• Fruit nutrition and health

    "Fruit nutrition and health", the book introduces some common fruit morphology, function, nutrition, therapeutic efficacies, multi angle to the health effects of fruit for the reader, the therapeutic effect that readers from the daily exposure to the ordinary fruit can prevent and cure diseases, physical health. ,

  • Development of human

    "Human development" is the National Higher Vocational Colleges of engineering, Medical College of rehabilitation treatment in combination of "1025" planning materials. "Science" is divided into ten chapters, the development of human, main contents include the development of human history, fetal development, physical development, gross motor development, fine motor development, sensory development, verbal language,

  • Human anatomy

    Human anatomy, "higher education" eleven five "national planning materials: Human Anatomy (Fourth Edition)" for ordinary higher education "eleven five" national planning materials and ordinary higher education teaching materials, mainly for the National Medical College of clinical medicine, nursing, preventive medicine and dental medicine specialty. The book is divided into,

  • To guide the medical immunology review

    "Clinical, oral, prevention, pharmacy, medical and nursing guidance books professional examination: a guide to" review of medical immunology is divided into 20 chapters, each chapter of the main content, vocabulary, exercises and answers of four parts. The main content of part will focus on the difficulties of teaching materials were summarized, the level is clear, know,

  • Pathology

    Pathology, "medical dual class two customs collection: pathology" is "medical double Gang double try one of Customs collection" series, a total of 14 chapters, introduced the basic knowledge of pathology pathological changes and the disease. The book will be medical school teaching syllabus and practitioners examination outline strung as the main line, to the current medical textbooks for the blue,

  • Technology of Experimental Pathology

    "Experimental pathology techniques of" consists of 21 chapters. "Standardization of experimental pathology techniques of" emphasis on the experimental pathological technology, provides the primary copy method disease animal model systems for the reader, with simple diagrams and more than 1500 pieces of original experimental photos, clearly describes the different species of animal tissue,

  • Systematic anatomy

    Systematic anatomy, "national planning textbook of medical colleges and Universities: System Anatomy" according to the organ system of the body on the body structure. "National planning textbook of medical colleges and Universities: System Anatomy" writing style and innovation breakthrough, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, the relationship between learning anatomy and clinical, in each chapter,

  • Module teaching method

    Human anatomy, "module teaching method: Human Anatomy" put forward the idea of "module" teaching method: the teaching content system anatomy is divided into two parts, one part for each medical students should learn the content of the "basic module", another part is based on "basic module of learning". The major need to increase,

  • Medical cell biology and Genetics Experimental Course

    Brief introduction of "medical cell biology and genetics experiment" course content: Medical Cell Biology and genetics theory and technology is an important part of medical science knowledge structure. This tutorial covers the two disciplines and experimental methods used in basic and clinical medicine related content. The purpose of each experiment,

  • Human tissue engineering Introduction

    "The main content of the human tissue engineering Introduction" includes: the research progress in tissue engineering, tissue engineering scaffold material, common seed cells in tissue engineering, kidney tissue engineering, cells and biological composite materials etc.. ,

  • Medical psychology

    Chen Fuguo editor of "medical psychology (fine)" content brief introduction: medical psychology is a cross discipline combining medicine and psychology, it studies the relationship between psychological variables and health or disease variables, psychological and behavior about health and disease research to solve the problem in the field of medicine. "Medical psychology (fine)" for medicine,

  • Medical Chemistry

    Medical Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, "teaching material construction expert committee of planning, the textbook of medical chemistry textbook of medical colleges and Universities:" the medical basic chemistry and medical chemistry combined, part of the analysis of chemical content compression, combined with some chapters. Focus on the integration of chemical and medical and nursing in the preparation process, make the teaching material,

  • Social ecology principles of immune cells

    Wu Kefu compiled the "immune cells of social ecology theory" from the cell biology and evolution theory introduction and immune related to some important problems of the latest developments, discuss them in the direction of development and research clues in twenty-first Century. The book also describes the main ideas and methods of modern theory of evolution; from the super organism as,

  • Nutritional genomics

    "Nutritional genomics" brief introduction: a new branch of nutrition group is the post genome era nutritional food science and interdisciplinary formed, including nutritional genomics, transcriptomics, nutrition nutrition proteomics, nutritional metabonomics, nutritional systems biology, mainly from the molecular level and population level,

  • Biochemistry

    Biological chemistry, "medical dual class two customs collection: Biological Chemistry" is "medical double Gang double try one of Customs collection" series, a total of 4 articles in 21 chapters, introduced the basic knowledge of biological chemistry and biochemistry thematic content. "Medical double outline two customs collection: Biological Chemistry" medical school teaching syllabus and practicing physicians,

  • The utility of nutrition

    "Practical nutrition (Second Edition)" introduced in the current field of the latest teaching and scientific research, as well as food, diet on disease development and the therapeutic effect of diet; nutrition knowledge; some diseases of nutrition therapy and dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine and herbal treatment; the relationship between food and drugs and mutual influence,

  • Medical Chemistry

    Medical chemistry, "Vocational" 1025 "planning materials: Medical Chemistry" in nursing skills as the standard, the nursing professional ability as the core to write. Of course the knowledge structure of the pertinence and practicability, highlight the nursing characteristics of higher vocational education, cultivating innovative ability and comprehensive analysis of nursing students and to solve practical problems,

  • Heredity and eugenics based

    "Genetics and eugenics based (Midwifery)" by Science Press organizations in the preparation of technical talents training textbooks published textbooks, but also one of the National Health Vocational College planning. Contents include 3 3 articles: the genetics basis mainly for basic law and based on the genetic material, the eugenics based,

  • The Chinese discipline development strategy of Biomedical Engineering in future ten years

    Biomedical engineering, "China's development strategy for the next 10 years: Biomedical Engineering" a comprehensive summary of the research status and recent research trends of Biomedical Engineering, objective analysis of the development trend of the subject, from the angle of the development rule and characteristics of the research subject, prospective thinking of the overall layout of disciplines, the biomedical engineering,

  • The animal model of human disease research and experimental animal management

    "The animal models of human disease research and experimental animal management" brief introduction: the foundation of the development of medical research often relies on the use of animal models for experimental hypothesis and the clinical hypothesis. The animal model is essential for modern method and means in medical research, but also the core content of experimental medicine and medical research. ",

  • Physiology

    "Physiology (case Edition) (Second Edition)" content brief introduction: to conform to the trend of the teaching reform of the Ministry of education and the improvement of the existing teaching mode, to adapt to the current status of education in medical colleges, and improving quality of medical education, the cultivation of innovation spirit and innovation ability of medical personnel, in the full investigation of science press,

  • Medical physics learning guidance and answers to exercises

    Medical physics learning guidance and answers to exercises, "higher education" eleven five "national planning materials supporting teaching: medical physics learning guidance and answers to exercises" consists of 15 chapters, chapter arrangement and the main textbook completely correspond, each chapter includes summary, thinking about three part of that answer the questions and answers. The materials for College of medicine specialty,

  • Experimental guide of Pathology

    Pathology of experimental guidance, "the ordinary higher education" 1025 "planning materials: pathology experimental guidance" is written in textbooks and syllabus of Pathology, the Chinese institutions of higher requirements, based on the teaching characteristics of traditional Chinese Medicine College, committed to the content selection, quoting mature and reliable, "Jane", "will" and "cheap" experimental project. "Disease,

  • The local anatomy

    The local anatomy, "fine course of national universities materials: local anatomy (Bilingual Edition)" mainly uses the field anatomical photo illustrations, some of which are difficult to memory, difficulties in sample photos should not appear, said with illustrations, text to briefly, prominent key, attempts to overcome the shortcoming of the past textbooks,,

  • Experimental and clinical immunology inspection guidance

    Experimental and clinical immunology inspection guidance, "experimental clinical immunology examination guidance" is one of experimental medical college examination professional teaching materials planning, from 6 domestic colleges and universities colleges and 3 clinical teaching practice in hospital prepared. This textbook based on emphasizing medical test basic experimental technology and operation of the importance of comprehensive experiment and innovation,

  • Medical physiology

    Medical physiology textbooks, "National Medical College: Medical Physiology (Fourth Edition)" has been revised many times. This is based on the previous revision and made the further revision and update the content, added some illustrations, replacing some illustrations, further processing of the original illustrations most also made, so that teaching,

  • Basic immunology and pathogenic biology

    "The main content of basic immunology and pathogenic biology" includes medical immunology, antigen, immunoglobulin, complement system, immune response, hypersensitivity, immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases, such as immunological application. ,

  • Fundamentals of diagnosis

    Fundamentals of diagnosis, the "National Health Vocational Education Ministry of education planning materials: Fundamentals of diagnosis (Second Edition) (medical, pharmacy, medical technology and management majors)" for the Ministry of education textbook, revised edition, by reference to the relevant latest national occupational skill standards and industry professional skill appraisal standard, combined with the this course in recent years,

  • Human anatomy.

    Easy to human anatomy summary southwest, "(the national planning textbook of medical colleges and universities)" to introduce basic knowledge of human anatomy as a starting point, according to the function of system of human body were described in the security of anatomical knowledge system and integrity at the same time, emphasizes the relation between structure and function, emphasizes the human body each system function,

  • Systematic anatomy

    "Anatomy (case Edition) (Second Edition)" for undergraduate medical colleges case teaching reform teaching in the first edition, revised on the basis of. The book is divided into 5 chapters, the 19 chapter. This material to real clinical cases or standardized case guided teaching, systematically expounded the morphology, structure and function of human organs. ,

  • Histology and Embryology Study Guide

    "Histology and Embryology study guide" edited by Chen Xiaorong and Xu Chen, "the histology and Embryology study guide" each chapter is divided into three parts, namely content summary, summary and reflection questions. Summary of contents generally 300 to 400 words, a succinct description of this chapter. Content in outline form the,

  • Brain function assessment

    "Brain function evaluation", this book: the understanding of brain function evaluation, it is very important to individual, family and society. Study of her more than twenty years of clinical experience, the accumulation of the data and related literatures the author tries to introduce the related research data and experience for clinical counterparts, as you,

  • The human body is a complex system of scientific exploration

    "The human body is a complex system of scientific exploration" content brief introduction: the human body is a typical complicated system, is becoming one of the main research objects of complex systems science. Tsien Hsueshen in his later years devoted to the study of the human body, put forward many important concepts and ideas. This book is the inheritance and development of Tsien Hsueshen's system science, human science and thinking science,

  • The reform of medical education textbook series

    Pathogen biology and immunology, medical education "series: Reform of pathogenic biology and Immunology Experiment" is the reform of the medical education textbook series, is divided into two modules, 28 small units, according to pathogenic microorganisms, the medical colleges - Immunology - and so on a full range analysis, is a worth a look medical books. ,

  • Human histology and anatomy nouns in English and Chinese

    "The English Chinese human anatomy and Embryology noun (Second Edition)" collected system anatomy, regional anatomy, histology and Embryology nouns about more than 7000. English names and Chinese names are in general higher education "eleven five" national planning materials "Anatomy", "local" and "histological anatomy,

  • Medical cell biology experiment tutorial

    Medical cell biology experiment tutorial, "higher education" eleven five "national planning materials supporting the book: medical cell biology experiment tutorial" origin of backbone teachers engaged in medical cell biology teaching from the Second Military Medical University, Tongji University, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Xinxiang Medical University jointly completed. "The ordinary higher education",

  • Color atlas of regional anatomy

    "Color Atlas of regional anatomy (Second Edition)" 365 color map, is divided into eight parts, namely: head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and perineum, spine, upper and lower limbs. Draw the graph according to the anatomical specimens of sketching, strives to reflect the structural characteristics of the human body the Chinese people themselves, only part of the country to see,

  • Understanding of the human brain

    "Understanding the human brain" based on the latest scientific research, many aspects of collection of relevant data, and in the form of illustrations for the reader opens a door to the brain mysteries. The human brain is a resplendent pearl, is also a very mysterious kingdom. In the mysterious kingdom while charging,

  • Pathology and pathophysiology

    Pathology and pathophysiology, "ordinary higher education textbook: pathology and pathophysiology" is divided into two parts altogether 26 chapters, the first part is the pandect part consists of 17 chapters, describes the common disease pathological changes. Some of the sections made bigger modification, such as tissue and cell damage and repair, genetic disease, water electrolyte metabolism and acid-base balance turbulence,

  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment

    Department of nutrition diagnosis, as an important component of comprehensive treatment of many diseases, the importance and effectiveness of medical nutrition intervention has been approved by many high strength of evidence. Based on the guiding ideology of the fundamental, "Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment: nutrition, routine treatment (Second Edition)" with the new technology and new method of clinical nutrition,

  • Histology and embryology experiment and Atlas guidance

    "Histology and embryology experiment guidance and Atlas (Second Edition)" compiled by Wei Lihua, Su Yanping, Cui Haiqing. "Histology and embryology experiment guidance and Atlas (Second Edition)" this book matching experiment teaching material "national higher medical colleges in histology and Embryology" teaching, in order to improve the,

  • Histology and Embryology

    "The medical plan of higher school textbooks: histology and embryology, histology and Embryology" is divided into upper and lower two, Chapter 26, system, simple teaching histology and embryology of basic knowledge, the content of sophisticated, focused, clear pictures. The national Ministry of education, National Excellent Course responsible person,

  • Mesenchymal stem cells for basic and clinical

    "Mesenchymal stem cell basis and clinical" mainly introduces the mesenchymal stem cell in the basic study and clinical research at home and abroad. Basic research involves the biological characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells from different tissues of comparison and its mechanism; mesenchymal stem cells in the clinical application of the at the same time,,

  • Medical Cell Biology

    Medical cell biology, Chinese Academy of science textbook "expert committee of planning teaching material, the textbook of medical colleges and Universities: Medical Cell Biology (Third Edition)" for undergraduate higher medical colleges textbooks. The system introduces the basic theory of medical cell biology, the book has 15 chapters, including cell biology,

  • Human parasitology

    Human parasitology, "higher education" 1025 "planning materials: Human Parasitology" is composed of ten universities engaged in teaching of human parasitology professors and teachers together to write, mainly include general, medical helminth, medical protozoon and medical arthropods several parts, at the end of the book is a parasitic disease real,

  • Medical Laboratory Technology Guide

    Medical biochemistry experiment instruction, "medical biochemistry experiment instruction" is written in three parts. The first theory, chapter six, the basic principle of system introduced application of biochemical technology and in the research of biomacromolecule. Second test papers, a total of three chapters, the first chapter according to the experiment teaching plan, arrange the determination of protein content in more than 10,

  • Handbook of clinical bacteria examination operation

    "Manual" clinical bacteria examination operation a total of twelve chapters, including introduction, bacteria bacterial room room job responsibilities, bacterial laboratory quality control procedures, bacteria room quality control management procedure and bacterial susceptibility testing of quality control procedures, bacteria commonly used enzyme test quality control procedures, bacteria commonly used enzyme test quality control process,

  • The clinical microbiology examination experiment guidance

    The clinical microbiology examination experiment guidance, "the clinical microbiology examination experiment instruction (for medical laboratory hygiene inspection of medical experimental technology professional college laboratory teaching and textbook)" who edited the fee. "The clinical microbiology examination experiment instruction (for medical health inspection of medical experimental technology and other professional,

  • Atlas of practical anatomy, lower extremity.

    "Atlas of practical anatomy (Third Edition)" depicts anatomical atlas of human morphology as a part, by means of plastic arts, the basic appearance of the body structure of the selectively and perfect as possible to present to the readers. Including the upper section and lower section of the two part is divided into introduction, upper limb,

  • The modern reproductive health

    The book is divided into twelve parts, the main contents include: reproductive and genetic and reproductive abnormalities related disease, prenatal diagnosis, reproductive and gynaecological diseases, reproductive and andrology diseases, reproductive and endocrine diseases. ,

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