Rabies prevention and control guidelines

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"Rabies prevention and control guide" is the basis of reading a rabies knowledge. "Rabies prevention and control guide" from rabies epidemiology, vaccine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine and policy management, the 9 chapter, the rabies prevention, treatment, management of the. "Rabies prevention and control guide" the most authoritative experts in China engaged in professional rabies prevention, treatment and vaccine. "Rabies prevention and control guidelines" language concise, easy to understand, is a valuable tool for the book.
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The first chapter order human rabies rabies epidemic situation of 1 foreign countries and regions, 1.1 no rabies 1.2 human rabies cases less in countries and regions of 1.3 human rabies cases more countries and regions and 2 domestic human rabies epidemic situation of 2.1 unmanned rabies in 2.2 human rabies cases less area of 2.3 human rabies cases more area in second chapter 2.4 trends in the pathogenesis and clinical diagnosis and treatment of 1 mechanisms of wound tissue of 1.1 small 1.2 proliferative phase invades the central nervous stage 1.3 stage 2 3 the pathological changes of clinical diagnosis and treatment of 3.1 clinical stage 3.2 clinical type 3.3 complications of 3.4 diagnosis of 3.5 differential diagnosis of the 3.6 treatment of the third chapter Purified Hamster Kidney Cell Rabies Vaccine 1 Purified Hamster Kidney Cell Rabies Vaccine. The birth of 2 kind of vaccine 2.1 nerve tissue vaccine 2.2 avian embryo vaccine 2.3 cell culture vaccine 3 used in China at present quality standard of 4 rabies vaccine and vaccine failure may cause 4.1 vaccine quality factors of 4.2 patients with post exposure prophylaxis misconduct 4.3 individual constitution factor of 4.4 after exposure to deal properly with the immune failure case analysis of the fourth chapter of passive immune agents 1 overview 2 classification 3 principles 4 common passive immunity Phytophthora preparations of 4.1 human immune globulin 4.2 animal immunity preparation the fifth chapter of human rabies management and prevention of 1 to strengthen the management of infectious sources of 1.1 canine rabies prevention and Control 1.2 strengthen human rabies epidemic reporting and processing 2 susceptible prevention 2.1 pre exposure vaccination 2.2 exposure after disposal 2.3 again after exposure the disposal of 2.4 special populations after exposure to dispose of 3 WHO recommended other immune program introduces 3.1 intramuscular injection of 2 - 1 - 1 the immune procedure 3.2 Pinedo point method 4 disinfection disinfection 4.1 definitions 4.2 rabies virus resistance 4.3 disinfection measures 4.4 rabies patients body with 4.5 abandoned vaccine treatment 4.6 specimens of transport schedule A schedule B sixth chapter laboratory 1 Laboratory Bio safety 2 specimen collection, transportation, storage, 2.1 specimens collected personal safety protection of 2.2 samples were collected from 2.3 specimen collection time, packaging type and store 2.4 samples were collected from 2.5 specimens collected from carrying 2.6 preserved specimen collection, preservation and in the 3 laboratory methods for detection of 3.1 rabies specific pathogen detection of 3.2 rabies specific antibody detection in the seventh chapter the vaccination reaction of 1 basic vaccination reaction The concept of 2 vaccination reaction type 2.1 prophylactic inoculation general response 2.2 increased 2.3 and 2.4 other diseases induced by the coupling reaction or stimulate the potential diseases in 2.5 acute mental reaction of 2.6 accident 2.7 abnormal reaction in the eighth chapter of the report of 2.8 abnormal reaction of animal rabies prevention and control of epidemic transmission range 1.2 1 1.1 1.3 2 clinical symptoms of the epidemic characteristics of laboratory methods for detection of 3 prevention and 3.1 control measures enacted local regulations in accordance with the law to control 3.2 legislation and education work along both lines to improve the inoculation rate of dogs 3.3 departments to strengthen cooperation to animal epidemic prevention target responsibility system 3.4 implementation procedures of the immune enhancing immune effect of 3.5 strict animal quarantine to prevent the transport of 3.6 to raise public awareness of epidemic prevention ninth chapter China kennel management status and Planning 1 determine the organization and leadership responsibilities 2 curing perfect long-term mechanism to promote the management level of work 2.1 building departments at all levels of the mechanism for joint prevention and control work of 2.2 established the supervision and examination mechanism of 2.3 pay attention to public opinion to improve communication mechanism to strengthen a management mechanism of 2.4 dogs 2.5 stray animal shelter save the creation mechanism of the 3 dog registration inspection will be carried out most dogs into Management range 4 carry the rabies prevention safeguards citizen's health and safety 5 in-depth public awareness and service to win the community's understanding and support 6 integrate social resources to assist the government to carry out the work of 6.1 established Kennel Association established in 6.2 dogs in 7 community autonomy can work in the future planning of 7.1 strengthen the prevention and cure of rabies 7.2 to enhance the propaganda and strengthen law enforcement inspection 7.4 advance to raise 7.3 self discipline will build 7.5 dogs play Kennel Association 7.6 stray animal shelter save the perfect mechanism mainly references Appendix 1 rabies knowledge quiz in Appendix 2 to the Beijing City Health Bureau file Appendix 3 "Beijing City kennel management regulations"
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"Rabies prevention and control guide" for the grassroots medical staff, disease prevention and control as well as ordinary readers to use and reference.
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