Food appropriate restriction in 2011 cases

Date of publication:2011-4   Press: Hebei science and technology   Author:Song Xikun   Pages´╝Ü199  

Different foods, cooking method is different. Every kind of food to eat what? Eaten raw or cooked? How to cook the most scientific? Don't eat not to eat on. Good food, but also a scientific method of eating.
people in the selection of food, food is in fact choosing. Only choose the food, you can avoid "eating out of the disease"!
"food for 2011 cases (g" author Song Xikun) tell you the basic knowledge of food and nutrition.
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The first chapter grain cereals appropriate g
second chapter vegetables in the appropriate
Chapter third grams of fruit in the appropriate g
fourth chapter of livestock and poultry eggs in appropriate restriction
fifth chapters in aquatic products affordable g
sixth chapter drink appropriate g
seventh chapter in condiments appropriate restriction
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: rice porridge and soup are nutritious food to help children absorption. High quality protein which contains, can make blood vessels to maintain a soft, of reducing blood pressure. The content of water-soluble dietary fiber, intestinal bile juice can be discharged in vitro, prevent arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, for the elderly, health food is also very good. The rice itself are high in sugar, diabetics should not eat too much. Rice porridge is easier to digest and absorb, but the production of Japonica rice porridge, do not put base. Because rice is an important source of human vitamin B1, alkali can damage the rice in the vitamin B1, will lead to a lack of vitamin B1. Don't eat rice, brown rice and indifferent to. Because the rice in the process will lose a lot of nutrients, long-term consumption will lead to a lack of nutrition. So the coarse and fine, can nutrition balance. Don't put rice rice soaked in water, to prevent the rice grains during the surface with water soluble nutrient mass loss. Don't force the rice to rub, to appropriately control the washing several times, so as not to cause the loss of nutrition, in order to be able to Amoy to the sediment of scraps of.
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