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Date of publication:2008-9   Press: The red flag   Author:Jin Wei   Pages´╝Ü239  

Health is the normal state of human life existence, health depends on many factors, dietary nutrition is the key. Balanced nutrition is the material basis of health, and a reasonable diet is the fundamental way to balance nutrition. In order to guide residents practice rational diet, nutrient balance, according to the principles of nutrition, combined with our country residents food consumption and nutritional status, write a "health Chinese: Chinese residents reasonable diet". A reasonable diet, guizaijianchi. Effect of diet on health is long, as long as unremittingly adopted reasonable diet, formed a habit, can fully reflect the health promoting.
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The first chapter reasonable diet is healthy this chapter second chapter third general population reasonable diet of pregnant women dietary, chapter fourth lactating women dietary, chapter fifth infants and preschool children reasonable diet chapter sixth children and adolescents aged reasonable diet in the seventh chapter, the eighth chapter reasonable diet reasonable diet four elements of the ninth chapter reasonable diet of five note the tenth chapter reasonable diet, disease prevention
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"Health Chinese: China residents reasonable diet" by the red flag press.
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