Strategic report on the development of biological medicine

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R & D is a reflection of one of the most important indicators of a country R & D strength, an important basic condition is also developed. The government is the main funding of basic research, key technologies, common technologies such as R & D activities, at the same time, the government in the formulation of national R & D funds, adjust the direction of investment in research and development plays a decisive role in. The world has already reached a consensus, promote the progress of science and technology to play in economic and social development in the country, according to its actual situation, have increased investment in research and development efforts, as much as possible to support the research and development activities, to enhance their competitiveness. The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of the national economy, and the people's health and quality of life, closely related, is the focus of the whole society. In recent years, the international research progress of medical innovation is fast, especially with the major biological technology breakthrough, the pharmaceutical industry known as "never fading sunrise industry". According to the forecast says America authoritative medical consultancy IMS release of the global pharmaceutical market development in 2009, the global pharmaceutical market growth in 2009 will be comparable to that of 2008, remained at 4.5%-5.5% level, market sales of more than $820000000000. In 2009, due to the impact of sustained drug patents expire, the listing of new products and reduce the economic austerity, is expected to USA pharmaceutical market growth series only 1% - 2%, sales of about 292000000000 -3020 billion dollars. The five main market in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK is expected next year the growth rate in the 3%) 4%, up to 162000000000 -1720 billion dollars. Japan as the world's second largest market, the expected growth rate of 4% in the 5%, 84000000000 -880 billion dollars. As the representative of new drug market, Brazil, India, Chinese, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and the Russian market will total growth 14%-15%, the market will reach 105000000000 -1150 billion dollars. Biological medicine market growth rate will increase at 11%-12%. Forst&Sullivan says in a new report, the global pharmaceutical market in revenue of $45000000000, by 2011 is expected to reach US $98200000000. Estimated that by 2020, bio medicine proportion of global drug will be more than 1 / 3.

R & D is a reflection of one of the most important indicators of a country R & D strength, an important basic condition is also developed. The state of the pharmaceutical input is the key to improve the quality of life of the country people, is the original motive force of the development of medical and health undertakings, is the vitality of the development of pharmaceutical industry. This report uses the informatics analysis method and expert consultation, since 2006, Britain, France, Germany USA, Japan and China government, foundation and the main research institutions in the life sciences and biomedicine budget and the input of science and technology for tracking, finishing, processing, analysis and on the basis of on the national science and technology investment, priority areas, personnel training mechanism, provide the beneficial international reference for the scientific research management in our country, in order to further enhance the international competitiveness of China's bio pharmaceutical R & D, enhance the bio medicine production. This book for the decision-making departments, the management of scientific research personnel, research personnel, college teachers and students and other readers reference.
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The new scientific and technological revolution where the first chapter American financial investment of 1.1 America National Science Foundation (NSF) Biological Science Council (BIO) financial investment of 1.2 USA Department of health and human services (HHS) financial investment of 1.3 USA National Institutes of Health (N Ⅱ H) financial investment of 1.4 America (disease prevention Center CDC) financial investment of 1.5 USA financial investment analysis chapter second British financial investment of 2.1 the British government science budget of 2.2 British Research Council funded plan in 2.3 UK Medical Research Council (MRC) funded plan 2.4 the biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) 2008 - 2011 annual subsidy scheme 2.5 UK financial investment analysis third chapter 3.1 French financial investment of the French National Research Agency (ANR) supported by 3.2 in 2020 -- the French National Center for scientific research in 12 goals: the fourth chapter is the analysis of the German financial investment of 4.1 Germany 3.4 France in strategic financial investment in life sciences 3.3 French 2008-2012 Alzheimer's disease and related disorders program: Life Sciences 4.2 German business Pharmaceutical plan (2007 - 2011) 4.3 German financial investment the fifth chapter is the analysis of Japanese financial investment of 5.12006 - 2007 Ge Shengting Japan Science and technology related budget Ministry of education 5.2 2007 budget outline 5.3 independent administrative corporation Physiological Chemistry Research Institute for fiscal year 2008 budget 5.4 Japanese financial investment analysis of the sixth chapter Chinese financial investment of 6.1 national high technology research and development program (863 plan) biological and medical technology field financial investment (2006 - 2007) of 6.2 national key basic research development plan (973 Plan): population health and medicine (2006 - 2008) of 6.3 major national science and technology support program (2006 - 2008) 6.4 National Natural Science Foundation of life sciences research project (2006 - 2007) major the 6.5 National Science and technology projects 6.6 fiscal China medicine into the seventh chapter is the analysis of situation and China's R & D investment management analysis of 7.1 major countries in the world R & D investment situation in China in the 7.2 R & D investment management analysis reference appendix a major countries in the world R & D Investment: proprietary name table of appendix two: according to the division of HHS budget appendix three: HHS budget group Appendix four: NIH 2007 - 2009 fiscal year budget mechanism in Appendix five: NIH's fiscal year 2009 budget
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Illustration: input text -- report development strategy of biological medicine 1.1 USA National Science Foundation (NSF) Biological Science Council (BIO) of a financial investment, background American National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation, NSF) is the United States federal government management of National Science Foundation funded, is mainly responsible for the National University and other academic institutions basic research, education and infrastructure construction, to ensure the overall, coordinated development of various disciplines USA science and engineering. NSF to promote all aspects of Life Sciences (including the entire ecosystem from molecules) based scientific research support, has an important guiding role in the life sciences. In the aspect of biological science non medical research, Biological Science Council (Biological Industry Organization, BIO) is supported by funding agencies -- accounted for all the academic institutions to carry out basic research the main 66%. Research Support Biological Science Council aims to raise awareness of the life organism function structure and non life system combining cognitive ability problem. The study of all aspects of NSF in biological science has made tremendous contributions, especially in Environmental Biology and plant sciences. Research supported by B10 promoted the development of the frontier, accelerate the understanding of complex systems, and provides a theoretical basis for the research of other disciplines. From the molecular level to the level of the individual organism, system biology, is a challenge for the future. These networks are interconnected to form complex biological interaction networks, it is only in all branches of biology science and other fields of science and engineering under the close cooperation in order to achieve.
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"Report on the development strategy of biological medicine (input text)" for the decision-making departments, the management of scientific research personnel, research personnel, college teachers and students and other readers reference.
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