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Most often eat fruit encyclopedia 60 Chinese fruit. Each fruit has introduced delicious origin, growth environment, selection methods, production, beauty secrets and keeping small folk prescription, contains the nutrient, and is equipped with 300 beautiful illustrations, reading immediately after you become a "fruit of experts". Want to know the fruit knowledge, want to learn making method, want to have a beauty book, a book in hand, a comprehensive solution. An interesting introduction form of Adam and Eve in the garden to eat what kind of fruit? "A red Feizixiao litchi, no one is known to" the eternal quatrains what history? Why is called "tomato fruit of love"? Lemon carnival is held in which country? The beauty of a woman, what fruit had a good skin care effect? What fruit can make people more slim? This book will in interesting ways to tell to you, let you know all the relevant contents of each kind of fruit in a relaxed atmosphere. Why health and practical collection of banana called "fruit of wisdom? Why is apple is called "the doctor first medicine"? Eat blueberries can prevent colon cancer, hypoglycemia drink Grape Juice most effective. What to eat what to eat is the key to human health, 60 kinds of delicious fruit is 60 of the most natural and effective treatment medicine. This book introduces each kind of fruit of health, diet, and folk prescription, it is the most practical "health guide".
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Banana -- can solve the melancholy happy apple fruit -- let you away from the doctor Betel nut -- Taiwanese favorite snacks Begonia fruit -- the "Flower Fairy" fruit orange -- the world's four largest fruit of litchi -- Yang love carambola at one's leisure -- the most suitable honey peach fruit -- most people -- the first branch date -- cherry fruit Qi beauty not old Kiwi -- the highest content of vitamin C -- the specialty of Hainan Island coconut tomato -- the highest content of vitamin P plum -- bad liver can eat pears -- natural mineral water can prevent eyesight to reduce blueberry -- and degradation of apricot - -- anti-cancer Jiapin longan fruit -- Li Shizhen recommended tonic wine -- the oldest in the world. Fruit and melon -- "melon in the reputation of the" king of the Hawthorn -- can help digestion lemon -- scurvy "Nemesis" loquat -- fresh fragrance and sweet "fruit of the emperor" muskmelon -- the Egyptians as "fruit" papaya -- maternal love pineapple -- good cosmetic effect of pomegranate -- often figurative meaning "the multi multi Fu" Grapefruit symbol -- "Reunion" and "auspicious" Yangmei -- Shengjinzhike, spleen appetizers Pineapple -- from India's "tooth Liuxiang" Mango -- King of tropical fruit watermelon -- summer heat fig -- on which all the Tang Dynasty incoming fruit durian -- the highest protein content of Pitaya -- anti aging tropical fruit wax apple -- alias "namo" Buddhism for fruit nectarine -- no downy peach passion fruit -- enthusiasm the fruit of love, passion and sugar cane -- the main sources of mangosteen durian -- and as the "Queen of fruit" persimmon -- winter to eat more flavor of yellow -- sweet with acid digestion mulberry -- twenty-first Century best health fruit strawberry -- one of the ten big beauty food -- the third generation -- Blackberry raspberry fruit nutrient rich emerging small fruit kumquat -- even the belt meat Lugan eat together -- with high value of utilization of bergamot -- most ornamental value of olive -- symbol of honor and peace -- with its wild jujube Cao Cao plum thirst -- sedative medicine tangerine -- children can not eat dates -- sweet smelling "damson" Cherry Tomatoes -- pocket tomatoes Momordica grosvenori -- East longevity Shenguo banana -- the symbol of the unity and friendship of guava- And the fruit of the "Stinky tofu" Grapefruit -- to eat it for the taste of western pear -- the fruit of the "nutrition"
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Illustration: bananas can solve the melancholy happy fruit identity archives banana is one of the most popular fruit, because it is a tropical fruit in "civilian", cheap and delicious. The Europeans because bananas can relieve depression and call it "happy fruit". Banana is also known as "fruit of wisdom, because it is said that the Buddha Shakya Muni ate a banana and gain wisdom. Banana is rich in nutrition, fresh meat is soft and slippery, sweet and delicious, and contains a known as the "salt of wisdom" of phosphorus, and rich in protein, sugar, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, while too much dietary fiber, is a very good nutritious food. Banana fruit except for fruit, Africa, Asia, tropical America also as food. Bananas in addition to fresh fruit, but also can be made into various products processing and extraction of essential raw materials. The banana plant with high medicinal value: fruit is cold in nature, can slide Escherichia, laxative, Runfei; stems, leaves can be diuretic, can treat the edema, beriberi; root juice can cure sore, node and dysentery; flowers and buds for hematemesis and hematochezia. Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" in say: raw food can be thirst, lungs, blood, fill in the bone marrow, alloy sores, antialcoholism; root indications carbuncle swollen node heat, smashed deposited swelling; Daozhi service, treatment of postpartum blood bulge nausea, wind Chongya pain, Skywalker fanaticism; leaf attending swollen poison primary. In addition, fresh banana stem, bud and male buds are rich in nutrients, after smashing can be used as pig feed. Pseudostem fiber cordage, sacks and paper. Origin of banana is native to Southeast Asia, the main production base in the world of Central America and West Indies Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, the Republic of Domin Ni Fagafaga, Gua de Ropp (Guadeloupe), Jamaica and Martinique (Martinique), South America, Brazil, and Ecuador Africa Columbia, Canary Islands, jacket cable Bea, Cameroon, Guinea and Nigeria, Leah and the Taiwan of Asia area. Banana in China are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Yunnan and Hainan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing also have a small amount of cultivation. In Zhanjiang, Guangdong Maoming, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Chaozhou as the main producing areas in Lingshan, Guangxi, Pubei, Yulin, Nanning, Qinzhou as the main producing areas, mainly in Zhangpu, Fujian, Nanjing, Changtai, and Zhaoan, Huaan, Longhai, Xiamen, Yunxiao, Nanan, Putian and Xianyou counties (City District, Taiwan), in Kaohsiung, Pingtung banana planting area, followed by the Taichung and Taitung etc.. Growth environment environment for the growth of banana like hot and humid, growth temperature was 20 ~ 35C, the most suitable for the 24 ~ 32 ℃, should not be lower than 15.5 ℃. The annual rainfall of 1800 ~ 2500mm and well distributed rainfall. Soil requirements more stringent, the content of clay
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