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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Zhejiang science and technology   Author:Fan Lanlan   Pages´╝Ü356  

This book combines the modern nutriology, traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine knowledge, selected ancient famous prescription, folk prescription medicated diets for finishing and modification, science diet, make a special health food into thousands of households, to better serve the broad masses of the people.
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The first doctor of traditional Chinese medicine medicated health the first chapter talk about the Chinese medicated diet of basic principles, understanding the Chinese Medicined Diet to two, understanding Chinese Medicined Diet based learning Chinese medicated diet three, making second chapter Chinese medicated diet common food and Chinese herbal medicine, making medicinal common food grains and beans vegetables Livestock game class aquatic fruit dried fruit, making the other two commonly used Chinese herbal medicinal heat clearing and detoxifying herbal cough phlegm in the Chinese herbal medicine for activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis and Qi in the Chinese herbal medicine of Chinese herbs detumescence herbal aroma and damp in the Chinese herbal medicine of Buqi herbal tonic herbal Huanwu herbal tonic herbal second doctors pointing the disease commonly used medicated side the first chapter respiratory system disease commonly used medicated side, cold, cough, bronchitis, two three four, five bronchial asthma, pneumonia in six, pulmonary tuberculosis in second chapter of cardiovascular system disease commonly used medicated side, anemia, hypertension, hypotension, two three four, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease five chapter third digestive system diseases a common diet, hiccup, vomiting, loss of appetite two three four five six, constipation, chronic gastritis Seven, gastroptosis, stomach, duodenal ulcer, chronic enteritis in nine, eight in ten acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver eleven twelve thirteen, fourteen fifteen, cholecystitis, gallstone pancreatitis in fourth chapter of urinary system disease commonly used medicated side, acute nephritis, chronic nephritis, two three four of urinary tract infection, urinary lithiasis, prostatitis, hypertrophy of the prostate is five six fifth chapter nervous system disease commonly used medicated side, headache, neurasthenia two chapter sixth surgical diseases commonly used medicated side, enlargement of the thyroid gland two, three acute mastitis, hemorrhoids, burn in five, four, seven, six carbuncle furuncle eczema, itchy skin warts, eight nine ten, athlete's foot eleven, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, twelve of thirteen senile osteoporosis in fourteen, rheumatoid arthritis in fifteen, fracture of seventh chapter of pediatric diseases commonly used medicated side, enuresis in children, three children with diarrhea, two of four measles, varicella five, six pertussis, seven mumps and rickets in children, eight, eighth chapter of common gynecological diseases in children with anorexia medicated side, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, two three, five four gynecological disease, vomiting of pregnancy, pregnancy edema seven six, Threatened abortion eight, Tixu nine, postpartum hypogalactia ten, uterine prolapse eleven, climacteric syndrome in ninth chapter ENT diseases commonly used medicated side, acute conjunctivitis, two, three, four, night blindness glaucoma cataract five, myopia six, deafness, tinnitus, otitis media, seven eight, nine, ten, aphthous toothache acute and chronic pharyngitis third doctors teach you to make beauty health medicated diet a first chapter beauty, cosmetic, medicinal diet two weight loss fitness three, hair care, diet and breast. The second chapter four tonic medicated, Yangxin medicated diet two, nourishing liver, invigorating spleen and stomach medicated diet three, lung five, four. Puzzle soothe the nerves diet six, delay aging diet seven, anti-cancer diet eight, tonic health diet nine, Qi, blood medicated diet ten eleven, tonifying qi blood diet twelve, Yang, Yin Medicined Diet Diet thirteen fourteen, Bushen Yijing diet fifteen, Zhuangyaojianshen diet third chapter four seasons health diet, a spring health diet two, the summer health diet three, autumn health diet four, winter regimen diet
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"Medical food" is divided into three chapters. The first article famous Chinese medicated health food, herbs commonly used basic principle, Chinese medicated diet including Chinese medicated diet regimen and, respectively in detail; second commonly used herbal doctors pointing of disease in western medicine, disease name as the key link, select medicated treatment effective disease 78, medicated side 2000 Yu Song; third doctors for teach you to make beauty health diet, method of making mainly on beauty and health care, health tonic, the four seasons health diet. "The Chinese medical health collection: Medical diet Daquan" informative, clear the selected entries, the party sought to easily obtained raw materials, simple production, is suitable for the ordinary family, can also be used for nutrition professionals read reference.
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