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Vinegar, also known as vinegar, vinegar, rice vinegar, bitter, originated in China, has 3000 years of history. The taste of vinegar acid, Gan, Ping, to the stomach, liver after two, the main nutrients is citric acid, acetic acid, amino acid, can promote digestion appetizers, scattered stasis, hemostasis, detoxification. "Chinese Materia Medica" records: "broken blood, except the disease will Jian Ji, Xiaoshi, kill poisonous gas, broken knot, heart sour water retention of phlegm and fluid." Modern medicine thinks, vinegar can regulate blood acid-base balance, maintaining the human body environment relative stability; help digestion, is conducive to the absorption of nutrients in food; has strong sterilization ability, to Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli killing in the intestinal tract (commonly known as coli), Shigella dysenteriae (commonly known as), halophilic bacteria, can effectively prevent intestinal diseases, influenza and respiratory diseases; the dilation of blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease; fatty change can cause excessive body for physical consumed, and promote the sugar and protein metabolism. Have very good protection effect of vinegar on the skin, the hair can. Can use vinegar medicine ancient China records, that it has germinal, beauty, blood pressure, the effect of weight loss, can eliminate fatigue, promote sleep, and can alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness seasick.
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