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Date of publication:2010-3   Press: Liaoning science and Technology Press   Author:Lin Lizhong   Pages:218  

The author is engaged in veterinary work where more than 50 years, has not been separated from the clinical practice, especially in the past 20 years engaged in small animal medicine teaching and clinical work, the exposure to the small animal diseases cover and contain everything, of which there are many cases are not previously presented and recorded cases. But in the past, due to the limited conditions, one one failed to collect, record and photographs, is a pity. In the late professor Zhang Youcheng mentor and predecessor, peer encouragement, over the years the small animal surgical case their own exposure to photograph, and the skills and experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment of operation process into the operation described. Hope that through the process of diagnosis and treatment of these actual cases, photographs and illustrations of the instructions and personal experience with, can give engaged in small animal clinical disease diagnosis and treatment work colleagues, friends and are learning in small animal medicine young students some inspiration and reference. In the small animal clinic, surgery and surgical operation occupy a certain proportion, but also reflect the clinics, hospitals, an important aspect of small animal clinical disease diagnosis and treatment level. Although in many classic works, textbooks and materials are summarized and introduced in the system, but due to space limitations, only theory is introduced and summarized, the lack of actual clinical diagnosis and treatment processVisual images complete. And because of the region's natural environment conditions, hospitals, clinics, technical level of equipment condition, clinical diagnosis and treatment experience in different cases, symptoms and disease contacts are different, all have their own good treatment method. Some of the treatment process and method presented in this book (including success and failure), some not completely in accordance with the method described by classical data for diagnosis and treatment, but also the lack of laboratory data of clinical conditions, but according to the condition and the personal touch processing. Because the time is hasty, the limitation of the equipment, the collected data is not complete, in some cases, the photograph also lack full, remains to be continued. Due to the limitation of personal level, inappropriate, please colleagues to give criticism, make it perfect, hope this book can play some role in the small animal clinical medicine.

In the small animal clinic, surgery and surgical operation occupy a certain proportion, but also reflect the clinics, hospitals, an important aspect of small animal clinical disease diagnosis and treatment level. "Small animal surgical operation cases of" includes: dog ear surgery operation; dog ear trauma; Pekingese conjunctival injury; dog lateral thoracic abscess. "Small animal surgical operation cases of" rich in content, explain straightaway, have very strong practicability.
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1 dog ear cosmetic operation 2 Doberman Pinscher ear trimming operation 3 dog ear hematoma operation 4 Japanese Spitz earwax adenoma 5 dog ear trauma in 6 Xi Shi dog ears and head tumor 7 Xi Shi dog head tumor operation 8 Pekingese eyelid and waist papilloma 9 Pekingese corneal ulcer, 10 eyes eyelid Chow Chow entropion operation 11 poodle ectropion operation 12 Pekingese conjunctival injury 13 Pekingese eye prolapse repair operation 14 Pekingese enucleation operation 15 Rottweilers eye Harderian gland hyperplasia 16 Xi Shi canine eyelid tumors and tail tumor 17 Xi Shi canine right eyelid and cheek tumor 18 Persian cat eye black keratopathy 19 dachshunds cranial saw operation 20 soil dog face cut a 21 Xi Shi dog facial trauma were 22 local dogs nose trauma in 23 Scotland shepherd dog tongue palate tumor 24 fracture Genesis 25 Samoyed dog tongue trauma 26 dachshunds sublingual tumor 27 Foxhound lingual tumor 28 Rottweilers labial papilloma 29 butterfly mandible front transverse fracture 30 Welsh Corgi mandibular cross-sectional fracture 31 cat mandibular symphysis fracture and 32 Beijing dog cordectomy operation 33 cats neck wound 34 raccoon dog canine esophageal exploration operation 35 La complex Intestinal canine left lower chest wall and abdominal tumor in 36 Labrador dogs chest tumor in 37 Japanese dog gastric obstruction perforation operation 38 dog lateral thoracic abscess 39 ha mixed primary puppies umbilical hole rupture in 40 dog intussusception operation 41 golden retriever intussusception, bowel anastomosis operation ends 42 ha stray dog liver swelling in 43 dog liver cancer 44 poodle intestinal obstruction operation 45 Pekingese umbilical hernia and inguinal hernia 46 Simmental canine abdominal wall hernia operation 47 golden retriever rectal obstruction operation 48 ha hybrid dog vesical calculus operation 49 Schnauzer bladder cancer 50 cat kidney free secondary peritonitis in 51 cat kidney resection operation 52 operation 53 dogs cats ovariectomy ovariectomy operation 54 Pekingese hysterectomy operation 55 Pekingese pyometra with bladder calculi operation 56 Pekingese horn of uterus tumor operation 57 dog ovarian granular cell tumor in 58 Beijing dog castration operation 59 Wells Corgi caesarean operation 60 bar Jiddu canine prostate enlargement (Zeng Sheng) 61 German Shepherd vaginal Zeng Sheng operation 62 Pekingese scrotal tumor resection operation 63 dog breast neoplasms in 64 dog breast cystic tumor operation 65 congenital open sheath of penis, penis deformity and urethral fistula 66 shepherd mixed epithelioma of penis 67 The Miniature Pinscher urethral calculi operation 68 Miniature Pinscher cryptorchidism operation 69 Scotland shepherd vaginal tumor 70 Pekingese perianal adenoma and testicular fibrosarcoma 71 Japanese pornographic perianal ulceration wounds 72 beaver hybrid dogs vulva skin lipoma 73 Pekingese anal tumor above 74 Japanese pornographic dog Yin households tumor 75 Pekingese rectal diverticulum. Perineal hernia operation 76 stray dogs, rectal diverticulum resection operation in 77 dogs with perineal hernia operation 78 stray dogs in inguinoscrotal hernia in 79 Pug scrotal eczema 80 boxer hip tumors 81 Pekingese melanoma 82 Labrador Retriever cut finger operation 83 Rottweilers left forelimb wrist contusion of joint deformity in 84 dog left anterior Palma papillary tumor 85 Rottweiler right elbow and hip tumor operation 86 open traumatic elbow swelling 87 Pekingese forelimb elbow tumor 88 dog right fore elbow swelling 89 poodle forelimb amputation operation wolf 90 stray dogs right forelimb wrist deformity in 91 Pekingese anterior Palma tumor operation 92 Miniature Pinscher left forelimb of distal humeral fractures in 93 Beagle right fore elbow joint dislocation in 94 Alaska dog left hind tibial lateral condyle fracture, fibula fracture in 95 husky dog femoral fracture internal fixation operation 96 golden retriever dog tibial Fibular fracture internal fixation operation hind limb amputation operation 98 97 shepherd dog limb sole fungal dermatitis 99 Labrador Retriever right hind leg hip dislocation in 100 Doberman docking operation 101 Yorkshire paronychia 102 mongrel dog wolf claw resection operation in 103 soil hound hind tarsal joint dislocation in 104 Bull Terrier right hind tibia and knee injury in 105 white naped crane beak fracture under 106 mandibular posterior anterior neck tumor in 107 rabbits mandibular tumor 108 Brazil turtle conjunctival sac caseous deposited 109 macaque mumps 110 mountain tortoise foreign body in stomach operation 111 mountain turtle carapace and laceration in 112 guinea pigs (guinea pig) buttocks abscess clinical common pet surgery and surgical operation cases list references
Chapter excerpt

Dog, 14 years. [] with the dog out her right eye. A small sarcoma is already two months, there has been a sarcoma two months of tail. Binocular cataracts, no vision. [check] temperature 38.7 ℃, under his right eye. 1.2em× 1.2cm sarcoma in a right angle, under the eyelid, hard, have active up to the skin, pink. His eyes had cataract. At the end of the tail, 3em× below 3era above the anus; 4cm sarcoma in a circular projection, surface roughness, has obvious pedicle, pedicle is about 2.5em× 2.5era, the hard. Perianal inflammation, check the extrusion process a large amount of purulent liquid out of the anus (see Figure 16 - 1). [] eyelid basal cell tumor diagnosis, the root of the tail skin fibroma. [treatment] operation resection. 1 to ease intravenous general anesthesia, 15 min before surgery as a subcutaneous injection of atropine induced. 2 local shearing, shaving, disinfection, conjunctival sac with rivanol solution cleaning, disinfection. 3 around the skin of tumor base ring skin incision, separation of the tumor, resection. With rivanol solution cleaning and disinfection (see figure 16-2). 4 eyelids wound with 4# silk suture wound closure nodules. Conjunctival sac with rivanol solution cleaning. Wound iodine tincture disinfection (see Figure 16-3). The 5 root of tail tumor local shearing, shaving, disinfection (see figure 16-4). 6 around the tumor pedicle division ring skin incision, separation of tumor, resection, hemostasis, with rivanol solution cleaning, disinfection (see figure 16-5). 7 with 7# silk suture the wound with skin nodules, tincture of iodine. 8 recovery, ampicillin, subcutaneous injection of Antongding, 2 times / day, for 4 days. The prognosis of [] after 10 days were removed two skin suture, wound healing, eye fissure expansion is not the two operation. [discussion] 1 of the cases with small tumor excision, although after suturing the wound, but because in the eye fissure site, postoperative eye fissure expansion condition, can be two times operation suture in wound healing, reduce the normal eye crack, but the master that the dog is old, and there is a cataract, resection of the tumor. Again, do not have operation. … …
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