• The Chinese diet diet tips

    Diet therapy is one of the important contents of Chinese medicine, food and medicine of medical support, homologous. Book in the analysis of nutritional and therapeutic methods in detail, making and application experience of diet, porridge, medicine point, and to understand and grasp the diet food, drugs in the prevention and treatment of diseases in the system are also discussed. ,

  • Table hidden danger

    "Dangerous" table hidden, this book include: experts recommend 15 Ways to ensure food safety, don't let the bad diet for cancer of the accomplice, reducing cancer risk element from nitrite. ,

  • Female diet book

    Female diet book, when the disease comes, besides take medicine, do you know what diet can help you relieve the symptoms, treatment, and what food is bad for your illness? Because the patient has to eat, eat can also help cure, of course, is the most ideal. Sick, of course, go to see a doctor, but the doctor will carefully guide you every meal,

  • How to eat the fruits of Taiwan

    "How to eat the fruits of Taiwan", this book helps readers familiar with the Taiwan fruit, teach everyone to buy and eat fruits in Taiwan, the book consists of two parts, one is the introduction to the special health care of fruit in Taiwan; two is to introduce the current sales in the mainland more than 20 kinds of Taiwan fruits of therapeutic efficacy. ,

  • Eat

    "Eat" tell your health is to eat out. Only eat right, in order to eat healthy. Only smart eating, to live a healthy life. A week of healthy diet, drink milk soak, five kinds of special populations nutrition guide, six big injury "heart" loss "brain" food, nutrition in the treatment of seven diseases, calcium eight q,

  • Tai Chi Spa by raising food

    "Tai Chi SPA" integrated China ancient Yin Yang and the five elements, main and collateral channels, viscera Qi theory, using guiding, acupuncture, massage and diet of homologous medicine food therapy, and SPA five are six concepts combined into sleep. "" SPA "series highlights solid content, collected Chinese calendar,

  • Huangdi Neijing seasons diet recuperation of wisdom

    Li Yan, Jiao Liang editor of the "Huang Di Nei Jing seasons diet nursed back to health and wisdom" in the "Huangdi Neijing" health principle as the foundation, systematically introduces the four seasons diet regimen. The book is divided into five chapters, including diet regimen of general principles, the four seasons health laws, and spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons diet plan,,

  • How to eat, safety

    Knowledge of food safety, "how to eat, security:" knowledge on food safety mainly expounds what food contamination? All kinds of food contamination are present in what areas? What are the food pollution problems need to pay attention to and how to prevent our daily life; and the store to buy points of various daily food; children's food safety and,

  • Easy to eat apple skin

    "Easy to eat apple skin", the book recommended every day can eat food, let the busy women eat more beautiful; and revealed to the ancient beauty for beauty flowers diet beauty method, Chinese medicine of replenishing qi and blood nourishing method palace secret recipe, it still just now. ,

  • Eat healthy and beautiful

    "Eat a health and beauty: introduction diet beauty and fitness" content is: diet means eating animal food, do not eat artificial procedure interference or contamination of food (including chemical fertilizers and pesticides, chemical additives, by radiation or frozen food), avoid refined food, try to eat raw fresh bean sprouts,,

  • Basic necessities of life and the prevention and treatment of gout

    At the end of the twentieth Century, since the beginning of the twenty-first Century, along with changes to improve our people's life level and dietary structure, the rare disease -- the incidence of gout and grow with each passing day, has become one of the common diseases of civilians. This book by the "basic necessities of life care series" unified format, is divided into three parts: basic articles, not,

  • Disease and therapy of hypertension

    "Chronic disease and diet: disease and diet" hypertension is divided into introduction, single herb compound diet, diet, complications of hypertension diet, seasonal diet five, not only introduced the basic knowledge of hypertension, also introduced 8 kinds of 70 kinds of Chinese food, 11 kinds of 200 kinds of antihypertensive therapy compound, 5 kinds of 26 hypertension and,

  • Nutrition and health care

    Nutrition and health care, "nutrition diet and health care" engaged in for many years by the nutrition, health care, cooking technology teaching, scientific research work in higher vocational college teachers to write, according to the professional characteristics and basic knowledge background of students, starting from the angle of application, systematically expounds the basic theory of nutrition diet and health care,

  • Qiao food.

    Brief introduction of "food" Qiao food refinement: "don't judge people by appearances, great minds can not be fathomed." Ordinary food actually has the peculiar effect similar to the health care products, and even alternative medicine, know this, will readily take a variety of ingredients, put to good use, let the whole family health strive for further improvement! She used to get food, nutritional supplements,

  • Medicine and food taboos

    Keep the taboo, festival, careful nursing, diet living on the basic rule of health and longevity. The editor of this basic principle, systematically introduces the diet and health, diet and disease treatment taboo, taboo, drug and food with Wu g taboo, various diseases in the treatment process of taboos, all kinds of patients during the course of illness,

  • Fruits and vegetables preservation.

    Health preserving my biggest fruits and vegetables into the world. Tian Jianhua compiled the "fruits and vegetables preservation book" selected nearly 100 kinds of health keeping good performance of the "Star" fruits and vegetables, for each ingredient in alias, flavor, channel tropism, efficacy, edible taboo, health and selection guide. On this basis, the "water,

  • Diabetes diet therapy for

    Diabetes is not terminally ill, but modern medicine thinks it is a stubborn disease, lingering. If not treated in time, chronic hyperglycemia will cause serious complications, resulting in a variety of tissues, especially the eyes, kidneys, nervous and cardiovascular long-term damage, dysfunction and failure, a serious threat to the patient's health and quality of life,

  • Nutrition and diet

    "Nutrition and diet (Second Edition)" a brief introduction: This set of textbook emphasizes to adapt the development of secondary vocational education, teaching, reflect the "take the employment as the guidance, take ability as the standard, vocational education ideas to develop skills as the core". Theory emphasizes the "essential and enough", strengthening skill training,

  • Pine needle change life

    "Pine change life (Family Science Edition)" on the pine needles, preservation, identify the physicochemical properties and other aspects of knowledge are introduced to be concise and to the point spread, master norms. Pine is a common plant in our life, has a wealth of practical value. But because of it with the same family of spruce, Taxodiaceae, Cupressaceae trees have,

  • 10-80 year old Chinese herbal

    10-80 year old Chinese herbal, application of medicated health concept, already deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This book is for cold hands and feet, physiological function is low, cardiovascular disease, easy to cold constitution in 4 parts, a detailed analysis of their illness, physical fitness, and provides ways to improve, with practical and simple massage and gymnastics, let us from improving daily life,

  • Eat health professionals

    Health food for the first. Wang Qianghu compiled the "eat human health" in plain language and introduces the basic knowledge and method of diet regimen, explained how to prevent common diseases and dietary rehabilitation is of scientific and practical, "eat people health" is a comprehensive reflection of diet health of public health,

  • Grain health collection

    Tian Jianhua compiled the "grain health collection" tells the story: "the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, plain questions" in the "grain for the support, the five fruits in order to assist, five animals for the benefit, five dishes for the charge, the smell of joint and service, in order to supplement Qi Jing", which illustrates the grains in the leading position in the in the diet, should cause the attention of people. The grain,

  • Graphic Vegetable & Fruit health symptomatic Handbook platinum

    Fruit and vegetables are an important part of our three meals a day, each of them has its special health function, scientific and reasonable to treat many diseases, Liu Lingyi compiled the "complete illustrated Vegetable & Fruit health symptomatic Handbook (Platinum Edition)" here not only describes the fruits and vegetables symptomatic diet collocation method, the camp,

  • Shiquanshimei healthy

    "Shiquanshimei healthy" the first chapter of Chinese medicine diet and health care: to Chinese dishes or fish, meat dishes, introduces its health care and medical treatment effect; the second chapter of the health benefits of eating: focuses on the regular consumption of people in daily life of fruits and vegetables and food ingredients, food and drug the,

  • The health of 500 party.

    This view of ancient, illnesses and disease among the hundred, Mingyao refinement, is simple 全卓 side effects, health management, health home benefits. The "500 party" health gruel collected for conditioning, health porridge rice, pasta is more than 500, are of high practical value of these medicated diets for health care, but the ancient classic,

  • Plant a miracle

    "Miracle" plant plant crops with divided into general mobilization, fruits, vegetables with major league in six categories, aims to help people understand the specific types of plants at the same time, learn how to effectively use various magical function in plant improve diet structure, so as to prolong life. ,

  • Male diet book

    Male diet book, "male diet book" for health issues and physical characteristics of male, selected 63 male common health problems, detailed answers common questions to reach the body of the function of health to solve the nutritional supplement, nutrition and health, food safety and disease etc.. In addition to introduced the aphrodisiac help men are most concerned about,

  • Nutrition and diet

    Nutrition and diet, "national higher vocational health education in nursing specialty" double certificate "training" 1025 "planning materials: nutrition and diet (for nursing, midwifery and other professional use)" is a national health vocational education, nursing professional "double certificate" training "ten two five" planning materials. "National higher health vocational education,

  • Diabetes can eat Handbook

    "Diabetes how to eat Handbook" content brief introduction: convenient, simple, rapid, delicious, let a person shine at the moment, appetite...... Home Dishes to do so, will be successful. Oversize, the most exquisite history of type Food portrait of. 320P large capacity +195mm * 285mm large size,

  • All control of the Codex

    This is a close to each person's physical and mental health, to every family health care books, books for various diseases in modern society people are prone to "an antidote against the disease," the recommended regimen 1000 thoughtful and practical, but also provide a series of convenient and effective method for family health. ,

  • What do we have today?

    What do we have today? , "what will we eat today?" which consists of basic knowledge, frequently asked questions and the common mistakes in the three part, "what is a reasonable diet?" And "three meals a day should be how to arrange?" , "seafood and beer with food?" Etc.. ,

  • Diabetes health nutrition food daily

    This book is a carefully prepared for patients diet recipe, help diabetics to know all kinds of food therapeutic efficacy and master the scientific method of cooking, so as to solve the contradiction between the patients with medical treatment and diet. The book is divided into two parts: the first part is the nutrition food diet, according to the characteristics of patients with diabetes,

  • Food taboo in 8000 cases

    "The diet taboo 8000 cases" comprehensively and systematically introduces all kinds of diet taboo, cooking techniques, food for G, with scientific style, rich in content, exquisite design, economical and practical characteristics, and step by step, easy to learn. "The diet taboo 8000 cases" is a family health diet guide book,

  • Cardiovascular disease therapy

    "Introduction of cardiovascular disease therapeutic" content: diet is a kind of disease treatment method and our ancestors for thousands of years, summed up in the fight against disease experience accumulation, has studied in the past famous traditional Chinese medicine. Don Sun Simiao had incisive point out: "food Ping illness to release sent disease has good work." To persuade people to diet live an easy life in old age,

  • The family diet taboo

    Nine mumbo-jumbo yuan, "the family diet taboo" is divided into twelve chapters, from the appropriate eats and should not eat food, common food nutrition and diet taboo, common disease diet taboo, Chun Xiaqiu winter diet taboo, infant diet taboo, maternal diet, diet taboo, taboo in the elderly diet taboo, medicinal diet should be,

  • Onion ginger garlic health collection

    Tian Jianhua compiled the "onion ginger garlic health collection" tells the story of small food with high efficiency. Related to onions, ginger, garlic and people's daily life, but also household kitchen items. In fact, their role is far more than cooking, but also for people to prevent and cure diseases, physical fitness has not underestimate role. "The onion ginger,

  • China precious traditional Chinese medicine and health drinks

    Bucket, this book introduces the contents, development history, the origin of the bucket commodity specification, origin place change, plant source and the reasons of change etc.. ,

  • The new diet taboo and practical assort or arrange in pairs or groups of 888 cases

    The new diet taboo and practical assort or arrange in pairs or groups of 888 cases, the "new food taboo and practical assort or arrange in pairs or groups 888 cases", this book a comprehensive introduction to the relations between the various food for assort or arrange in pairs or groups agree, and has carried on the detailed analysis, elaborated fully nutritional food assort or arrange in pairs or groups, demonstration and the corresponding dishes cases, illustrated, vivid image, easy, let readers,

  • Fruit.

    What kind of fruit is more suitable for your physique? What people eat? What children eat? What Ms. Amy eat? Fruit and other food, will give you health to bring what profit? In addition to eat fruit, daily life and what play? The author of this book with scattered descriptive statement culture, explained in detail 10,

  • Traditional Chinese medicine on the table

    Traditional Chinese medicine on the table: Cordyceps sinensis, ISBN:9787546205649, author: Zhang Qunxiang,

  • Blood type diet therapy to overcome diabetes

    "Food health series", directed against the food person blood, effective prevention of diabetes! According to the type of custom recipes, help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes! Supplementary scheme of trace elements in different blood group, vitamins, health promotion. The comprehensive plan for four weeks, with victory over the diabetes diet, exercise and health,

  • Milk tea health collection

    "Milk tea health collection", based on the book of "preventive treatment of disease" concept, focusing on "because sometimes raise, to beans for the support, to tea as the" health policy, according to personal physique, four seasons climate change, simple description of various body disease and improve timely method discomfort. The book consists of milk health articles, tea breeding,

  • Food appropriate restriction carry inspection

    "Food for G carry inspection" main content: winter diet taboo, different constitution of diet taboo, common in the Western diet and assort or arrange in pairs or groups, affordable food to assort or arrange in pairs or groups of common diseases of diet taboo, different age stages and periods of diet taboo, different occupations diet taboo,,

  • Dietary nutrition and dietetic health book

    Nutrition and diet, nutrition and health care "(the book collection of the)" content brief introduction: in the four cornerstones of health, reasonable diet in the first place, which is consistent with the ancient Chinese medical home Li Shizhen's point of view, he said "diet, people life is," the modern famous health house in 2006 Hu Haiya was 90 years old, when it comes to,

  • Patients should eat the food of male disease

    Yao Haiyang, Yao Zhige, Wang Dongsheng compiled the "male disease should eat food with" based on China's abundant medical books and a lot of research data, from the Chinese diet health point of view, to understand, explain profound theories in simple language language introduced the basic knowledge of natural food related diseases and 101 is effective, and the use of,

  • The kidney strong body will eat the food

    Ji Changqun, Xie Yingbiao editor of "kidney strong body will eat the food" according to China's abundant medical books and a lot of research data, to user-friendly, simple language, introduces the basic knowledge of natural food kidney strong body and 40 is effective, and the use of these foods prepared nearly 400 prescription diet,

  • Healthy eating out 10 volume set

    A king, a king: 39 food clever take value nutrition health, China business press

  • The good life know-all

    Diabetic diet should avoid · · Shen, "the good life know-all: diabetic diet should avoid • • Shen" features: the most comprehensive and practical diabetes diet taboo Shen info collection, nutritionist taught you how to choose the food to stabilize blood sugar, with the most intimate food collocation and symptomatic diet plan, for the reader to medical experts authoritative interpretation diabetic diet principles and key points,

  • The Chinese diet

    "Chinese food" content is: "dietotherapy" is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine known as the "medicine food homology", legend "Shennong" is enough to explain the origins of Chinese medicine is food. In ancient times, doctors rely mainly on food therapy to cure. Because people are affected by the living environment, life,

  • Diet nutrition and health of College Students

    College Students' nutrition and health, "high school textbooks, teaching materials: nutrition and health of the college students (Second Edition)" by popular and simple language introduced the basic knowledge of nutrition, basic theory and application of modern nutrition, food hygiene and basic method to study the relationship between the nutritional value of food, health food and human health, and plus,

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