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Why do some people often fall ill? Cough, runny nose, have a fever, stomach pain, can't avoid influenza, can't turn off the root of gastrointestinal diseases. Why do some people throughout the year in all kinds of non invasion? Why do some people sick is always good, but some people can recover soon? The key factors which lies in the immune system immune -- decision system of our body's own disease resistance ability. Our body immunity is increased by 10%, the incidence rate of cancer will be reduced by 50%, other infectious disease incidence rate will be reduced by half, our body will be 10 years younger! In fact, every healthy person, there is a clever design, immune system balance operation. It can be to a proper extent resistance to infection, wound, kill the virus. Not a good immune system overreaction would not respond to, when it is functioning well, white blood ball and immune body will be an appropriate number of form, sound cooperation against the invaders, and they will be wiped out. Only with the immune response to the right so that we have 100 percent healthy.
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Yang Xiao, Nanjing Medical University graduate. In immunology research for more than ten years, to participate in the publication of one medical books, immunology 20 papers published in domestic and foreign medical journal.
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The first chapter healthy "firewall" -- the immune system, why we get sick? Two, the immune system disorders is sick root three, immunity affects you my health four, immune system and disease is what? Five, virus infection and immunity, the immune system is the six best "doctor" seven, everyone will have the enhancement immunity consciousness eight, test your knowledge of healthy immune system the second chapter "Impenetrable Defence" -- understanding of immune system, what is the immune system? Two, what is the composition of the immune system? (a) components of the immune system (two) the immune system can do what? Three, you know, we give immunity immunity four classification five, what actually constitutes the immunity? Six, is to moderate immunity seven, teach you ten strokes to enhance immunity! The third chapter of nutrition, intimacy scientific diet -- moisten your immune system, immune system and two of the diet, the diet "unspoken rule" immune three, have a look, these nutrients and immunity four, just the right amount of good diet, do not eat five, Wang Dao! Reasonable diet to enhance immunity! (a) a good breakfast can improve immunity (two) a day to supplement the amount of vitamins can improve immunity (three) eat these foods can improve immunity (four) drink boiling water (five) to eat more fruit and vegetables can enhance immunity (six) high quality protein intake is very important (seven) tea can enhance the body of bacteria resistance (eight) moderate red wine to enhance immunity, six what food can enhance the immunity? (a) dairy (two) fruit and vegetables (three) marine food (four) edible fungi (five) other enhancing immunity, So that is what it is. food seven! Food therapy can enhance immunity, note eight! Smoking will reduce immunity (a) the harm of smoking (two) ten ways to help you easily give up smoking fourth chapter, physical fitness, enhance physical fitness -- to defend your immune system a, daily exercise, the immune system does not have trouble two, the greater the amount of exercise immunity higher? Three, excuse me, sports science you? Four, to the immune system, aerobic exercise is not (a) fitness function of cardio? (two) master the energy, then the aerobic exercise. Five, cure not bitter -- promotes a happy movement six, excessive exercise immunity will decline? Seven, Tai Chi Eight diagram palm, immune power can't block eight, every day, rub, do not worry about (a) immunity and immunity related acupuncture point (two) some massage method can enhance immunity (three) ear massage can enhance immunity? (four) pat playing can also help The new supersedes the old. nine, skillfully execute plan, let the children enjoy sports in ten, aged eleven, moderate exercise: exercise "six not", we must keep in mind (a) should not be fasting movement (two) some food to eat not to pre exercise (three) exercise should not be the burning sun too long (four) motion and not immediately after the rest (five) after exercise, not Baoyin (six) not immediately take a shower after exercise twelve, ten movement effectively improve immunity (a) trot (two) Yu Ga (three) (four) swimming jogging (five) (six) rope flapping motion (seven) ride (eight) Dance (nine) climb the stairs (ten) ball games fifth chapter mind relieved, renewal -- protect your immune system the sixth chapter adjusting schedule, cyclical -- love your immune system in Chapter seventh, the rational use of drugs, complement each other - protect your immune system the eighth chapter panic, everything in good order and well arranged -- to deliver your immune system
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The first chapter healthy "firewall" -- the immune system, why we get sick? Health and longevity is the common desire of people, but, many people desire can not be achieved, some people may have the misfortune to be suffering from constant chronic illness and difficult living, while others are premature loss of life, nor even the difficult living opportunity. Health and disease has not one person or two persons to pay attention to things, but in today's society is widespread, everyone must to face. Life time of human nature should be more than 100 years, while the figure for many people seem a bit out of reach. What caused the people prematurely lost their lives? Have a look the causes of human death, we discover not hard, the biggest killer is -- the disease, and the disease is less because the body caused by natural aging. As a result, the natural cause people's thinking. Now the science and technology more and more developed, the medical level is getting higher and higher, but why there are so many diseases have no cure and cause people to suffer from the diseases and even lose a life? There are so manyThe disease has no cure? To cause disease have those? 1 pressure fast-paced life, make us more and more pressure. Everywhere is to live for the future, don't stop the pace of travel, we rest and recreation time is occupied too much time on work, excessive fatigue and make us be prematurely wear down the body, premature senescence. According to statistics, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease and cancer and other diseases that more and more people in pain. Stress is a major factor in our sick.
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"Revolution" natural immune people should live for more than 100 years, this figure is not far away. What caused the people to the premature loss of life? Is -- diseases. Almost all diseases are associated with the body's own immune function disorders, immune dysfunction can be said is the source of diseases. Tumor and infection is the most common manifestation of low immunity. The respiratory system disease, digestive system disease, kidney disease, rheumatic disease, endocrine disease, nervous system disease, skin disease, and even infertility were associated with immune system imbalance is closely related to. "The immune revolution" will tell you how activities 100!
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