" and ancient Chinese medicine on meridian sinew theory have been diligently study, corrected ages,

  • Tang Hanjun's academic experience of

    Tang Hanjun s academic experience, "the main content of Tang Hanjun" s academic experience: in order to make the academic thought can carry on the study, Professor Tang Hanjun an income without reservation in the book contribution, praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct this spirit and realm. The book includes "brief biography", "academic legacy", "clinical experience", "case highlights,

  • Facial features disease of external therapy of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "The angle of external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of facial features disease" from outside the Chinese medicine to explore, and a lot of reference literatures, and combined with the author's clinical experience, from people as a whole, to guide the clinical diagnosis and treatment for the purpose, highlight the facial features disease treatment in traditional Chinese medicine as the core of the scheme. "Facial features disease of external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine" from [etiology,

  • Through the observation of disease

    "Fortune teller to observe the disease (version)" is the ancient and modern combination of medicine concept, easy to understand, with interpretation of human body "disease", find out the discomfort of human body weakness, to the signal way remind readers: the damaged parts of the tree to human health and to repair, to restore health. The book knowledge,

  • Wu Binghuang theory of acupuncture medical cases

    "Wu Binghuang theory" acupuncture medical cases introduction: Professor Wu Binghuang, 1938 was born in December in Fujian city of Jinjiang province. In 1964 graduated from the medical department of Fujian medical college. At the Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, people's Hospital of Fujian Province, Fujian province people's Hospital of second engaged in teaching and clinical work. He Fujian traditional Chinese medicine,

  • TCM traumatology otorhinolaryngology medical records.

    "The main content of TCM traumatology, otorhinolaryngology medical records:" in order to help clinical doctors and medical records of TCM for TCM doctors medical case history to have a clear understanding in a relatively short period of time, we based on the doctors medical case history study, selected since the early Han Dynasty to the new China was founded in 160,

  • TCM prescription medical songs

    "TCM prescription songs including" national universities "Chinese medicine teaching material" as blueprint, combined with TCM books as the main reference books, with songs including genre, written. After the North Sichuan Medical College associate professor Zhao Zhendong, careful revision and warmly recommended to press, the work has been published. "Tcm,

  • Treatise on the handout

    "Treatise on the notes" Zhao Kaimei in the Ming Dynasty engraved the song "Treatise on the" blueprint. The content of "Sun pulse resolution off white card and governance" to "distinguishing Yin and Yang Yi taxation relapse pulse and symptoms and cure", a total of 10, 398, 113. Each chapter is under the title "guidance", mainly introduces this chapter needs to grasp, understand,

  • Ziwuliuzhu warm moxibustion

    Ziwuliuzhu warm moxibustion, ISBN:9787530845509, author: Zhao Fukang, You Enyu,

  • The people's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia medicinal materials in thin layer chromatography color atlas

    The Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China TLC color atlas 2 (fine), ISBN:9787117110136, author: National Chinese Pharmacopoeia commission,

  • Theories and schools of the book

    "Theories and schools the" system China Luo's abdominal massage fourth generation successor professor Luo Zhongyao served as editor of the Chinese medicine massage (massage) books. "Theories and schools of the book" the biggest characteristic is to Chinese massage (massage) the origin and the development, function and principle, characteristic, principle of treatment, medical massage (massage) of main and collateral channels,

  • Color configuration set

    "Hand of blood, color configuration" color, shape and the Zang Fu organs, limbs distribution relationship has a basic definition, for doctors, the method and clinical experience combined, statistics from the outside to the inside to diagnose patients. If the number of the same or similar conditions of the statistics of plenty, and,

  • The utility of TCM gynecology clinic

    "Practical TCM gynecological clinics" on a large number of Chinese medicine gynecology clinic literature, absorbing many doctors inheritance experience, combined with the author's clinical experience of TCM Gynecology, diagnosis, treatment, prescription were systematically discussed, focusing on the menstrual disorders, pregnancy disease, disease, infertility and other gynecological diseases after diagnosis,

  • Re transmission of typhoid fever

    "Send" Treatise on febrile diseases is divided into upper, middle, lower part three. The upper "Shun knitting song woodblock reprinted treatise on the board" Ming party shall ever put forward "Treatise on the" wrong to Jane, through careful study of "Treatise on the" provisions are determined as Jane wrong. He spent 15 years repeatedly, will "Treatise on the" Jane wrong all,

  • Ncmm

    "Ncmm written by Ming Chen Jiamo". The book is in twelve volumes. The grass, wood, valley, vegetables, fruit, stone, animal, bird, fish and insects and one part is divided into ten parts, the income of drug 448, appendix 388. For each drug, the smell, lifting, the five elements, toxic and nontoxic, origin, quality, acquisition, processing,

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