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Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Wumingshi   Pages´╝Ü443  

"Evidence of TCM anatomy observation notes: this really Materia Medica": a weak body, a short life, a not worth mentioning organ, a large, and stars far, strong not compared to people, even on the stars to provide various material and information. You still think you small? The great universe, with vigour and vitality to your luck. Liver stored in the spatial orientation of the universe, from the East wood gas, the Spring Festival Lunar New Year's day, the Oriental Green wood gas, early to the human body, the stomach of the Taiyi point to the liver after; in seven, by Jupiter gas, liver Qi also satisfied the moon. In ancient Chinese, internal evidence is the basic principle of traditional Chinese medicine, an important way to explore TCM anatomy. Inside the card is the Tao, Buddha, test method and three by the use of an ancient scientific observation, practice and raise, magnanimous, long-term practice and study of traditional Chinese medicine, to higher program, can obtain certain internal certificate level.
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, beautifully. When I was in the early spring of Guilin rare sunny morning, walk up Guilin song walls in Baojishan, boys and girls like envy, repeated watching Guilin is as beautiful as the dark green jade spring hill. Like that mountain Guilin, take a girl's age to describe her, it was hovering in the thirteen years old to sixteen years old. On the second day boarded the Baojishan, Mr. Long Zizhong editor of the book, I'm one of his fans, and I climbed Guilin man mountain. We two people climbing action, and those who climb mountains in the sunshine boy girl ratio, is like the Kung Fu panda.
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