Diagnosis and treatment of disease in dogs and cats

Date of publication:2006-2   Press: Southwestern Normal University press   Author:Xu Hongcan Zheng Xiaobo Nie Kui Lai Qinnong   Pages´╝Ü374  
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The first chapter, the first section clinical diagnosis of clinical diagnosis, two basic methods of inquiry, inspection, palpation, percussion three four five, second day general inspection, auscultation a systemic state observation two, body temperature, respiration and pulse examination in three, skin and hair coat check four, visual inspection, mucosal superficial lymph nodes in five section third examines system check, digestive system, respiratory system examination two examination in three, urinary and reproductive system check four, circulatory system check five, motor examination six, examination of the nervous system the second chapter experimental diagnosis first blood test, a blood collection two, hemoglobin levels were measured in three, four, red blood cell count of white blood cell count five, white blood cell count second stool examination, eye view check two, pH three, occult blood four, microscopic examination third examination of urine, urine a general examination in two, urinary protein, urine occult blood test three qualitative check four, microscope inspection section fourth parasite examination, fecal examination two, Sarcoptes scabiei three, check, itch mite Demodex inspection chapter third special diagnostic section ultrasonic inspection, ultrasonic inspection of a type two, ultrasonic inspection Check the X X-ray examination and clinical application of second a, X ray inspection method two, how to look at the X ray diagnosis reports third quarter and ECG, ECG lead and a two, ECG examination of the clinical application of endoscopic treatment of fourth section fourth chapter fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh infectious diseases, parasitic diseases department of internal medicine disease eighth chapter poisoning disease the ninth chapter tenth chapter eleventh surgical disease obstetric diseases common operation @##@ chapter appendix "Dogs and cats disease diagnosis" is divided into eleven chapters, the first chapter to the three chapter introduces and clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis and special diagnosis; the fourth chapter in detail introduces the technology of Baoding method, method of administration, puncture, urethral catheterization, enema, anesthesia, oxygen therapy, blood transfusion, peritoneal dialysis and trachea intubation and other small animal treatment; the fifth to the ten chapter in detail and many diseases (infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, non communicable Department of internal medicine, surgery and obstetrics disease) diagnosis and treatment of etiology, symptoms, operation method; the eleventh chapter introduces the common operation in dogs and cats. The appendix at the end of a book and physiological parameters and the commonly used drug and dose reference table. The book is comprehensive, from the novel. The editor based on extensive collection of domestic and foreign data, teaching research and clinical experience in small animal disease for many years, carefully prepared. Not only focus on theory, more emphasis on the practical, experimental animal, animal medicine specialty, professional economic animal and pet students very important reference materials, and veterinary professional and technical personnel is worth reading professional books.
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  •   Said more detailed, not so boring
  •   Too broad, but not for. Write everything, but as quick, all did not say clearly.
  •   For the layman, partial professional point, but looked good, at least a puppy home, to learn more about their health information

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