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Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Huazhong University of Science and Technology press   Author:Wang Yuxiao   Pages:285   Words:230000  


Because the content of anatomy and histology of relatively complex, many nouns. There is a certain degree of difficulty of memory. So the students feel difficult to learn, hard to remember, boring. Over the years, many teachers are exploring how to improve the students' interest in learning, so that students in the study of anatomy and histology was not boring. Some people think that gejue concise language, of tedious brief, rumple is ordered, to facilitate the learning memory. Professor Wang Yuxiao has been engaged in the work of teaching and scientific research of anatomy. Pay attention to improving teaching methods and improving teaching effect. Based on his years of teaching practice and experience. Compiling the verse this department of anatomy and histology. The main contents in the book of songs almost covers the anatomy and histology of the various chapters, the content more comprehensive. The content of the book is short and concise, sprightly rhythm. Illustrated. Help to improve the students' interest in learning and to enhance the control and memory of knowledge of anatomy histology and embryology, is a good auxiliary teaching of human anatomy and histology. The book can be used for medical college students, teachers and clinicians learning and reference.
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The first part is the basic organization of the first chapter of the second chapter of epithelial tissue, connective tissue in third chapter fourth chapter second muscle nerve tissue motion system the first chapter bone, general two, three, four, the trunk bone of skull bone joint second chapter third chapter of skeletal muscle, head and neck muscles two, three, third trunk muscles of limbs visceral system the first chapter introduction chapter second digestive system organs chapter third respiratory system fourth urinary system the fifth chapter reproductive system, the male reproductive system of two of female reproductive system, the fourth part vasculature chapter second chapter third chapter heart vascular lymphatic system the fifth part is the first chapter as the feeling is second chapter vestibulocochlear nerve system in Chapter sixth the central nerve, spinal cord, brain stem, cerebellum two three four, five six, ask brain telencephalon, neural pathway in second chapter seventh section @##@ peripheral nerve endocrine system The book consists of seven parts, including the basic structure, motion system, internal system, circulatory system, sensory organs, nervous system, endocrine system. This book will be a "Human Anatomy" and "histology and Embryology" an important knowledge of condensed GetWord's verse. Carrying more than 270 in the first verse, accompanied by the necessary notes and more than 200 pieces of sketch, it easy for readers to understand and memory. The book is closely related to clinic, content rich and practical. Succinct language, illustrated. Novel form. Verse popular, easy to read and easy to remember. The book is suitable for all levels of medical college students "learning" and "human anatomy histology and Embryology" synchronous reference, is also applicable to all types of health technical personnel and consolidate the learned knowledge of anatomy and embryology, and exam review to strengthen the memory. Can also be used as a self reference books for beginners.
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"Very memory: human anatomy and histoembryology memory verse" is published by Huazhong University of Science and Technology press.
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  •   Overall good, need to know everything, but the picture is black and white.
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  •   Black and white pattern, but very detailed
  •   The content of good. Nice.
  •   Is not a professional song blunt I finally feel a medical or memorizing good
  •   I bought this book, feel the printing quality is not very good, do not know the reasons.
  •   Content is less, but some sections also can

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