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Date of publication:2011-4   Press: Guangdong science and Technology Press   Author:Qin Yanfen et al.   Pages´╝Ü126  

This book introduces a refreshing drink sweet, acid, bitter, salty, pale and so different taste 129. Cold drink properties described, with a pure heart and tranquilizing decompression, Runzao, Qingfei Liyan cough Qinggan Mingmu hypotensive effect.
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A cool drink small constant
two pure Divine Calm
Ching lung dryness cough
four summer heat and dampness appetizer
WQ Liver eyesight buck
six clear cold antipyretic drugs
seven throat except export from
eight urine adjustable stool
nine Qingreliangxue bleeding
ten heat dissipation elimination of fat diet
eleven heat clearing and cleansing beauty
twelve heat anti-cancer
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"Drink a health (soft drinks, 128)" the cool drink sweet, acid, bitter, salty, pale and so different taste 128. Each drink are listed: material, preparation method, utility, tips, and a soft drink made of raw materials for the readers reference pictures. The 128 section cool drink nature of cold, the heart is divine calm, clear lung dryness cough, Relieves summer heat and dampness appetizer, Qinggan Mingmu hypotensive, clear cold antipyretic drugs, Liyan throat in the role of bad breath, urine, stool, adjustable Qingreliangxue bleeding and weight reducing, heat clearing and cleansing beauty, clearing away heat and anti-cancer, suitable for heat disease syndrome and thermal physical people drinking. This book by Qin Yanfang, Zhong Hongjiao.
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