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Life is a series of multi-dimensional canvas, modern living life is a gorgeous colorful brush; life is a passionate symphony, jump of modern life is wonderful music encyclopedia series of notes. Open the books, you will find more daily life tips; you will find a way of keeping good health East body health; you can learn to care massage; you can develop self treatment......
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One, overview (a) cereal foods can provide what beneficial substances 1 heat 2 protein 3 provides 4 fat provides vitamin 5 provides 6 minerals provide dietary fiber (two) how to eat staple food 1 to cereal based staple food, eating a variety of 2 advocate with the thickness of 3 should not eat fried food 4 porridge can add alkali 5 dinner do not eat the staple food habit is not good 6 obese people how to choose how to prepare the staple food staple 7 8 Steamed buns and bread which is nutritious 9 how reasonable cooking staple food should not be more than 10 new rice Amoy long bubble 11 should not eat, eat Deep-Fried Dough Sticks 12 not long-term consumption of instant noodles 13 rice, flour, cereals defects two nutrition and diet (a) and distribution of millet 1 source 2 nutritional components of 3 health effects of 4 therapeutic side (two) and the distribution of Gu Ya 1 2 3 source of nutrition health care function of 4 therapeutic side (three) and distribution of 2 nutrient composition of 3 wheat and 1 from health effects of 4 therapeutic side (four) and the distribution of barley and 1 from 2 nutritional components of 3 health care therapeutic side 4 (five ) and distribution of buckwheat 1 source 2 nutritional components of 3 health care function...... Three, hard fruit nutrition and diet four, fat nutrition and diet five, cereal Food and health recipes
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Home required, simple and practical tips, diseases diagnosis, health care wisdom.
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